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Chapter 59.2

After Lin An Lan finished messing with Cheng Yu, he sent a WeChat to Xiao Qiao, asking: [What are you bringing this year?]

Xiao Qiao: [Same as before, books and clothes.]

Lin An Lan: [What about me?]

Xiao Qiao: [You should also do the same as before.]

Lin An Lan had a headache. What was the meaning of this same as before?

He hadn’t met Xiao Qiao yet, and although he felt she should be a good person, he didn’t feel comfortable telling her directly about his memory loss.

So, he replied with a question mark.

Xiao Qiao felt helpless: [Do you want to change what you send? Clothes and toys are more convenient, or do you want to bring food? Forget it, children’s stomachs are very delicate, it won’t be good if something happens to them because of the food.]

Lin An Lan understood: [Okay.]

[See you in a few days then.]


Lin An Lan left it up to Yang Wang, who said naturally, “Should it be the same as the previous years?”

“You know?”

“Of course I know. You’re very busy, so naturally, I am the one who prepares all these items.”

It seemed to make sense.

“Then it’ll be the same as before.”

“Okay. However, Lin Ge you are still so lowkey. I’ve seen some celebrities who would immediately talk to 800 reporters, with fireworks and fanfare when visiting an orphanage, but you would never let us publicize it.”

“There’s no need.” Lin An Lan was rational, “Besides, as long as you go to the orphanage, give the children something, and the children are happy, then the celebrities can report on it if they want to. At least, the children are really receiving something.”

“It’s great to do good deeds without leaving a name, of course, but it’s also normal to leave a name after you do it, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to publicize a good deed. As long as the deed is done, the rest doesn’t matter.”

Yang Wang felt that this state of mind of his was obviously much higher than his own.

“I’ll go and get it ready then.”

“Go ahead.”

On the 21st, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu finished filming Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan’s school scene, so they changed their clothes and took a car to the orphanage.

The address of the orphanage was known to Cheng Yu, and although Lin An Lan had forgotten it, he felt a sense of familiarity when he heard him say the address. But it was understandable, after all, this was the place he had stayed at as a child.

Looking out the window, Lin An Lan thought about what Cheng Yu had told him earlier, that he had been adopted by his adoptive parents at the age of six or seven, so when did he enter the orphanage?

How long had he stayed there?

Lin An Lan was a little curious, but only a little. All that had passed and he didn’t remember it, so it was good to know, but it didn’t matter if he couldn’t remember anything.

It was all in the past, after all.

Xiao Qiao had arrived earlier than them and was waiting at the entrance instead of going in first.

Lin An Lan got out of the car and looked at her without the expression on his face changing.

She was wearing black boots, a beige jumper, a black skirt, and a coat of the same colour over it.

Seeing Lin An Lan, she smiled as she waved at him, her disposition warm and sunny.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu walked over together.

“This is Cheng Yu. As I told you before, I will bring a friend over.” Lin An Lan introduced.

Xiao Qiao was visibly startled. Her long eyelashes froze over her eyes, yet she didn’t exclaim in surprise. Instead, she smiled, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Cheng Yu greeted in response.

Xiao Qiao then looked at him. She was clearly smiling with a very gentle expression on her face, yet somehow it gave Cheng Yu a feeling of being scrutinized.

When Cheng Yu looked at her suspiciously, Xiao Qiao smiled, withdrew her gaze and turned to greet Lin An Lan as she took her things and headed inside the orphanage.

Lin An Lan followed her and watched as she went to the director, talked to the teacher in the office, and then went to the classroom.

The children were still in class.

The children in the orphanage were of varying ages, but were generally younger so they were still learning kindergarten or first-grade lessons.

When the children saw them coming, the new children looked puzzled, but those who had been there for more than a year recognised them and ran to them after class, shouting in welcome to their brother and sister.

“Xiao Lin and I came to see you and brought you something as well.”

Xiao Qiao stroked the children’s heads, then turned her head to look at Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu opened the bags they were holding and handed out the toys inside.

Receiving the gifts, the children were instantly happy, hugging the toys and smiling sweetly.

As Lin An Lan looked at them, it was as if he was seeing his former self. Weak, pitiful and abandoned, such that just a toy could satisfy the past him.

He was inexplicably a little sad.

The children were very fond of him. From their point of view, it was Lin An Lan who always gave them the toys, so they gathered around him ingratiatingly, calling him big brother sweetly as if there was honey on their lips.

Instantly, all sorts of emotions welled up in Cheng Yu’s heart.

He thought, at a time he didn’t know, in Lin An Lan’s early childhood, which he couldn’t see, had it been like this for him too?

He was just like these children, staying here miserably, and as soon as others bestowed a little kindness, they would leap for joy, come up to him, and call him big brother softly?

Why hadn’t he met him sooner?

When he had just opened his eyes to the world, when he was still ignorant, when he was abandoned, when he had stayed silently in this place.

Why hadn’t he, met him earlier?

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