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Chapter 113.2 The truth about the amnesia (two)

It was very dark and thunder was raging but the driver, a young guy managed to laugh about it, joking with him, “I don’t know which immortal friend is going through a tribulation. With this thunder, I hope he can hold out.”

Lin An Lan laughed, thinking he was quite cute.

As he sat in the back seat with his glasses and mask on, he looked out the window.

Text messages from Jiang Xu came again, but Lin An Lan didn’t read them. Jiang Xu had just sent them one after the other without pause, but Lin An Lan didn’t want to read them. There was no point, it was all useless sophistry. Jiang Xu hadn’t really been drunk when he’d said those things. His consciousness had been sober and he had been coherent. He had really wanted him to deceive Cheng Yu using feelings, wanted him to be Cheng Yu’s boyfriend.

He had even looked up Cheng Yu’s home address– sixteenth floor of the White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road.

How clear, how ridiculous.

Lin An Lan felt depressed inside. He was just about to listen to a children’s song when the car braked hard, causing Lin An Lan’s head to crash hard against the car’s window, his cell phone falling down.

“Are you okay?” The driver asked, concerned, “The car in front of me just changed lanes. F*ck, I almost crashed, luckily I hit the brakes just in time.”

Lin An Lan’s head hurt a little from the impact, but he shook his head, “I’m fine.”

The driver looked at him worriedly and afraid he would recognize him, Lin An Lan said to him, “You can continue driving, there’s no rush, just drive slowly.”

It was only then that the driver turned around to continue driving.

Lin An Lan bent down to pick up his cell phone, only to find that it had blacked out and wouldn’t turn on.

Lin An Lan felt helpless, but there was nothing he could do.

His head still aching, he rubbed it but remembering the series of events, he only felt a growing headache.

Being Cheng Yu’s boyfriend and also the address, the sixteenth floor of the White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road, really made him angry once he thought about it, making him not want to forgive Jiang Xu even more.

He shouldn’t have done this to him, he hadn’t wronged Jiang Xu, so Jiang Xu shouldn’t have done this to him either.

Lin An Lan only felt that his headache was very unbearable.

He looked ahead at what appeared to be the Haisheng Hotel where he had once stayed, asked the driver to pull up to the front of the hotel, took out his wallet, paid and got out of the car.

He had stayed here before during a filming and had a gold card and an exclusive suite here, so he went straight into the exclusive elevator and went to his suite to rest.

While taking a shower, Lin An Lan let out a low sigh as he thought of Cheng Yu again, thinking that Cheng Yu was simply the most innocent victim.

He had done nothing, yet he was living in Jiang Xu’s jealousy and resentment.

Instead of hating his parents, Jiang Xu had turned his hatred onto Cheng Yu who was completely innocent, waiting for an opportunity to pull him down in order to join the Cheng family himself.

He was clearly not at fault, yet he bared Jiang Xu’s hatred and resentment.

He was too innocent.

Lin An Lan went to sleep with a pounding headache, thinking that he would be fine after a good night’s sleep. It had just been a bump and he wasn’t bleeding nor did he need to be bandaged, so he should be fine after a good night’s sleep.

Even if he wasn’t, it would have to wait until he woke up.

But he didn’t expect that when he woke up again, he wouldn’t remember anything.

Chaotic, blank, empty, without any memories of the past.

He tapped his phone which was still black but it wouldn’t turn on.

–He found his wallet in his pocket with his ID card inside and looking at the ID card, he remembered that yes, his name was Lin An Lan.

But what about the rest?

Lin An Lan felt his brain was in a state of confusion as he tried desperately to think back but after a long period of doing that until his head hurt, he only recalled a name vaguely– Cheng Yu.

But who was Cheng Yu?

Then something flashed through his mind and Lin An Lan caught it quickly, struggled to piece it together, then realized that he was probably his boyfriend.

He actually had a boyfriend?

He liked men?

Was he so out of the ordinary?

But where did this boyfriend of his live?

“Sixteenth floor of the White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road?” He suddenly remembered the address, “Is that right?”

Lin An Lan wasn’t sure, but he decided to give it a go.

It was dark by this time but Lin An Lan wasn’t afraid. He felt that the fact that he could remember this, proved that it was important to him, which showed that his boyfriend was probably trustworthy.

Taking advantage of the fact that the rain had stopped, he got out of the hotel and into a car.

But summer thunderstorms always came and went and before long, the rain started falling again.

Lin An Lan got out of the car at White Birch Mansion on White Birch Road. It was pouring and he didn’t have an umbrella, so after he checked in with the doorman, he ran quickly into the residence and into the elevator.

He pressed the button for the sixteenth floor then watched the elevator go up one floor at a time, thinking that his boyfriend should be home.

Exiting the elevator on the sixteenth floor, Lin An Lan knocked on the door, very apprehensive. He didn’t know if Cheng Yu was home and he didn’t know if Cheng Yu was really his boyfriend.

If he wasn’t, it could only mean that his memory was too faulty and that the information in his head wasn’t reliable.

Standing there nervously, Lin An Lan knocked again cautiously and waited for him to appear.

He waited for a long time before Cheng Yu appeared in front of him, opening the door slowly.

He was dressed in black pyjamas, his eyes starry with dashing eyebrows and his features, which were obviously cold, softened the moment he saw him, revealing unconscious surprise.

Lin An Lan had guessed that his boyfriend would be good looking, but he hadn’t expected him to be this handsome. No wonder he liked men. Who wouldn’t like a super handsome guy with this kind of face?

He blinked, then asked him uncertainly, “Hello, do I live here?”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything, he just looked at him quietly.

His eyes were focused, slightly shocked yet wrapped in tenderness and, on closer inspection, full of affection.

Lin An Lan felt that with such a look in his eyes, he should really be his boyfriend.

So he changed the question and asked him bluntly, “Sorry, I can’t remember certain things. Excuse me, are you my boyfriend? Do I live here?”

Then he saw Cheng Yu smiling faintly, his eyebrows gentle and dark with starlight, his smile very beautiful, as if the spring breeze had blown through, causing a thousand trees and pear blossoms to suddenly bloom.

Reaching out, he led him into the house and in a tone that couldn’t have been more natural, said to him gently, “Yes. You’re back too late, wife.”

He had lost the friendship he had quietly buried that day, but gained the love he had just sprouted.

He had ended his brief trust in Jiang Xu, and thus began a long and unbroken eternity of trust in Cheng Yu.

He was lucky, after all, the heavens had taken away his family, made him see clearly what his friendship entailed but at the same time, brought his love to him with his own hands.

He gave him an unexpected start to love, an excellent lover who was tender and devoted.

Lin An Lan had no way of hating Cheng Yu, because the first time he saw him after his amnesia, he was as stunning as the first time he had seen him on the playground when he was in school.

He stood on the podium, delivering a rousing speech, with handsome eyebrows and a dignified presence, admirable and likeable.

And with that, wowed his whole youth and warmed him for the rest of his life.

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