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Chapter 138.2

After Lin An Lan saw Cheng Yu out, he sent a message to Zhuo Siya, asking them to come back.

Zhuo Siya came back quickly, but Yang Wang wasn’t with him. Lin An Lan was a little curious, “Where’s Xiao Yang?”

“He’s chatting with the crew.” Zhuo Siya told him, “But what about you? What’s going on between you and Cheng Yu now? And Meng Tingyun. You said before that he had something to do with Cheng Yu’s father, what’s that about?”

Sitting in a chair, Lin An Lan answered, “To put it simply, Cheng Yu’s family has found out about our relationship and they don’t approve, so now they’re trying to break us up. Meng Tingyun is a warning and also a bait. I didn’t take the bait, so now Cheng Yu and his family are playing a game of chess.”

Zhuo Siya: !!!

Zhuo Siya: …..

What else could he say? To be able to see the inner struggle of a wealthy and powerful family in his lifetime, amazing!

“Has his father offered you five million to leave Cheng Yu?” Zhuo Siya somehow thought of this classic trope.

“Of course not, otherwise I would’ve asked for fifty billion. Is Cheng Yu not worth that much? Five million? That’s too little. I could give him fifty million and buy ten Cheng Yus.”

Zhuo Siya: ….. this was the attitude of a top rich star.

“Do you think you guys can win?”

“I suppose so.” Lin An Lan applied what he had learned pragmatically, “After all, the two most beautiful qualities of humanity, as Dumas said, is waiting and hope.”

Zhuo Siya: “Then…. let’s hope.”

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the rain stopped and Lin An Lan and the crew resumed filming.

Cheng Yu also arrived at Pei Qiu’s house and invited him nicely to come out to help him.

“I want to, but my big brother won’t let me go out.”

He pointed to his level 4 exam papers, “Is this fucking made by a human? I don’t deal with foreigners so why do I have to learn English!”

Cheng Yu: …..

It was really, unbelievable, that a top domestic fighter was actually being held back by level 4 exams.

“Help me write it.” Pei Qiu pushed the papers towards him, “I’ll help you protect your boyfriend and you help me write the exam.”

Cheng Yu: …..

Taking his phone out, Cheng Yu called Pei Xia.

As Pei Xia was still in a meeting, he didn’t answer it.

Pei Qiu handed him his phone, “Use mine.”

His eyes were shining, like a long-suffering level 4 exam taker, hoping Cheng Yu could save him from the misery.

Having no other choice, Cheng Yu took it and sure enough, Pei Xia answered the phone very quickly, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s me, Cheng Yu.”

Pei Xia made an ‘oh’ sound, clearly having a deep impression of his younger brother who was a long-term monthly or even annual client, “You’re at Xiao Qiu’s place?”

“Yes, I want to ask him to do me a favor.”

“That’s not possible. June is the last chance for him to take the level 4 exam before graduation. He needs to study at home now.”

“Learning isn’t something one can accomplish by just studying hard on one’s own. I’ll introduce him to a teacher, a top student from X university, a straight-A student. I guarantee he’ll pass the level 4 exam.”

“That boyfriend of yours?”

Cheng Yu turned to look at Pei Qiu, who had an innocent look on his face, “You want me to go out, so he’s definitely going to ask me where I’m going. I can’t keep it from him.”

Cheng Yu: ….. it seemed to make sense.

“En.” He answered.

Pei Xia thought seriously for a moment then, “Give the phone to Xiao Qiu.”

Pei Qiu immediately took the phone excitedly then nodded a few times, “Yeah yeah yeah, got it, no problem, don’t worry, thank you big brother.”

After saying that, he hung up excitedly, took the bag he had already packed out and threw the exam papers in, “Let’s go, I’ve been released.”

“Let’s go.”

Lin An Lan didn’t expect Cheng Yu to come back so late at night and not only did he come back, he also brought a student who looked very young.

“This is?”

“The bodyguard I found for you.”

Lin An Lan looked at the person with a pure and innocent face like a kitten. Him, a bodyguard?

“He’s to protect me?”

He felt like he would be the one doing the protecting.

“Don’t underestimate him because of his young appearance. There are very few people in the country who can fight better than him.” Cheng Yu said.

Pei Qiu nodded, “I am very expensive, but because young master Cheng is an old customer, I’ve given him a 20% discount.”

Lin An Lan: “Old customer?”

“Information inquiry, private tracking, system positioning and a bodyguard for you.”

Lin An Lan raised an eyebrow as he looked at Cheng Yu, “You…. have done all of these?”

Laughing, Cheng Yu knocked Pei Qiu on the head. You really talk too much!

“Anyway, he’s a senior in university but hasn’t passed the level 4 exam yet. Please teach him and try to make sure he passes the level 4 exam in June.”

“If I pass, I’ll give you a 25% discount!” Pei Qiu added.

“I’ll try my best.” Lin An Lan nodded.

Seeing this, Cheng Yu didn’t stay any longer and said, “You two should study English first, I still have something to do so I’ll be leaving now.”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “You’re leaving?”

“I have to go see my big brother.”

Lin An Lan realized that it was probably still for him and so said, “Be careful on the way.”

“En, you take care of yourself too.”

After saying this, he turned to Pei Qiu, “You protect him.”

“No problem.”

Done with the instructions, Cheng Yu rubbed Lin An Lan’s head and left.

After Lin An Lan closed the door, he turned around to see Pei Qiu looking at him with his head tilted.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked in confusion.

“Because you’re very handsome.” Pei Qiu told him, “All these years, I’ve only seen your pictures. I’ve never seen you in person.”

Lin An Lan was piqued by his words, “All these years?”

“I met Cheng Yu when I was a freshman. He liked you a lot back then, but you didn’t like him, so he could only watch you from afar. Sometimes, he wouldn’t be able to control himself and would try to meet you by chance, but since he didn’t know where you were or if it was convenient for you, he would rely on me.”

Lin An Lan remembered Cheng Yu’s albums that were full of his single pictures. He had been confused at that time as to how Cheng Yu had been able to take pictures of him in different scenes. It turns out he had a personal service.

“But he was also very self-restrained.” Pei Qiu spoke on behalf of his client, “He just couldn’t take it and would create a chance encounter with you to see you. Sometimes, the number of times he thought of it was too much, so he would contact me and tell me not to agree to his requests. He could ask at most once a week. If it was more than that, I was to reject him.”

“So, don’t blame him.”

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