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Chapter 85.2

Cheng Yu was in a very good mood as he looked at Jiang Xu who was across the net. Once upon a time, he had been on the team opposite Lin An Lan, but now, he had become the person playing by his side.

This was a contrast that might have been anger inducing for Jiang Xu, but was pleasant for him.

He deliberately moved closer to Lin An Lan, almost next to his ear then said to him, “Listen to me, I have tactics.”

Lin An Lan was shocked, “There are even tactics for this?”

“Of course there are. Don’t you want to win?”

“That kind of makes me want to.”

“Then…” Cheng Yu whispered mysteriously in his ear.

Lin An Lan listened quietly, so close to him that from a distance, it looked almost as if Cheng Yu was kissing his ear.

Jiang Xu looked on, furious!

Since childhood, whenever there was a competitive game, he and Lin An Lan would always be on the same team, and in high school, whenever Cheng Yu played basketball with them, it was also always him and Lin An Lan on one side and Cheng Yu on the other.

But now, he was in the position Cheng Yu was once in.

Jiang Xu, unwilling to resign himself to this fate, hit the ball hard at Cheng Yu when he received it. It didn’t look like he was playing ball, but like he was hitting someone.

Lin An Lan was so angry that he glared at him on the spot, which made Jiang Xu feel guilty, aggrieved and afraid to do it again.

Taking the ball, Lin An Lan hit him hard. Jiang Xu didn’t dare dodge, obediently taking the blow.

Not understanding why, Guan Fei advised him, “Jiang Ge you have to hit the ball, why are you just standing there without hitting it?”

But Jiang Xu didn’t dare hit back. He even hoped that if he took the blow, Lin An Lan would forgive him.

But Lin An Lan didn’t even look at him, let alone forgive him.

After Jiang Xu took the hit, he didn’t dare do anything else, but his eyes were always on Lin An Lan.

However Lin An Lan ignored him and, in tandem with Cheng Yu, attacked their team.

He hadn’t played much beach volleyball, but luckily Cheng Yu had, and he was good at it. He was able to cooperate well with Lin An Lan’s moves and made precise kills.

In three games, the red team led by Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu won.

Jumping for joy, Yuan Leren asked Chen Yingjie, “Do you still have the nerve to say, ‘If you are chosen, then this side would be all boys. If that happens, is there still a need to compete?’?”

Chen Yingjie: ……

Zhou Yuan laughed, coaxing his girlfriend, “I know you’re powerful, you’re all powerful, women can hold up half the sky.”

“That’s right.” Yuan Leren was very proud of herself and then she remembered something else, “But Cheng Ge is still the best. Cheng Ge, you’ve played before, right?”


“Together with Lin Ge?” Li Yongsi asked him.

“Not really.”

“From the way the two of you worked together so well, I assumed you two had played together before.”

When Cheng Yu heard this, he put his arm around Lin An Lan’s shoulders, “That’s not true, An An is quite busy.”

“You’ve never played together before yet you still worked so well together. What a perfect match!”

Lin An Lan: …… Little sis, the phrase ‘perfect match’ is not used in this way.

Yuan Leren laughed out loud, “Sister Sisi, does your ‘perfect match’ mean the same thing as ‘excellent partnership’?”

“Why, is it not possible?” Li Yongsi laughed.

“It’s not impossible.” Cheng Yu said.

Yuan Leren instantly looked as if she had been enlightened as she nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice, “Yes, it’s possible, it’s possible. It’s a perfect match, a perfect match.”

Lin An Lan: ……

He turned to the host and asked, “What’s the prize again?”

“A lobster with fruit salad dinner, only your team has it.”

The three girls cheered instantly.

Guan Fei and the other guys released sounds of envy cooperatively, however when they got to see the lobster with fruit salad feast the crew had prepared, it turned into real envy, because they only had mineral water!

That was fine, but the point was that the crew made them sit on the side to watch the other team eat their feast.

Guan Fei felt as if he would die of greed for the food, but not Jiang Xu. He simply felt upset as he watched Cheng Yu cut the fruit for Lin An Lan and Lin An Lan peel the lobsters for him.

Xiao Lan had never peeled a lobster for him! Yet he was actually doing it for Cheng Yu!

How the hell did Cheng Yu have the nerve to eat it?

Cheng Yu was both embarrassed and flattered, “You eat yours, I’ll peel it myself.”

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