The villain was born with a sweet tooth

The villain was born with a sweet tooth

The villain was born with a sweet tooth (反派天生嗜甜)

Author: 封玖

Raw: jjwxc

Total Chapters: 51+6 chapters


Tang Zhou dreamed that he was cannon fodder in a novel.

Because of prejudice, he misunderstood and hurt the villain, and later was framed by his illegitimate younger brother and became impoverished.

After waking up from his dream, he looked at the innocent and harmless young villain in front of him and decided to change his own ending.


Fu Shen knew about his background long ago and had been plotting for many years for this reason.

He agreed to Tang Zhou’s harsh demands, pretended to be harmless, and kept a low profile.

His original plan was to turn around and leave naturally after the deed was done.

But unexpectedly, after one night, this person seemed to have changed.

Peeled off the coat of indifference, there was actually a piece of small sugar cake inside.

Fu Shen was born with a sweet tooth, and after having a taste, he couldn’t let go.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

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