I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 52.1

The next morning, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu got up early.

The program director knew they were going out today so he followed them out, wanting to see what they were doing after two days of staying at home.

“It’s definitely not going out to search for a job.” The director guessed, “I can see that they aren’t going to search for a job, they are totally not going to search for one.”

Lin An Lan looked at the team’s car following behind the bus they were riding in and felt as if there was a light bulb going on the date with them, which didn’t feel so nice.

But it couldn’t be helped, after all, they were using public money for their travels, so it was inevitable.

It was still summer in E country, so the two of them were dressed lightly in short sleeves and jeans, looking very young, as if they were students studying abroad.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu got out of the car in the city center and walked along the streets of the city center, exploring the city curiously.

When the director saw this, he gave them a task: “Xiao Lin, why don’t you take the opportunity to start a live broadcast to coincide with the promotion of the programme, so that by the time we finish recording, you will all be done with the official announcement?”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan responded.

“Do it on the Seal Video platform.”


Lin An Lan sent a message to Zhuo Siya, telling him about it.

Receiving the message, Zhuo Siya immediately asked Yang Wang to register an account for him on the platform and helped him log on to Weibo to warm up.

Half an hour later, Lin An Lan greeted his fans after he logged on to the Seal Video platform, “Hello everyone, can you see me?”

The fans replied excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes, is little brother abroad?”

“Little brother is so handsome, woo, woo, woo.”

“The feeling of this teenage attack is overwhelming. Today it’s not little brother, but little fresh meat!

“I’m abroad.” Lin An Lan said to them.

He held up his cell phone and scanned the scenery around him, “Is it beautiful?”

“You’re better looking!

“You’re the most handsome!!!”

“Woo, woo, woo, I also want to be abroad with little brother too.”

“Little brother why did you suddenly go abroad, is there something going on?”

“Something is going on.” Lin An Lan replied, “But I can’t tell you yet.”

“What type of event is it? An advertisement? Magazine photoshoot or something else?”

“You’ll know later.” Lin An Lan laughed.

He took the group on a tour of the shops nearby, interacted with his fans, then turned off the live broadcast after the fans were reluctant to leave.

The grove sisters were very curious: “What’s going on with our little brother?”

“I don’t know. It’s very strange, but little brother won’t reveal anything.”

“I have a little hunch…..”

“What hunch?”

“It’s this live broadcast. It feels a bit like the one Cheng Yu did last time.”

“???? What does that mean?”

“Can’t you guys feel it too? The last time, Cheng Yu also suddenly posted a preview, and then went live on the Seal Video platform without revealing what he was doing.”

“But didn’t Cheng Yu say he was recording a variety show that time?”

“So An An is also recording a variety show this time?”

“D*mn! I remember, the two of them went to the same destination this time. Ah ah ah ah ah ah, no way, I don’t believe it!”

“I don’t believe it either.”

“Although, it does seem to be a coincidence.

“Don’t please. So what does this mean? That our little brother is tied to Cheng Yu now?”

“If it’s recording a variety show, then it makes sense. I asked one of the Tulip girls the last time at the airport but they also didn’t know what Cheng Yu was going to do, so it seems… it’s really likely. It’s really possible.”

The grove sisters instantly felt stifled.

But the Yu Lan fans next door were screaming with excitement, praying that they were doing a variety show together.

“Heavens, this believer is willing to be a vegetarian for one month. I just hope that Yulan can do the variety show together.”

“It has to be true. Don’t give me hope then let me down, woo.”

“God bless, it has to be recording a variety show, I beg of you!

Their expectations were quickly fulfilled, because one hour later, the second official announcement of [Backpacking For Youngsters] was released.

[Backpacking For Youngsters]: Youngsters, put on your backpack and let’s go together, @ Lin An Lan.

Zhuo Siya also reposted the post.

The little grove girls were instantly heartbroken.

Yu Lan fans were running around excitedly shouting in the chat room, “It’s the New Year! It’s the New Year! Cheng Ge and An An are recording a variety show together!”

Tulip Sisters: …… Thanks a lot. I’m at home with my heart in a mess right now. Don’t ask, because I have a headache.”

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