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Chapter 140.1

Lin An Lan shook his head helplessly. He couldn’t believe that Cheng Yu could still send himself knives every day and still receive candy from him every day. It really showed how strong his psychological adjustment ability was.

Some people ate blades but gave out sweet water.

“Can you still find all the conversations between Jiang Xu and I after I lost my memory?”

“Yes.” Pei Qiu answered, “I have backups. Of course, not because I plan to do anything with them, but rather out of caution. You know that the more you know, the faster you die. I trust my clients very much, but what if something unexpected happens?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Pack it all up and send it to him some other day. Let him take a good look and listen to them. Tell him I okay’d it.”

Pei Qiu was shocked, “You’re being this generous?”

“That’s right, I’m being this generous.” Lin An Lan was very vehement.

As the weather had warmed up, it was time to eat candy, so he had to water his little tulip with honey water.

Besides, there was obviously nothing going on between him and Jiang Xu, but Cheng Yu was imagining things every day. He was also very wronged! He felt that it was necessary to help his amnesic self clear the injustice!

“OK.” Pei Qiu gave him a thumbs up. “Young Master Cheng will definitely be very excited.”

“Really? Then help me pay attention to his expression.”

Pei Qiu patted his chest, “No problem!”

“Let’s go.” Lin An Lan said then pushed back a strand of hair that was standing up on Pei Qiu’s head. It was only after doing this that he felt much more comfortable.

Ignoring this, Pei Qiu got into the car with him excitedly, ready to drive.

However before he could touch the steering wheel, Lin An Lan suddenly remembered something then asked him, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

“Yes.” Pei Qiu smiled, “I not only have a driver’s license, I also have a car.”

Relieved, Lin An Lan told him, “Drive.”

“Sit tight.” Pei Qiu started the car and in the next second, Lin An Lan deeply began to wonder if the car he had been talking about was a bumper car or a jungle racer?!

“Slow down.” He cautioned, “There’s no rush.”

Pei Qiu slowed down reluctantly, following the principle that the customer came first, but with a clear look of regret in his eyes.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Lin An Lan took his phone out and sent Cheng Yu a message, telling him that they had left.

Cheng Feng had chosen a hotel suite to talk to him and had reserved an entire floor, while Cheng Yu had reserved the opposite floor’s restaurant.

By the time Lin An Lan arrived, Cheng Yu had been sitting there for an hour. If Lin An Lan hadn’t been unwilling, he would have really wanted to go with him.

He didn’t think Lin An Lan had any reason to talk to Cheng Feng, especially alone. Cheng Feng wasn’t qualified to talk to Lin An Lan.

Fortunately, with Pei Qiu around, Cheng Yu could feel a little more at ease even as he worried. As long as he was there, at least Lin An Lan’s safety wasn’t something to worry about.

Knocking on the door of the private room, Lin An Lan walked in.

Pei Qiu wanted to follow, but was stopped by Cheng Feng.

“I want to talk to you alone.” He said, looking at Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan, seeing that there was only one person in the private room, agreed.

Pei Qiu had installed a listening device on his cell phone, so he didn’t insist on staying. Backing out, he closed the door for them and once done, put on his headphones.

Sitting down in front of Cheng Feng, Lin An Lan looked carefully at the person in front of him.

Although he had never seen him, he magically had a tangled entanglement with his two sons. Jiang Xu, who had accompanied him during the first half of his life and Cheng Yu, who was about to accompany him in the second half. They shouldn’t have known each other, but because of their relationship, it seemed as if they had known each other for a long time.

Cheng Feng’s features was outstanding. For him to be able to wander outside, have so many illicit affairs for so long and to have so many mistresses flock to him, in addition to his background, it was also because of his features.

Looking at him, Lin An Lan could easily see the shadows of Cheng Yu and Jiang Xu on his face.

Cheng Yu’s features had a touch of his mother’s beauty, making him handsome and elegant.

While Jiang Xu’s features had a hint of Jiang Liying’s gentleness, mild but not losing his own sharpness.

Cheng Feng allowed him look as he picked up his cup of tea, took a sip then put it down slowly to ask him, “You should know why I asked you out today.”

“Why?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Feng chuckled, “You clearly know the answer yet you’re asking.”

“So it’s really to make me leave him?”

“What else could it be?” Cheng Feng said, “To recognize you as a daughter-in-law of the Cheng family?”

Lin An Lan didn’t quite like his words, “Even though Cheng Yu and I have plans to get married, I’m not a woman. What daughter-in-law? It’s very inappropriate.”

Of course, he could accept Cheng Yu calling him wife, as it was an intimacy between lovers, but from someone like Cheng Feng, Lin An Lan wouldn’t accept it.

“That is indeed very inappropriate.” Cheng Feng said calmly, “To begin with, you aren’t worthy of entering the door of our Cheng family.”

“To be honest, I’ve never had the intention of entering your Cheng family’s door. If Cheng Yu wasn’t your son, I think he and I would both be happier.”

Cheng Feng sneered as he looked at him, “If Cheng Yu wasn’t my son, then he wouldn’t be like this now and you might not have even liked him. Speaking of which, I have more than one son. You and Jiang Xu have been close since childhood, so why can’t you turn back now and take a look at your pitiful friend? Is your more than ten years of friendship not worth more than your less than a year of love with Xiao Yu?”

“Now you’re acknowledging that Jiang Xu is your son. I think if Jiang Xu knew, he would be very happy.”

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