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Chapter 150.2 Very sweet

Not long after the level 4 English exam, was Cheng Yu’s birthday. Lin An Lan requested a day off in advance from Zhao Peng Hai, saying that he had something to attend to at home.

Zhao Peng Hai had no objections, however he was curious and so asked, “What is it?”

“Just something at home.” Lin An Lan replied.

Zhao Peng Hai didn’t ask any further.

Cheng Yu’s birthday was usually celebrated with Yu Heng, Hua Rong and Xu Sheng and this time was no exception.

After Cheng Yu picked Lin An Lan up, he told him while fastening his seatbelt for him, “Let’s celebrate with my big brother and the others first and then we can have our own celebration later tonight.”

This was his first time celebrating his birthday with Lin An Lan, causing his heart to be filled with joy.

“This is the first birthday you’re celebrating with me.” He whispered.

Smiling, Lin An Lan kissed him, “I’ll spend every one of them with you from now on, every one.”

Nodding his head, Cheng Yu looked at him contentedly.

And seeing the look of content in his eyes, Lin An Lan regretted it in his heart. Actually, he could have attended one of Cheng Yu’s birthdays in high school, as it didn’t take much time to attend a celebration. He should have made him happy.

He had missed out on so much time and opportunities to make Cheng Yu happy during their teenage years that now, he wanted to treat Cheng Yu well, even better and make up for the lost time.

“I have a gift for you.” He told him. “I’ll show it to you when we get back.”


Lin An Lan nodded, “Really.”

He had thought for a long time about what to give him until it suddenly occurred to him one night that he could actually give Cheng Yu a surprise and he should give him a surprise. After all, Cheng Yu had waited for him for so long and so deserved a surprise of his own.

Curious, Cheng Yu couldn’t wait to go home right this instant to see his gift, however they had to go to the club first since Yu Heng, Hua Rong and Xu Sheng were already waiting there, so he could only start the car and drive towards the club first.

When Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu arrived, Yu Heng and the others were already there and as soon as Cheng Yu walked in, Xu Sheng and Hua Rong set off a party popper, scaring him.

“Why are you still playing with this?” Cheng Yu complained.

Xu Sheng laughed out loud. “It’s fun. It scared you right? Ha ha ha.”

“Childish.” Saying this, Cheng Yu led Lin An Lan to a chair.

This was the first time Lin An Lan was seeing Yu Heng since he regained his memory. He remembered seeing him once at Cheng Yu’s house when he had lost his memory and Yu Heng hadn’t been very friendly towards him at first, however he became very gentle when he left.

At that time, Yu Heng probably knew what his brother was up to but couldn’t stop him from seeking his own doom. Instead, he went along with his brother’s wishes and gave him his blessings.

Every time Cheng Yu spoke about his family, he didn’t show much emotion with the exception of when he mentioned Yu Heng, his tone becoming very gentle and from this, Lin An Lan could see how important Yu Heng was to him, so he took the initiative to say, “Hello big brother, it’s been a long time.”

Yu Heng was a little surprised, seeming to have not expected that he would call him this, however he said even as he smiled slowly, “Hello. You were frightened before, but you won’t be anymore.”

“I know, Cheng Yu has already taken care of it.”

“It was thanks to my big brother.” Cheng Yu added quickly, “Thank you, big brother.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Hearing this, Xu Sheng asked him, “So your father and grandfather really won’t bother you and Lin An Lan anymore?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I suppose so.”

“You’re amazing, Ah Yu,” Xu Sheng exclaimed. “An exemplary model figure for us the younger generation.”

“It doesn’t apply to you guys.” Cheng Yu’s tone was light. “This method is only suitable for families like ours, where the affection is very thin.”

As soon as Xu Sheng heard him say this, he felt a bit sorry for him and so picking up his glass, clinked it with his, “Come on, let’s drink.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu drank a glass and Hua Rong took the opportunity to go over to wish him a happy birthday, clinking his glass with his as well.

Lin An Lan also joined in the fun, clinking his glass with his.

Cheng Yu asked helplessly, “Why are you also trying to get me drunk?”

“I’m joining in the fun.” Lin An Lan laughed.

Looking at him, Cheng Yu asked, “What if I get drunk?”

Lin An Lan’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered the message Cheng Yu had sent him when they had been separated. Leaning close to Cheng Yu, he whispered in his ear, “Then I’ll take you home.”

Cheng Yu hugged him immediately, staring at him so intently that if it wasn’t because there were other people in the room, he felt that Lin An Lan wouldn’t be safe right now.

Looking at Lin An Lan with bright, penetrating eyes, he drank his drink in front of him.

Afraid that Cheng Yu would really get drunk just because of what he had said, which would make his plans for the night go to waste, he added quickly, “But don’t get drunk today, it’s your birthday.”

Cheng Yu nodded. Although he had thought about getting drunk, since Lin An Lan didn’t want him to, he wouldn’t.

However it was good not to get drunk. At least this way he could see the gift Lin An Lan had prepared for him. Thinking this way, he smiled warmly at Lin An Lan.

Watching the lovey doveyness of the couple, Hua Rong couldn’t help but tap the bowl in front of him, “Ey, ey, ey, there are still three living people here, pay attention a little.”

Lin An Lan sat back down quickly, feeling a little embarrassed.

This was Yu Heng’s first time seeing Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan being so affectionate and found it novel. So this was what his little brother’s hot passionate love phase looked like. It was quite sticky and sweet.

Cheng Yu glared at Hua Rong discontentedly, “You’re the only one who talks too much. Are you jealous?”

Hua Rong snorted, “I’m single and free and I own the whole forest, so why would I be jealous of your little sapling?”

“Then you’d better stick to that oh~ Otherwise, the next time you’re in a relationship, I’ll tell your boyfriend that you own the whole forest and don’t care about his little sapling~”

Angry, Hua Rong threw an orange at him. “And you say I talk too much. It’s you who talks too much.”

“You said it yourself. You dare to say it but don’t dare admit it.”

Lin An Lan chuckled, thinking that Cheng Yu was probably in a really good mood today.

The group had dinner together then played board games. Lin An Lan didn’t play much, but Cheng Yu played a lot. Sitting next to Lin An Lan, he thought him how to play while targeting Hua Rong deliberately. Hua Rong was so angry that he wanted to kick him out and make him a target for his hatred.

After a while Lin An Lan got the hang of it and Yu Heng stepped down while Cheng Yu stepped up, helping Lin An Lan while setting traps for Hua Rong. In no time, Hua Rong lost badly.

“I won’t play anymore. You two lovebirds against one person, who can win?”

“You can find your own lovebird.” Cheng Yu suggested.

Hua Rong glanced at Xu Sheng, the only person left in the game. “I’m disgusted by him.”

“I’m disgusted by you too!” Xu Sheng pei’d. “I’m a straight man! A straight man of steel!”

“Oh, we have a traitor among us.” Hua Rong said calmly. “It’s rare that we have a straight man among us.”

“Heng Ge is one too.” Xu Sheng pointed to Yu Heng who was on the phone.

Cheng Yu: ……

Cheng Yu didn’t think that was necessarily true.

His big brother had never had a boyfriend or girlfriend and whenever asked about his preferences, he would say he didn’t like any of them very much. Cheng Yu felt that it was because his love bone hadn’t even been activated yet, which was why he had no desire for love, let alone being bent or straight.

Sigh, he didn’t know if he would ever have a sister-in-law in this life. Thinking this way, he couldn’t help look at his big brother.

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