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Chapter 11

“That was all in the past.”

“It’s the same now.”

Lin An Lan was speechless, only thinking in his heart that he was really stubborn. He thought Jiang Xu had called him to apologize because he realized that Cheng Yu was his boyfriend now, so he shouldn’t treat him with the same attitude as before, but he said I was wrong, but in his heart he still didn’t accept Cheng Yu.

What kind of an admission of fault was this? How dare he say that they were good friends!

He got out of bed, went to the living room, and said indifferently: “Jiang Xu, is this what you call you think knowing you are wrong? I don’t think you think you’re wrong.”

“Xiao Lan, these are two different things.”

“How are they two different things? I may have promised you this before, but now that Cheng Yu is my boyfriend, it’s different, why can’t I record a variety show with him? Don’t you think you’re being unreasonable now?”

“You’re really still mad at me.” Jiang Xu said helplessly.

“Of course I’m mad at you, you’re my best friend, but what about you? Look at what you’re doing!”

“I know I was wrong, Xiao Lan, I apologize, I shouldn’t have said that to you, but I know my mistakes now. I just hope that you won’t do the variety show with Cheng Yu, that’s all I ask, will you promise me?”

“No.” Lin An Lan was very clear, “I’ve already signed the contract.”

“I can help you pay for the breach of contract.”

Lin An Lan:…

Lin An Lan felt he really couldn’t be saved, “I don’t want to, I want to be with him.”

Jiang Xu asked, “Being so angry with me are you happy?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good, good,” Jiang Xu laughed in anger, “you can gamble with me, you can be angry with me, if you want to be angry with me so much why don’t you go to the audition with Cheng Yu [Yun Yun]? He left Gu Shuyu out to play Jing Huan, isn’t it because he want you to take Gu Shuyu’s role? Isn’t it because he has always liked you, and Jing Huan has always liked Gu Shuyu, but he only had a crush on him, and didn’t dare to say anything, let alone get a response from him?”

“What are you saying?” Lin An Lan was a little stunned.

“Did I say something wrong? Who would leave a good male lead behind to play someone who is actually the second male lead? Cheng Yu went to audition for Jing Huan, other people may not know what he’s thinking, but can I not know? Isn’t he thinking that he’s like Jing Huan, in love but unable to get the person he loved, that’s why he auditioned for the role?”

“But yeah,” Jiang Xu scoffed, “he really only deserves to play Jing Huan, because in truth, no one likes him.”

“Shut up.”

“Why should I shut up? It’s the truth. He can’t get you in reality, and he can’t get you in the movie! You know what? You don’t love him in reality, and in the movie, he can only show his affection to a fake version of you, how appropriate, that’s how movies come to life, art comes from life.”

“Jiang Xu, when you speak like this, do you still remember that I’m your friend?!” Lin An Lan scolded.

“Of course I remember, but you, do you still remember what you said? Lin An Lan, even if you’re angry with me, even if you’re gambling with me, you shouldn’t have done that!”

“It’s not up to you to decide what I should and shouldn’t do and with your attitude now, you don’t have to call me anymore.” After Lin An Lan finished saying this, he was so angry that he directly blacklisted his phone number.

He hadn’t expected Jiang Xu to be such a person, and he hadn’t expected him to say such harsh words.

During the period of his memory loss, all he knew about everyone was from Cheng Yu’s introduction, and Cheng Yu said that Jiang Xu was his best friend, that they grew up together and were very close, only, he didn’t like him, so they had an argument because of him.

Cheng Yu had said it lightly that Lin An Lan thought it wasn’t a big deal, because he was his best friend. Even if he didn’t like his lover, how much could he dislike him?

But now he knew.

It wasn’t dislike, it was disgust, it was hate.

Lin An Lan didn’t understand how he could be so malicious towards Cheng Yu.

It was obvious that Cheng Yu hadn’t mentioned him with so much resentment, so how could he hate him so much?

He suddenly realized something at this moment, something that made him panic and fear – if Jiang Xu hated Cheng Yu so much, then, as Jiang Xu’s friend, what was his attitude towards him before he fell in love with Cheng Yu?

He thought of what Cheng Yu had said to him before, “I’ve been chasing you for a long time, for a long time.”

He also thought of what Cheng Yu had said offhandedly, “You didn’t like me at all back then.”

When Cheng Yu said it lightly, he thought it was just a simple story of him (Cheng Yu) chasing him, but now, Lin An Lan suddenly realized that maybe, Cheng Yu was just taking his feelings into consideration, so he had taken away the hardships and only showed him the most relaxed side.

Just like when he auditioned for Jing Huan.

He closed his eyes, Jiang Xu’s piercing voice ringing in his ears – “He left Gu Shuyu out to play Jing Huan, isn’t it because he want you to take Gu Shuyu’s role? Isn’t it because he has always liked you, and Jing Huan has always liked Gu Shuyu, but he only had a crush on him, and didn’t dare to say anything, let alone get a response from him?”

— “Isn’t he thinking that he’s like Jing Huan, in love but unable to get the person he loved, that’s why he auditioned for the role?”

— “He can’t get you in reality, and he can’t get you in the movie!”

— “In reality, you don’t love him, in the movie, he can only show his deep love to a fake version of you, how appropriate.”

Lin An Lan’s eyes widened abruptly. He turned and ran back to the bedroom, his heart pounding against his chest, he felt he was being too impulsive now, but he couldn’t restrain himself.

He unlocked the door of the bathroom and went in without hesitation.

Hearing the sound, Cheng Yu turned the showerhead off and saw Lin An Lan pull open the glass door of the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan looked at him but didn’t say anything.

Cheng Yu pulled the bath towel and wrapped it around his waist, only to feel that this scene was déjà vu, he walked up to Lin An Lan, lowered his head, caressed his face and asked him, “Do you have a question for me today too?”

Lin An Lan felt a soreness in his heart as he looked at him.

He remembered Jiang Xu’s words again – “If he can’t get you in reality, he can’t get you in the movie either! In reality, you don’t love him, and in the movie, he can only show his deep love to a fake version of you, how appropriate.”

But, he loved him.

How could he not love him?

In his limited memory, he clearly loved Cheng Yu.

He was so gentle, so patient, so in love with him, so good to him, how could he not like Cheng Yu?

Although he had lost his memory of the world, he wasn’t afraid and didn’t feel anything because his lover had always been by his side, helping him remember people and things from the past, accompanying him on his journey gently.

He was, obviously, a very nice, very likeable person.
“I want to tell you something.” Lin An Lan said softly.

“What?” Cheng Yu laughed.

Looking at the smile in his eyes, Lin An Lan moved forward and kissed him on the eye.

He didn’t know why his friend was so malicious towards Cheng Yu, and he didn’t know if he had ever hurt him because of Jiang Xu in the past, and if so, how badly he had hurt him.

All he knew was that he now liked Cheng Yu very much, and he didn’t want to hear Cheng Yu being ridiculed by other people because of him, no matter who they were, whether they were his friends or not.

“I’m willing to audition for Gu Shuyu.” Lin Anlan said in a warm voice.

Cheng Yu looked at him with disbelief, shocked.

Lin An Lan’s eyes were clear, his eyes bright but sincere, “Although this idea isn’t very rational, that’s what is going through my mind right now, but I’m not sure how long I can be irrational, so you better send me to the audition tomorrow, otherwise, I’m afraid that when I calm down, I will regain my rationality.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu looked at him in a daze, both excited and apprehensive, “An An, are you doing this because of me?”

Lin An Lan nodded.

The next thing he knew, he felt Cheng Yu hug his waist and instantly push him against the glass door, kissing him passionately.

He wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him back passionately.

Cheng Yu kissed his lips, eagerly and fiercely, but seemingly afraid of hurting him, slowed down his rhythm slowly.

His hands moved to his waist, pressing him tightly against him, as if he were trying to press him into his body.

He let go, picked him up, and put him in the bathtub.

Lin An Lan’s breath was a little ragged, but before he had time to calm down, he felt Cheng Yu caressing his face and asking him in a low voice, “Why?”

He wanted to say, ‘Because you want me to act’, but when the words came out of his mouth, they turned into, “Because I like you.”

He looked at Cheng Yu and said with a smile, “I like you.”

He wasn’t like Jing Huan — Gu Shuyu didn’t like Jing Huan, but he liked Cheng Yu.

In the movie, Jing Huan didn’t have Gu Shu Yu, but in reality, Cheng Yu had him.

So, Jiang Xu was wrong from the start, and his cynicism didn’t hold water.

Cheng Yu was stunned.

He looked at Lin An Lan with fascination for a long time before asking tremulously, “Do you like me?”

“Yes, I like you.”

Cheng Yu moved closer to him, rubbing his face gently, “Really?”

“Really really.”

“An An, what should you call me?” Cheng Yu suddenly asked him.

Lin An Lan froze for a moment.

Cheng Yu coaxed gently, “Who am I to you?”

“My boyfriend.”

“So what do you call me?”

Lin An Lan understood.

He said helplessly, “Husband”, feeling that Cheng Yu was really insistent on this name.

Cheng Yu brought him into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“What do you call me?”

“Husband.” Lin An Lan said softly.

“What?” Cheng Yu asked again.

Lin An Lan hugged him, rubbed his shoulder, and softly said, “Husband.”

Cheng Yu once again increased his strength, wanting to rub him into his body.

He kissed the side of Lin An Lan’s face, and as if he couldn’t bear to let him go, placed his forehead against his, hugging him tightly once more.

“Thank you, wife.”

Then Lin An Lan heard his warm voice say again, “My sweetheart is so nice.”

Lin An Lan laughed and said softly in reply, “So is my husband.”

At this moment, he was finally sensitive to the fact that Cheng Yu seemed to be very insecure with him sometimes.

He was so insecure that he insisted on them calling each other husband and wife.

It seemed that as long as he kept calling him that, he would always be his wife.

And it seemed that, as long as he called him husband, he was his real husband.

He didn’t understand why, but he guessed that it was probably because Cheng Yu’s process of chasing him was too difficult, and probably because he had really made Cheng Yu suffer a lot because of Jiang Xu.

So even if they were together now, Cheng Yu would still feel insecure and afraid of losing.

He couldn’t help but hug the person in his arms tighter, wondering why he hadn’t been kinder to him before.

He wanted to know how much Cheng Yu had given to him, in order to make it up to him.

He tilted his head against the side of his neck and said coquettishly, “Honey, kiss me.”

As Cheng Yu rubbed Lin An Lan’s ear and looked down to kiss him, he saw that Lin An Lan’s eyes were tender and affectionate.
Feeling that his heart seemed to be wrapped in layers of fog, calm and peace, he moved forward a little and kissed him on the eyes.

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