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Chapter 122.1 Yu Lan tops the hot search, new movie offers

“I feel refreshed, Yu Lan is really real!”

“F*ck, this is fake, this show is scripted, right! I can’t believe Lin An Lan chose Cheng Yu over Jiang Xu!”

“Who told you all to predict Jiang Xu. You’ve been hit in the faces, right?”

Jianglin fans were so angry that they gritted their teeth, while Yu Lan fans breathed sighs of relief then happily started to get high on the sugar.

But as they got high, they realized that the candy was too big and too sweet! –Cheng Yu actually kissed Lin An Lan!

And in front of the public!

The whole internet was shocked!

Cheng Yu made his debut in movies and gave himself his own resources, which was why he had done so many movies with basically no kissing scenes in them.

For one thing, the plot of these movies weren’t focused on the main character falling in love, so there was no need for kissing scenes to set the tone.

Secondly, as he was both an investor and an actor, he had occasionally been given kissing scenes by writers, but had had them deleted after communication.

Essentially, he entered the entertainment industry mainly to pursue Lin An Lan and later found that since he had entered the industry, it was good to make some money, but there was no need for kissing scenes like those, what’s more he didn’t like the other party, so if he did it, wouldn’t it be taking advantage of the actress?

Cheng Yu didn’t want to take advantage of the people he was acting with, nor did he want them to have any sort of ambiguous relationship with him; plus he didn’t do romance movies, so the most intimate act he had done with an actress over the years was to hug.

Therefore, this one kiss simply stunned Cheng Yu’s fans.

Lin An Lan’s fans were also stunned.

Even Yu Lan fans, who were eating candy to their heart’s content, were rendered speechless by this sweetened candy of the century.

It didn’t take long for [Cheng Yu kissed Lin An Lan by mistake] to make it onto the hot search.

Netizens curiously clicked in and after seeing it, screamed one by one, “This is too sweet, but is this really a kiss by mistake, didn’t Cheng Yu do it on purpose?!”

“Handsome guys in pairs, I love it!”

“This beauty, please make a movie, and in the movie can you continue kissing?”

“Upstairs, look forward to ‘Yun Yun’ this year!”

“F*ck, I’m the one who lost, I suggest getting married where you are!”

“Yu Lan is locked, I swallowed the key, hurry up and get married!”

“I’m from the Civil Affairs Bureau. I’m here by myself. I’ll pay for the marriage, please hurry up and get the license!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen Cheng Yu kiss someone. I don’t remember him kissing anyone in his scenes, right?”

“If this goes on, it will be hard if they don’t end up getting married.”

“I ship it, I ship it, I ship it, alright? This candy is already in my mouth, so I’ll eat it!”

“Is there no one thanking Jiang Xu? Without his help, Cheng Yu wouldn’t have made the mistake of kissing Lin An Lan.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yes, thanks to Jiang Xu, Yu Lan is great thanks to you!”

“As expected of a good friend, you are reliable. Yu Lan thanks you. I’ll buy you a drink when they get married!”

“However though, I feel that Jiang Xu probably doesn’t want to drink Yu Lan’s wedding wine.”

“Then it’s up to him [amusing][amusing][amusing].”

As Jiang Xu read these comments, he almost crushed his cell phone. From the start, it had always been him and Lin An Lan who were the closest and had the most cp fans. When the Jianglin cp was popular, he didn’t even know where that Yu Lan was!

But now, it had turned out that Yu Lan was dominating and his and Lin An Lan’s cp fans could only be reduced to second place.

It was all Cheng Yu’s fault, it was all his fault!

If he hadn’t been pursuing Lin An Lan so fervently, how would all these things have happened, how would there be these brainless cp fans? Couldn’t they see? It was he and Lin An Lan who were the best match, Cheng Yu didn’t mean anything at all!

Jiang Xu’s chest heaved with anger, yet he was overwhelmed with panic; Lin An Lan had ignored him up to now, what about Cheng Yu? What was his attitude towards Cheng Yu?

Why wasn’t he willing to see him? Why couldn’t he give him a chance to make things right?

Why couldn’t he forgive him when he obviously already knew he was wrong?!

Jiang Xu sent Lin An Lan a message again and waited for a long time, but didn’t get a response.

Lin An Lan was busy scrolling through weibo at the moment. A kiss from Cheng Yu had almost instantly pushed their cp pair onto the hot search. The number of Super Talkers had increased, their Weibo fans had skyrocketed and many people had come to their sites because of the popularity at lightning speed.

The cp Yu Lan, quickly created a Himalayan like disconnect between other cp’s overnight, with Weibo and forums discussing their relationship.

A group of people were convinced that they were really real.

Whereas another group of people felt that it was so blatant that it had to be fake. If it was real, who would dare kiss in front of so many people?

The two sides argued, but neither side could convince the other, so the topic remained on the screen all night, the fire not going down.

It was in this rise in popularity that Lin An Lan received an invitation to audition for the movie ‘Breaking Dawn’.

The script was sent to him by Zhuo Siya, and he was invited to audition for Li Hao, the male lead in the movie.

Li Hao grew up in a single-parent family, was quiet, calm and always seemed cold and aloof.

His father had abandoned him, his mother and his sister and left them to live together in a cramped rented house.

His mother and sister were the most gentle kind of women, maternal, soft-hearted, good and honest.

When Li Hao was a child, he always sat on a chair and watched them carefully, as if trying to keep them in his heart.

Later he grew up and his sister married and left their family, leaving Li Hao at home with his mother.

His sister would occasionally come home to see them and sometimes his brother-in-law would come along, sometimes not, but every time they came, his mother would be happy, and so would Li Hao who, although he didn’t speak much, would always see his sister down the stairs when she left.

Everyone said that the Miss of the Li family had married well and that her husband was well off and treated her well. Mother Li was happy for her daughter and Li Hao was happy for his sister.

Later, when she had a baby, everyone was happier but once, when she had been holding the baby, Li Hao was shocked to find that she had a wound on her arm.

However his sister said that she had accidentally hit it and that it was fine, so Li Hao didn’t ask any more questions and continued to watch her teasing her son.

However two years later, Li Hao noticed that his sister came back home less and less often.

Once, when his mother had something for him to take to his sister, Li Hao went straight to her house without informing her in advance.

However his sister didn’t open the door for him, saying that she wasn’t at home and asked him to leave the things at the door and not to wait for her, and that she would take them in when she returned.

Li Hao agreed, but didn’t leave, thinking that his sister would be back soon and that since they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, if he waited to see her and then had a chat with her before leaving, it wouldn’t be too late.

Li Hao had always been silent and patient, so he stood outside the house for half an hour.

Then the door opened unexpectedly and quietly, and Li Hao saw his sister come out, but when she saw him, she turned around and tried to hide inside, however Li Hao had already seen her and so rushed up to stop his sister from closing the door, looking at her in shocked disbelief– at his scarred sister.

There were bruises on her face, the bruises of a beating. He asked her angrily, “Who bullied you?”

His sister had laughed and said that she had met a difficult client the other day, that was why she had been injured.

Li Hao asked her what the client’s name was, but his sister stopped talking.

She took the things inside and invited her brother in, saying that she had been afraid that Li Hao would be worried if he saw her, that was why she hadn’t dared to see him, but to her surprise, he hadn’t left even after half an hour.

Li Hao took careful note of the furnishings of the house; he rarely came to his sister’s house, but now he carefully and patiently surveyed every object in the house.

He left and came again a week later to deliver something to his sister. Going in, he drank water and checked every piece of furniture and ornament according to what he had stored in his mind.

The next week he said that his mother had bought toys for her little grandson and asked him to bring them to her on the way and once again entered the house and surveyed the objects, this time noticing that the ashtrays on the table had been changed, as had the glass in which his sister had given him water.

He looked at his sister and pulled her over to examine her arms and legs and, as expected, found signs of a beating.

Li Hao was sure of his deductions, “He beat you, he’s abusing you.”

She shook her head, saying no, but Li Hao couldn’t understand why she was defending an abusive husband. He told his sister, “You have to divorce him. Since he has beaten you once, there will be countless times after that.”

“But we have a child.” His sister said feebly, “The child is very young and I don’t want him to be without a father. Hao Hao, you and I both know how hard it is to be without a father. I can’t let the child suffer like that too. I’d rather suffer myself than have my baby suffer.”

“So you want your baby to grow up knowing that his mother is living in purgatory every day because of him?”

His sister looked at him and said gently, “You are not a mother, you are not a woman, so you don’t understand that in a mother’s heart, a child is always more important than herself. I only hope that he has a complete family and grows up without worries.”

Li Hao really didn’t understand, but he knew that it was wrong for her to do so.

He began to actively persuade his sister to get a divorce, however he didn’t go to his brother-in-law because he had read many cases and found that sometimes when one went to an abuser, unless one could guarantee one’s self that he would repent, even if one beat him half to death, he would still abuse his wife more and more because of his sensitive pride and inferiority complex after he got up.

Because he would think that it was his wife who had told others about it and that was why he was hurt and so he would want to transfer his pain.

–This was always the case with scum. When they had no means to fight against those who were stronger than they were, they would try to find balance by inflicting pain on those who were weaker than them.

Li Hao didn’t want to see this end, so he focused on his sister, who could only really resolve this matter herself if she wanted to do so.

But the sister didn’t want to.

She had the virtues of a traditional woman, but also the limitations of a traditional woman’s vision. She was too narrow-minded in her views, thinking that her husband really knew he was wrong after apologizing to her after hitting her and saying he would never do it again.

She thought that if she put up with it, she would end up with a happy family.

That she could put up with it for the sake of her family.

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