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Chapter 92.1

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu got off the elevator and got back into Cheng Yu’s car.

Then Cheng Yu drove to Lin An Lan’s parents’ house.

They had so much stuff that the two of them carried several large bags then waited to get into the elevator when no one else was around.

The floor that the Lin family’s house was on wasn’t too low, so Lin An Lan took the keys out in advance so that he wouldn’t have to rummage around in front of the door when the time came.

When they arrived on their floor, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu walked out with the bags but just before they reached the door, they saw Jiang Xu who was waiting for them.

Jiang Xu froze for a moment, not having expected Cheng Yu to be here, then he turned his gaze to Lin An Lan and said to him, “I knew you would be home for New Year’s Eve, so I waited for you here.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Taking two steps forward, Lin An Lan took out his keys, opened the door, and put the things he was holding into the house.

Jiang Xu followed him in, but before he could come to a halt, he saw Lin An Lan turn around and start to push him out.

Grabbing his hand, Jiang Xu begged him, “Xiao Lan, we’ve always spent New Year’s together, so let me spend it with you. Do you want me to spend it alone?”

“Go find your father.” Lin An Lan said indifferently.

“I really never went to him again, believe me.” Jiang Xu begged him pitifully.

Lin An Lan was about to say something when he suddenly saw a woman standing not far from the door. The woman looked at them, and when he looked over, lowered her head shyly, however she couldn’t help but raise her head and say, “Xiao Lan, long time no see.”

Jiang Xu froze instantly.

Lin An Lan looked at her. The lighting in the hallway wasn’t very bright, but one could still see the beauty of her silhouette and the thinness of her body.

She looked like a pavilion of daffodils, standing at a distance.

It was Jiang Liying.

Lin An Lan walked forward and, at Jiang Li Ying’s surprise gaze, closed the door immediately, isolating her from view.

Jiang Xu looked at him as if waking up from a dream and said in a daze, “I didn’t go to see her. I promised you that I wouldn’t go to her and I wouldn’t want her anymore, so I didn’t go to see her.”

“Hmm.” Lin An Lan responded.

Watching Jiang Xu’s whole mood drop because of Jiang Li Ying’s appearance, he said coldly, “You can talk to her. Now that you’re older, you can talk to her about what happened back then and then have no more dealings with her.”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard a knock on the door. Jiang Liying said from outside as she knocked, “Xiao Lan, open the door. Let me see Xiao Xu, I want to talk to him.”

“Do you want to?” Lin An Lan asked Jiang Xu.

Jiang Xu shook his head, “I don’t want to.”

“When she said she was leaving back then, she didn’t even see me. Did she ever want to talk to me, to talk things over with me? If she didn’t, why would I want to meet with her and talk things over with her?”

“It’s painful not being able to see and talk to someone, isn’t it? It’s time she had a taste of that.”

Lin An Lan had no opinion; what Jiang Li Ying did back then was too extreme. A mother, at that point in her son’s second year of high school, without saying anything, suddenly left with another man, only leaving a letter telling him not to look for her, telling him that she was going to marry another man and that the other man didn’t want him, so she couldn’t take him with her. Such a move, was too heart breaking.

Jiang Xu had nearly been trapped by her determination, his life nearly ruined by her unreliability.

So the moment she left, she had already severed their mother-son bond, hence Jiang Xu’s decision of not wanting to see her, was forgivable.

Not saying another word, Lin An Lan lowered his head and lifted a bag towards the fridge.

Taking the bag from him, Cheng Yu carried it to the fridge. Jiang Xu hurriedly took another bag as well, carrying it over.

Taking out the food items that needed to be refrigerated and frozen, Lin An Lan asked Cheng Yu to put them in the fridge.

Looking at the items, Jiang Xu realized that it was the New Year’s food they had prepared. Lin An Lan didn’t intend to spend the New Year with him, but seemed to be planning to spend it with Cheng Yu.

Incredulous, he stammered, asking Lin An Lan, “You…. bought so many things, can you finish eating them?”

“Cheng Yu and I are the ones eating them, so of course we can finish them.”

Cheng Yu sighed in relief, then smiled at Jiang Xu, “That’s right.”

Jiang Xu was angry and aggrieved, “Don’t you have to go home?”

“There’s no need for me to. Do you want to go back? I’ll give you the address, you can go back, you can still meet Cheng Feng if you do. Oh, and Cheng Xiao as well. You’ve met him too, right?”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan looked back at Jiang Xu.

The expression on Jiang Xu’s face immediately turned into embarrassment and his face ashen, he tried to explain desperately but couldn’t. He could only say feebly, “I’ve only met him once.”

“So what?” Lin An Lan asked in reply, “How many more times do you want to meet him?”

Jiang Xu shook his head hurriedly, “I really will never see them again, really.”

Ignoring him, Lin An Lan continued to take things and hand them to Cheng Yu to put in the fridge.

Jiang Li Ying knocked for a long time and when she noticed that Lin An Lan was ignoring her, was so angry that she shot up, “Jiang Xu, is this how you’re treating your own mother? If it weren’t for me, would you be where you are today? Would you be a big star now! You don’t want to see me, right? If you don’t come out, I’ll go to the media and reporters. I’ll say that after becoming a famous star, you disowned your own mother. I’ll see if you can continue being a star!”

Jiang Xu smiled coldly at her words.

Lin An Lan said calmly, “Aren’t you going out to settle this? You really want to be on the hot search, huh?”

Of course Jiang Xu didn’t want to be on the hot search. He was just afraid that he wouldn’t be able to enter once he left this door.

“Just go.” Lin An Lan said, “I don’t want her screaming and cursing at my door all day, it’s too noisy.”

“Then, I’ll come back later.”

“You go first.” Lin An Lan said.

Only then did Jiang Xu leave, looking back with every step that he took, but before Jiang Liying could even be happy to see him come out, she was pulled down the stairs by Jiang Xu.

As she was wearing high heels, she almost twisted her foot, so she hurriedly said, “Slow down, slow down.”

But Jiang Xu ignored her and simply let go of her hand, heading downstairs. Jiang Liying chased after him hurriedly, shouting repeatedly, “Xiao Xu, Xu Xu….”

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