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Chapter 137.1 Kiss under the umbrella

“No.” Lin An Lan refused, “How could we go back to the beginning? I’ve already fallen in love with him, so how could I want to go back to the start?”

“It’s not like that.” Jiang Xu denied his love desperately, “You don’t love him, you’ve just been tricked by him. Xiao Lan, give him up.”

“I’m very clear whether I love him or not.”

He looked at Jiang Xu, his demeanor calm and serious, “Previously, when you asked me what I liked, I told you I liked what I liked. Now, my answer is still the same. I like what I like and Cheng Yu is who I love, so I love him. I won’t give him up and it’s impossible for me to give him up. All these years, he’s the only one I’ve ever loved, so no matter what happens, I won’t give him up.”

“Even if he hurts you later?”

“He won’t hurt me.”

“How do you know?” Jiang Xu asked angrily, “You’ve only been together for a short time, only known each other for a short time. Ten years ago, you also said you wouldn’t give up on me.”

“And I didn’t give up on you, did I?” Lin An Lan sighed then said, “It was you who gave up on me, not me who gave up on you first.”

“When I considered you as a friend, I trusted you too and no matter what others said, I always stood by your side.”

“Jiang Xu, when I trust someone, it’s an unconditional trust, without suspicions of whether they might hurt me or fantasies of us going separate ways in the future.”

“It used to be like this for you and now even more so for Cheng Yu.”

“If one day in the future, Cheng Yu really hurts me, I wouldn’t regret it, because at this time, at this moment, I truly love and trust him.”

“However,” he smiled, “I guess Cheng Yu won’t hurt me. Even if it’s ten or twenty years from now, as long as he’s still him, he wouldn’t hurt me.”

Jiang Xu had no words.

He didn’t know what to say and had nothing left to say.

This was Lin An Lan. The Lin An Lan he was familiar with and the Lin An Lan he understood very well.

When he cared about someone, he wouldn’t accept any interference from anyone and would only treat that person with all seriousness based on his own thoughts.

But when he didn’t care about someone, he wouldn’t accept any persuasion from anyone, let alone even glance at that person. There would be no trace of that person’s existence in his eyes.

He was once someone Lin An Lan cared about, but now he had become someone he didn’t care about.

Whereas Cheng Yu was someone he originally didn’t care about but had now become someone that was important.

The words he had uttered about Cheng Yu, had ultimately come back to hit him.

He hoped desperately that Lin An Lan would turn back, but he had already found a new direction and was moving forward with big strides.

He would never look back, he never had.

It was drizzling and the sky looked like a water curtain had been draped over it, looking hazy and foggy. When Lin An Lan opened the door of the artist car, he saw Cheng Yu standing not far away, his back facing him as he held an umbrella.

Yang Wang was nowhere to be seen and it wasn’t known when Cheng Yu had arrived, but he just stood there, looking off into the distance, holding an umbrella.

He was always like this, gentle and considerate no matter what time it was.

Even though he knew that there was only him and Jiang Xu in the car, even though he knew that it must be for nothing good that Jiang Xu had come to see him at this time,

He still just stood there quietly, guarding from a distance, giving him freedom and security.

Eight years of unrequited love had brought him not only love, but also caution.

He restrained his own feelings, dared not to overstep his bounds, hid all his envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction and disappointment in his heart, leaving him with only happiness and joy.

The Lin An Lan who had lost his memory had been in a fog, unable to see Cheng Yu’s fear and worry, hence he didn’t know that everything was false. He only thought that his lover was of good conduct, gentle and warm.

But the Lin An Lan with complete memory saw through the fog, saw through his act of gentleness and warmth and saw through all the negative emotions he was concealing.

He also had unwillingness, envy, dissatisfaction, disappointment, fear and acted recklessly even if he knew it was wrong.

So he loved the Cheng Yu who always showed happiness and joy in front of him, but also felt distressed for the Cheng Yu who hid his negative emotions in a place he couldn’t see.

He was like a traveler on a long journey, laden with wind and frost, complaints and sorrows, but when he reached his small cabin, he would shake off the dust, put on a smile, and knock on the door to his heart in the best state.

He had really, walked for too long.

Lin An Lan walked towards him, step by step, walking slowly towards him.

Seeming to have heard a sound, Cheng Yu turned then saw Lin An Lan walking towards him in the rain.

The rain wasn’t heavy, but he was still worried about Lin An Lan’s health, so he walked quickly to meet him.

He walked so fast that in about three to five steps, he was in front of Lin An Lan, holding the umbrella above his head.

“Why don’t you have an umbrella?” Cheng Yu asked softly.

Lin An Lan looked at his concerned face then suddenly lifted his hand, pressed down on the umbrella in his hand, covered his upper body, then stood on his toes and kissed his lips.

Cheng Yu was startled, almost at a loss and could only stand there dumbfounded.

The rain rolled down the umbrella, falling drop by drop onto the ground.

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