Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right (大小姐她画风不对)

Author: 慕清潋

Raw: yunqi

Total chapters: 317 chapters


[A super sweet pet article]

In the eyes of the public, the spoiled little crybaby daughter of the Gu family who was abandoned and discarded by her fiancé should be living a miserable life

But they didn’t expect…

A business tycoon: I’m honored to have dinner with Qing Yu~

A top designer did cartwheels: Qing Yu is wearing the clothes I designed specifically for her!

A technology bigwig: I got the signature of my idol Gu Qing Yu!

Everyone: Is this Gu Qing Yu’s debut? So many bigwigs spoiling her like their own sister.

The bigwigs: We don’t dare treat her like our own sister, “Madam” is our aunt!

After Gu Qing Yu dropped countless vests, people finally knew why the bigwigs called her “Aunt”.

So the question was, if Gu Qing Yu is “Madam”, then who is “Sir” who is it?

A certain person: Madam, going outside to attract bees and butterflies again, sleep by yourself tonight.

Gu Qing Yu: No! I’ll be right back!

The crowd: Huh? Madam, your style doesn’t seem normal.

A certain person smug: What do you know? I am a unique delicacy to my wife~

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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