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Chapter 80.1

Yang Wang nodded, then couldn’t help but chide him, “But Jiang Ge, you’re also something else. Our Lin Ge is so good to you so why do you still make him angry? He is very good-tempered yet you were still able to make him angry.”

Jiang Xu’s mouth was bitter as he said, “I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to provoke him; how could he get angry over such things?”

How could he get angry with him because of Cheng Yu?

It was clear that Cheng Yu had never been able to come between them, so how could he get so angry because of him?

Was it because Xiao Lan had lost his memory?

Was it because he had amnesia that he was tricked by Cheng Yu, that he really thought of him as his boyfriend, that he was so partial to Cheng Yu, that he even hit him for Cheng Yu?

Jiang Xu raised his hand to touch the corner of his mouth. He still couldn’t believe that Lin An Lan had actually hit him.

How could Lin An Lan hit him?

They were best friends, and in all these years, Lin An Lan had never hit him even when he was angry.

How could he have hit him?!

It must have been Cheng Yu!

It must have been Cheng Yu who tricked him with his flowery words, that was why he was blind to his own true feelings and only thought that Cheng Yu was his boyfriend, and thus why he was thinking for Cheng Yu’s sake.

With that in mind, he didn’t pursue it any further but asked Yang Wang, “Did you know that Xiao Lan had lost his memory?”

Of course, Yang Wang knew. He was Lin An Lan’s assistant and followed him everywhere, so Zhuo Siya hadn’t hidden it from him from the beginning. However, Zhuo Siya had also warned him that no third person was allowed to know about it.

So Yang Wang smiled and said perfunctorily, “That’s not true. Jiang Ge, who did you hear this from? How could our Lin Ge lose his memory? It’s not as if this is a drama.”

Jiang Xu just assumed that he didn’t know and didn’t say anything more. He went back to his car and after thinking about it, sent a text message to Zhuo Siya.

When Zhuo Siya received Jiang Xu’s text message, he felt a pang of helplessness inside.

He didn’t really want to get involved in the feud between Cheng Yu and Jiang Xu, so he didn’t reply to Jiang Xu and continued to sit beside Lin An Lan, helping him to contact other businesses.

Cheng Yu had just finished filming his rival scene with Fan Ruiwen and was eager to return to Lin An Lan’s side.

“What did he say to you?” Cheng Yu said without preamble.

“He tried to sound me out and then found out that I did forget something, so I told him that I have indeed forgotten some things.”

“But I didn’t tell the truth.” Lin An Lan laughed, “I lied to him that I had only lost part of my memory. I counted the memories that came back later as if I had them to begin with, so he didn’t notice.”

Zhuo Siya was surprised when he heard him say this. “You’ve recovered some of your memories from before?”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan nodded.

Zhuo Siya couldn’t help but look at Cheng Yu, but Cheng Yu’s expression was calm, and he couldn’t see any joy or anger on his face.

He is pretending, Zhuo Siya thought to himself, but he is definitely panicking inside. Once Lin An Lan regained his memory, then, not only would everything be gone now, but according to Lin An Lan’s character, he would probably settle the scores with Cheng Yu about what had happened during their time together.

Thinking this way, Zhuo Siya had mixed feelings for a moment.

In all fairness, Cheng Yu had been very good to Lin An Lan, his heart and eyes were most of the time filled with Lin An Lan and he couldn’t wait to put his heart in Lin An Lan’s hand.

Zhuo Siya had been with Lin An Lan for so many years, and it wasn’t as if there wasn’t anyone who was interested in Lin An Lan or who wanted to be nice to him.

But it was only Cheng Yu, who was really good to Lin An Lan.

But he had lied to Lin An Lan.

If Cheng Yu had pursued Lin An Lan in a normal way today, Zhuo Siya might have put in a good word for him.

But he hadn’t.

He had used the most despicable means and had deceived Lin An Lan’s trust.

Not only that, he forbade others from telling Lin An Lan clues related to the truth.

The admiration and pity Zhuo Siya felt for him melted away as soon as he remembered how he had looked when he threatened him in the café.

He couldn’t afford to fight Cheng Yu, so he chose to remain silent. However, that didn’t stop him from thinking that Cheng Yu was wrong from the very beginning.

So he simply gave Lin An Lan as much care and attention as he could within this misunderstanding.

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