I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 163.3 Ending Chapter

In the 800+ floor thread, people were passionately analyzing Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s micro-expressions and the more they dug, the sweeter they found the pair. “This couple is too sweet! Although it was a bad ending in the film, it’s clearly a happy ending in real life.”

“Whether it’s a happy ending or not, it’s a happy ending in my heart. I love Yu Lan, Yu Lan, together for life. Ge-ge, little brother don’t let go!”

“I watched An An’s expression again when he won the award. When he heard that he won, he didn’t smile, but when he heard Cheng Yu’s name, he finally smiled. It’s so sweet and real!”

“Cheng Yu too! As soon as he heard Lin An Lan’s name, he immediately looked at him and clapped with a smile. When he heard his own name, he wasn’t as excited.”

“And their acceptance speeches, did they really not plan it together? The person Cheng Yu is most grateful to is Lin An Lan, and the person Lin An Lan is most grateful to is Cheng Yu. It’s just too sweet!”

“Guys!!!! Did you notice what An An said? It was Cheng Ge who recommended him to play Gu Shuyu. Wow, think about it, think about it carefully. What kind of character is Gu Shuyu in the film? What kind of character is Jing Huan? Cheng Ge played Jing Huan himself and recommended An An to play Gu Shuyu. You guys should think about it, think about it slowly!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah. Upstairs, after what you’ve said, I’m really going to overthink it to death. Who would recommend the another person to play the lead role with the most screen time? Even if they have a good relationship, they wouldn’t normally recommend each other for the same film, right? Shouldn’t it be Cheng Ge playing Gu Shuyu and recommending An An to play Jing Huan under normal circumstances?”

“Rumor has it, there’s no guarantee, that Director Zhang initially wanted Cheng Yu to play Gu Shuyu, and he was the first one contacted.”

“It’s normal to contact Cheng Yu first, right? Cheng Yu is in the film industry and he’s in the same circle as Director Zhang. This is Lin An Lan’s first film, what’s more he was previously in the television industry, so if Director Zhang had to choose someone, he would definitely lean towards Cheng Yu first.”

“So, connecting the dots: Director Zhang chose Cheng Ge to play Gu Shuyu, but Cheng Ge took the role of Jing Huan instead and recommended Lin An Lan for Gu Shuyu, allowing Lin An Lan to play the character?”

“F*ck! No way right? If that’s true, then there’s a lot to imagine!”

“Have you guys noticed something strange? Cheng Yu’s status in the film industry is definitely higher than Lin An Lan, who has just entered the film circle. The production team has always said it’s a dual male lead, so how could Cheng Yu possibly be overshadowed by Lin An Lan? It must be because he voluntarily gave up the top spot to Lin An Lan. Otherwise, even Fan Ruiwen, who has a higher status in the film industry than Lin An Lan, wouldn’t be overshadowed.”

“So Cheng Yu did this because…..”

“Stop talking, stop talking! I can’t sleep tonight! Reading all these words, my mind is filled with the words true love. Only true love can lead to this! In the years since Cheng Ge’s debut, he has hardly had any romantic scenes in his movies, at most just hugging the female lead or having her secretly love him. When has he ever acted in such a purely romantic film, especially with him being the one secretly in love?”

“I knew Jing Huan’s performance was too good! It was so emotional! I used a whole pack of tissues crying. It turns out it was his real experience! No wonder his acting was so delicate!”

“What about the song ‘I love you the most in the world’? Cheng Yu wrote the lyrics for it himself!”

“Not only did he write the lyrics, he also sang it himself. In all the movies he has acted in, which one did he ever sing the theme song for? Let alone write the lyrics and sing it with such passion.”

“My goodness, girls, stop talking! I feel like we’ve unearthed a melon field!”

“The more I look, the more real it seems. There are so many things on Cheng Yu’s side that don’t make sense. It’s too special. I can understand Lin An Lan, as he’s new to the film industry, so resources must be scarce. It’s no problem for him to act in a film with such a big name as Director Zhang, but Cheng Yu, recommending resources, giving him the best role, letting him overshadow his own status, writing the lyrics and singing the theme song– which other person or film has received such treatment?”

“Or are there any other people or films with similar situations?”

“I thought about it carefully and there really isn’t. The main thing is writing the lyrics and singing the theme song. There are a few who have sung theme songs, but very few who have written the lyrics. I can’t find a second example.”

“Erh, let me just say this: Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu are old classmates, so it wouldn’t be strange if you imagined them as the subjects of the song ‘I love you the most in the world’.”

“D*mn it!!! Can I even sleep tonight? I’m going to listen to the song right now. I can’t believe the couple I ship is actually so real! I’m too excited!”

“Once I accepted this setting and went back to watch those episodes of ‘Backpacking For Youngsters’, Cheng Yu is really tsk tsk tsk.”

“That kiss! That kiss! Was it really an accident because he didn’t know his left from his right? Or was it intentional, taking advantage of a rare opportunity to fulfill his dreams?”

“Wait, if we go by what everyone’s saying, what’s Lin An Lan’s attitude? Does he know or not? Is he like Gu Shuyu or not? No, I’ve already been tormented by Goldfish, I can’t accept that Yu Lan and Goldfish will end up the same way!”

“I don’t know either. Lin An Lan’s side seems harder to guess than Cheng Yu’s. Although he also confirmed that Cheng Yu is his best friend and they both thanked each other, Gu Shuyu also considered Jing Huan his best friend and was grateful for Jing Huan’s existence.”

“I’m having a heart attack! Is the film a reflection of reality? I’m dying, woo woo woo.”

“Sisters, don’t panic! Let’s keep digging. Plus, Yu Lan isn’t married and hasn’t announced a relationship, so as long as they’re both single, everything is possible!”

“That’s right! Don’t worry. Yu Lan is so sweet, they’re definitely real! They have to be!”

Lin An Lan, reading the posts on his phone, was really impressed.

Zhuo Siya was still asking him, [Should we delete it? The thread is getting longer and longer.]

Glancing at Cheng Yu, Lin An Lan asked him, “Should we delete it?”

“I don’t need to on my side. It’s up to you.”

Wang Cheng had forwarded this thread to Cheng Yu early on and he felt that it was well written and accurate. Each and everyone of them were simply masters of detail.

He didn’t need to delete it, he wished the whole world would know he loved Lin An Lan.

Hearing Cheng Yu say this, Lin An Lan figured he probably didn’t want it deleted, so he replied to Zhuo Siya, [There’s no need.]

Seeing this, Zhuo Siya didn’t ask any further questions.

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then told him, [I have something to tell you. I might be announcing my relationship with Cheng Yu officially soon.]

Zhuo Siya: !!!!

Zhuo Siya: [So soon? How about you calm down for a moment!]

Lin An Lan replied calmly: [I’m already calm. Besides, it’s not too soon. You can’t just look at this from my perspective. Put yourself in Cheng Yu’s shoes. It’s been nine years, making him wait any longer would be too cruel.]

Zhuo Siya: [But you’re already together. There’s no need to announce it so soon. If you announce it now, he’ll be out of the entertainment industry and won’t be affected, but you’ll definitely be affected.]

Lin An Lan: [I know, but it’s fine. I don’t care.]

He glanced at Cheng Yu next to him then continued, [He joined this industry for me, so when he leaves, I want him to do so gloriously, having achieved both his career and love, leaving without any regrets.]

Cheng Yu had already received the Best Actor award, so all that was left was their love.

Seeing Lin An Lan’s determination, Zhuo Siya could only agree. He used to think Lin An Lan was quite rational, but since the beginning of this year, he had become purely emotional when it came to Cheng Yu.

He cared more about Cheng Yu’s thoughts, his feelings and wanted to make sure Cheng Yu was satisfied.

If he were Cheng Yu, he would probably like this Lin An Lan as well, right? After all, getting a rational person to handle matters emotionally was quite difficult.

Zhuo Siya: [Tell me one day in advance before you announce it.]

After thinking for a moment, he added: [I wish you happiness.]

Lin An Lan replied: [Thank you. I will be.]

After sending this, Lin An Lan heard Cheng Yu remind him, “You haven’t posted about the award yet.”

“Have you posted it?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Yu shook his phone, “I just did.”

Lin An Lan glanced at Cheng Yu’s post, then chose a few pictures of himself with the award to post online: Thank you all for your recognition and support. I will work even harder in the future. I love Gu Shuyu.

His fans commented and shared his post in droves, saying, “Ge-ge, keep going, you’re the best!”

“Ge-ge, congratulations!”

“Ge-ge is amazing!”

“Ah ah ah ah, I’m so happy!”

Lin An Lan looked at the comments. He was happy as well.

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