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Chapter 102.1 Lin An Lan recovers his memories (one)

At 8pm, Lin An Lan put on his mask and hat and went to the cinema near his house.

Having booked the whole venue, he watched Cheng Yu’s ups and downs in life on the big screen alone.

The plot of the movie was excellent, and although it was still a socialist deduction that he wasn’t so interested in, the suspense and Cheng Yu’s superb performance made one unable to help but weep at the end.

Lin An Lan was moved, tears flowing down his face as he watched the male protagonist’s decision to leave and say goodbye to the girl he loved.

Standing up, he put his hat back on and left the cinema.

When he went out, it was raining heavily hence it took Lin An Lan some time before he was able to get a taxi.

Getting into the car in the rain, he gave his home address and with a kick of the accelerator, the driver started the car.

Looking out the window, Lin An Lan felt as if he hadn’t seen such heavy rain in a long time.

He seemed to have a memory of such a downpour, but when had that happened?

He remembered. It was the day he went to see Cheng Yu; it had also been raining heavily that day, and then continued to rain heavily for several days after.

He thought of that day and of his question to Cheng Yu, ‘Are you my boyfriend?’

Now that he thought about it, he remembered that the first time he had asked Cheng Yu, ‘Hello, do I live here?’ Cheng Yu hadn’t answered.

He had only answered after he had asked, ‘Are you my boyfriend?’

At that time, Cheng Yu must have been very shocked and then pleasantly surprised, that was why in the blink of an eye, he had adjusted his mind and answered his question.

Beyond morality, but within the context of reason.

Although Lin An Lan understood, he didn’t agree.

A sudden clap of thunder sounded across the sky, startling Lin An Lan; however he felt as if he hadn’t heard thunder in a long time.

The driver suddenly slammed on the brakes, causing Lin An Lan to lean forward as a result of the motion, then he heard the driver say, “I almost crashed. In this weather, it’s the easiest time to have an accident.”

“It’s okay.” Lin An Lan reassured him, “I’m not in a hurry, so take your time.”


The driver started the car again and as Lin An Lan listened to the sound of the rain, it was as if there was something weighing on his mind.

His head inexplicably starting to hurt, Lin An Lan massaged the ridge of his brows, yet it still hurt.

Having a headache all the way home, the driver dropped him off downstairs, and Lin An Lan paid the fare and went upstairs to his apartment.

He took a hot bath and had a cup of medicine to prevent catching a cold.

Outside the window, the rain was still falling, crackling like beans being poured out of a bamboo tube.

As Lin An Lan wasn’t feeling well, he went to sleep after drinking the medicine.

However he wasn’t able to sleep well, his dreams confusing as he had no idea what was happening.

In the middle of the night, booms of thunder suddenly rang out in the sky, one after another and in Lin An Lan’s ears and his head.

Woken up by the Lin sound of the thunder, Lin An Lan sat back on his bed, but felt his head ache more and more.

As the thunder grew louder and louder, his head swelled with pain, making him feel as if it were about to explode.

Then countless images and memories that he hadn’t seen before, followed by the heavy sound of thunder and the sound of rain, pushed their way into his head on this rainy night without a care in the world.

All this caused his head to ache so badly that the images in his head swirled.

He hit his head helplessly, but it was to no avail.

It was only when his head felt less swollen and painful that he finally lay down on the bed again.

The thunder had stopped long ago, but what had not stopped, was the thunder in his heart.

Falling asleep in a tumultuous state of mind, he didn’t wake up again until the next morning when he sat up in his bed. Remembering the events of the night before and recalling them again, he was surprised to find that his memories had returned.

He had recovered his memories.

Lin An Lan sat up in stunned silence, for a moment feeling that he wasn’t even able to tell which Lin An Lan he was now.

Was he the Lin An Lan whose memory stopped in August before the amnesia, or was he the Lin An Lan whose memory started in August after the amnesia?

This feeling was so strange, so strange that he didn’t know how to react and it took him a long time before he finally seemed to get used to it and slowly got out of bed.

Going into the bathroom, Lin An Lan washed up, then looking up, he saw himself in the mirror, a light-eyed version of himself and he had a vague feeling that he had changed, but when he looked at himself again, it seemed as if he hadn’t.

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