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Chapter 116.1 Moving back in and a gift for little flower

Cheng Yu’s heart jumped uncontrollably.

Lin An Lan put his hand out to him.

Taking his left hand in his, his heart pounding, he quietly examined it, trembling a little. He had chosen to give Lin An Lan this ring at the very beginning with a great deal of selfishness and trepidation because he knew that if Lin An Lan regained his memory, he would never have the chance to put the ring on his finger again, however he had been afraid that even if he didn’t regain his memory, he would still refuse his ring.

Which was why he chose to put the ring on Lin An Lan quietly after he fell asleep that night.

It was a beautiful ring and it had suited him perfectly. As he had looked at Lin An Lan’s sleeping face, he held his hand, hoping that he would accept the ring or that he would at least not take it off for a while.

And now at last, he had the chance to put the ring on him in an open and aboveboard manner.

No more sneaking around, no more panicking and apprehension; he could finally put it on Lin An Lan while he was awake and while he was watching.

Cheng Yu slipped the ring onto his left ring finger slowly then dipped his head and kissed it before turning his hand over to kiss his palm.

He looked up at Lin An Lan with a brilliance in his brows.

“I love you.” Cheng Yu said seriously.

Lin An Lan nodded, “En, I also love you very very much.”

In the love between the two of them, Cheng Yu was the one who loved first, the one who persisted, the one who pursued relentlessly, the one who was always willing to take the initiative to make a comeback, so his love was far heavier than his.

But that was okay, Lin An Lan thought to himself. They still had time, they still had decades left. He would take his time to catch up with Cheng Yu’s love and give him the love he deserved.

Although they didn’t start at the same time, they had the same finish line, so he knew that they would both get there.

Smiling, Lin An Lan held his hand silently.

At lunchtime, Lin An Lan stir-fried some vegetables and then had lunch with Cheng Yu.

The day had cleared up and the sun was shining into the house, which made one feel better.

Cheng Yu felt as if his cold was almost gone and his appetite had obviously improved significantly as he ate two bowls of rice before putting his chopsticks down.

Lin An Lan had done the cooking so Cheng Yu didn’t want him to wash the utensils, hence he pushed Lin An Lan out of the kitchen, “I’ll do it, I’m really better. I already feel fine now.”

When Lin An Lan saw how energetic he was, he relented and handed over the responsibility of washing the utensils to him.

He returned to the living room and was about to talk to Zhuo Siya about his latest work when he heard a knock at the door.

The rhythm of the knocking was so familiar that he didn’t even need to guess who it was. He knew it was Jiang Xu.

Sure enough, not long after, Jiang Xu started to message him, saying that he wanted to see him.

Lin An Lan didn’t really want to see him. It had only been two or three days since their last argument and Jiang Xu had obviously not calmed down yet, so there was no point in meeting at this time. It would just make room for a pointless argument, not to mention Cheng Yu was still here.

So he replied, [Go back, you’re disturbing my rest].

But Jiang Xu knocked on the door for a few more minutes. After Cheng Yu finished washing the dishes, he came out of the kitchen curiously, sat beside him and asked, “You don’t want to open the door that much?”

“It’s Jiang Xu.” Lin An Lan said succinctly.

Surprised, Cheng Yu looked at Lin An Lan, a little uncertain, “You don’t want to forgive him even after you’ve recovered your memory?”

He had thought Lin An Lan would forgive Jiang Xu after he regained his memory.

Although he had sounded confident when he told Xu Sheng and Hua Rong about Lin An Lan ignoring Jiang Xu, that was after all when Lin An Lan had lost his memory. Now that he had recovered his memory and his past feelings had come back, Cheng Yu had assumed he would forgive Jiang Xu.

During the time when Lin An Lan had lost his memory, Cheng Yu had been careful not to stop Lin An Lan from seeing Jiang Xu even though he had disliked him seeing him.

Because he was all too aware of Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu’s relationship and of Jiang Xu’s status to Lin An Lan. He had been envious and jealous, but didn’t dare break their friendship.

When Lin An Lan had decided not to see Jiang Xu anymore, the person who had been most anxious wasn’t just Jiang Xu but also Cheng Yu. He had been afraid that Lin An Lan would be angry after he recovered his memory and that he would think that he had sabotaged his friendship by sowing discord, which was why he had persuaded Lin An Lan several times, so much so that Lin An Lan had had the illusion that he was too empathetic.

He wasn’t empathetic because of Jiang Xu, he was just doing it for himself.

However he had never expected that Lin An Lan would still not forgive him now that he had recovered his memory.

“En,” Lin An Lan nodded, “I spoke to him the other day after I came back from seeing you and I told him that we should just be like the most ordinary of colleagues or friends from now on. We can just say hello when we meet. There’s no need for too much affection or connection.”

Cheng Yu thought to himself as he listened to Lin An Lan’s calm voice that had no ups and downs in it as he said these words, ‘He must be very sad.’

How much he had envied Jiang Xu was how well he knew the bond between Jiang Xu and Lin An Lan. From the time he met Lin An Lan, Jiang Xu had been by his side.

He would pick Jiang Xu up to go home in the middle of the nights, would supervise his studies, would stop him from doing bad things and would accompany him to grow up.

The two of them had more than ten years of affection between them and they were best friends but now Lin An Lan was saying that in the future, they would just be like the most ordinary of colleagues or friends. He was definitely feeling lost and sad inside.

Reaching out, Cheng Yu put his arm around him, reassuring him, “It’s okay, he’ll understand later and he’ll know what he has missed and will regret for what he shouldn’t have done.”

Lin An Lan sighed, thinking it wasn’t necessary. Whether he would regret it or not, at that point, wouldn’t matter to him.

“It’s not as simple as you think.” He explained, “I always thought before that what he said about me getting close to you for him, to pretend to be your boyfriend was a lie he made up to trick me, but I never expected that it was true.”

Lin An Lan still found it unbelievable whenever he thought about it now, “He really said something like that to me and not only did he say it, when I showed up with you after losing my memory, he actually thought that I really went and did that for him. Is that the kind of person I am in his heart? Someone who can’t distinguish between right or wrong, someone who can deceive people through feelings at will?”

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu, “After more than ten years of being friends, in the end, it’s only to find out that that’s the image he has of me in his heart, only to find out that he can turn me into a tool to hurt people for his own desires. It’s quite ridiculous, isn’t it?”

Looking at his self-deprecating smile, Cheng Yu kissed his brow and hugged him, “It’s not your fault, it’s he who doesn’t have the right thoughts. He wants so much that he doesn’t even know what’s important anymore. He’s the one who failed you, so it’s right for you to ignore him.”

“Aren’t you going to persuade me at this point by saying that we’ve been good friends for so many years and that he also cares about me?” Lin An Lan asked deliberately.

Cheng Yu instantly remembered the scene when he had spoken for Jiang Xu, “Wasn’t it because I was feeling guilty at that time? I was afraid that after you recovered your memory, you would think that I had provoked you guys’ separation and so hate me.”

“In essence, I couldn’t wait for you guys to separate.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile as Cheng Yu hugged him, “But it’s fine even if you don’t separate; after all, he’s been a part of your life for so long.”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “There’s no need for that. If there’s a barrier then there’s a barrier. If there’s a thorn in one’s heart, how can one go back to the way things were? There’s no need to force one’s self for the sake of the past.”

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