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Chapter 28.2

Cheng Yu had just finished posting, but before he could read the replies from the fans in the comment section, he saw Lin An Lan walking over.

Cheng Yu hurriedly logged out of his secret account, afraid that his identity would be exposed.

“You’re done talking to Zhuo Siya?”

“Mm.” Lin An Lan nodded, “I reposted your repost and followed you.”

Cheng Yu smiled immediately, “I saw it.”

“I saw it too.” Lin An Lan moved closer to him, smiling a little; “You were following me before.”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu admitted graciously, “You were the first person I followed when I created a Weibo account, but you didn’t follow me back.”

“I guess I didn’t notice it before.” Lin An Lan said .

Cheng Yu nodded; “But it doesn’t matter. It’s okay that you’re following me back now.”

Looking into his sincere eyes, Lin An Lan said all of a sudden, “You don’t even seem to be upset about it.”

Cheng Yu:????

“You didn’t get upset even when I didn’t like you before, you didn’t get upset when I didn’t share the same stage with you and you weren’t upset when I didn’t follow you back. Little flower, you don’t seem to ever get upset at me.”

Cheng Yu was a little puzzled; “Do I need to get upset?”

He smiled a little, his smile both calm and open, “Why bother? There is not much time to get upset. Besides, don’t I have it all now? I’ve got it all, so why do I need to be upset?”

Lin An Lan felt that he was really very magnanimous. If it was him, he might not be able to go about his everyday life without getting upset.

“Actually, you can get a little upset once in a while.”

Cheng Yu smiled, rubbing his hair, “There’s no need. Besides, I can’t bear to.”

How could he get upset at Lin An Lan?

He would never get upset at Lin An Lan in his life.

Besides, who was he to get upset at Lin An Lan?

From the beginning to the end, it was all his wishful thinking, it was his paranoia and obstinacy. Even now, it was he who had deceived Lin An Lan, who had despicably used lies to keep him by his side.

So who was he to get upset at Lin An Lan?

He couldn’t love and cherish him enough, so what right did he have to get upset?

For Cheng Yu, if his eight years of waiting for Lin An Lan’s love could be exchanged for a single time, it wasn’t because he was worth it but because it was a surprise.

Because the moment he fell in love with Lin An Lan, he realized clearly that his love might never be reciprocated, that it might only be a flower in a mirror, the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water, a wishful thinking that would never end.

So Lin An Lan’s response to him wasn’t a deserved one, but a surprise that had finally come after his waiting.

A surprise that he hadn’t expected at all.

Therefore, he would never get upset at Lin An Lan. He only wanted to cherish the time they had together.

Cheng Yu smiled, saying tenderly as he looked at the person in front of him, “No matter what time we’re in, no matter what, I will never get upset at you, because you are my baby.”

When Lin An Lan heard this, he was both relieved and inexplicably heartbroken for him.

If he didn’t have too many people following him on Weibo, he would have turned them all off, then follow Cheng Yu first before following them back one by one.

But this idea was too unrealistic and too blatant.

“When we create other social media accounts in the future, I’ll be the first to follow you.” Lin An Lan compensated.

“Okay.” Cheng Yu smiled, looking at him.

Lin An Lan smiled back unconsciously.

As they were chatting, Sun Meng came over, reminding the two of them to go and put on makeup and change their clothes; it was time to start filming.

Makeup for men was relatively easy to apply, especially for people with good facial features like them.

When Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu went over, Fan Ruiwen was already doing her make-up, but when they were done with their make-up, Fan Ruiwen was still in the make-up room.

When Lin An Lan entered the changing room, the crew member in charge gave him a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

The design of the T-shirt was very simple. Only the hem and cuffs were detailed, which highlighted his vitality and youthfulness, causing him feel like he was 18 years old again.

Lin An Lan was satisfied. Walking out, he saw that Cheng Yu had also changed.

He was also wearing a T-shirt and jeans, only the colour scheme was different from his. The T-shirt and jeans were both black.

The fabric was very ordinary, looking very much like the material from a 199 taobao shop. Only, it didn’t look cheap on Cheng Yu’s body. Instead, it brought out the casualness and unrestrainedness in him, making him look a bit untamed, very much in line with the persona of Jing Huan in the drama.

“You’re very handsome.” Lin An Lan complimented.

“Not as handsome as you are.” As Cheng Yu looked at him, he felt as if he was back in high school. Tenderness filling his eyes, he couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

Sun Meng coughed helplessly and Zhuo Siya pulled Lin An Lan. It was only then that Cheng Yu withdraw his eyes and walked outside.

A headache beat behind Zhuo Siya’s eyebrows as he looked at his back.

When director Zhang saw them coming, he discussed the scene briefly before they started to film.

The scene was to be shot outdoors, the first encounter between Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan.

One autumn afternoon, Gu Shuyu was walking back from school, bored as usual, kicking the bottle cap of a soft drink at his feet.

He kicked it in front of him, walked over to it, then kicked it further down the road.

He continued kicking it along the way, until he came across certain thugs.

Gu Shuyu took a step back unconsciously, but they surrounded him.

The man in the lead chuckled, saying with a cigarette in his mouth, “Student, your brother is in trouble, lend me some money.”

Gu Shuyu looked at the thugs around him. In terms of numbers, he was outnumbered by four; in terms of force value, he was no match for them.

Not to mention, who knew if they had any knives on them.

So he asked calmly, “How much do you want?”

Seeing him concede directly, the leader opened his mouth, “5000.”

“I don’t have that much cash.”

“Then how much do you have?”

Gu Shuyu took out his wallet which had about a thousand yuan in it.

The leader stretched his hand and took the money out but when he saw that the wallet still had a card in it, he tried to take it, but Gu Shuyu avoided his hand.

“You have money in your card, right?”

Gu Shuyu didn’t say anything.

“Give it to me.”

“You can’t touch this card.” Gu Shuyu replied calmly.

Hearing his refusal, the leader saw grabbed his collar, raising his hand to hit him.

At that critical moment, Director Zhang shouted, “Cut.”

The group actor Zhang Song, who played the leader of the thugs dropped his hand immediately, helping to fix his collar; “Mr. Lin, are you okay? I didn’t scare you, right?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “It’s fine.”

Relieved, Zhang Song smiled then started a conversation with him.

As the scene was relatively simple and Lin An Lan and Zhang Song acted well, they were able to pass it in one go.

After that, it was Cheng Yu’s turn.

The make-up artist checked the make-up on Cheng Yu’s hand and seeing that there was nothing wrong with it allowed him to go and start with his scene.

Director Zhang sat behind the cameras and looking through them, he had to admit that both Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were extremely photogenic.

In the camera, Jing Huan walked quickly and Gu Shu Yu followed him. He looked at his injured hand, looked at his face again, then said kindly, “Thank you for your help back there, but you’re injured. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“No.” Jing Huan refused in a cold voice.

“Then let me buy some gauze and salve for you.”

“There’s no need.”

“Then how should I thank you.”

Jing Huan looked at the person beside him helplessly, saying with the same tone of little fluctuation in his voice, “There’s no need.”

Gu Shuyu however thought he was very interesting. Noticing that Jing Huan didn’t have a backpack, he asked “You’re not a student?”


“So you work?”

“Aren’t you done?” Jing Huan frowned, a bit of impatience in his eyes.

Gu Shuyu gave an effortlessly beautiful smile, “A good man sees things through to the end. You can’t give up halfway. Is it alright if I ask you to be my temporary bodyguard? There’s no need for you to do anything else either. At this time tomorrow, just wait for me at the place where you just met me to prevent them from taking revenge on me tomorrow for the loss they suffered today.”

Hearing this, Jing Huan snorted, as if laughing at his naivety. “Little friend, when it comes to this kind of thing, it’s not me you should be looking for but the police. You do know 110, right?”

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