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Chapter 136.1 He was no longer his Xiao Lan. He had become Cheng Yu’s An An

Cheng Xiao valued the inheritance of his bloodline. He had many grandchildren that he could pass his legacy down to, so he didn’t care whether Cheng Yu truly loved Lin An Lan or how much he loved him. In comparison to Cheng Yu’s love, the reputation and the bloodline of the Cheng family were more important.

However Cheng Feng recognized only Cheng Yu as his child, so he hoped that he would receive everything from the Cheng family.

He was his son, his and Yu Hanshuang’s only son. He should receive everything that belonged to him.

But now, everything depended on Lin An Lan.

Taking out his phone, Cheng Feng made an unprecedented call to Jiang Xu.

Jiang Xu waited for a while before he was unable to resist answering, “Hello.”

“It’s me.” Cheng Feng said in a calm voice, “Lin An Lan and Xiao Yu are together, do you know this?”

“What did you say?! Impossible!” Jiang Xu couldn’t believe it, “Xiao Lan would never do that!”

“It seems you don’t know.” Cheng Feng’s tone was still calm, “Then you must not know that Xiao Yu wants to marry Lin An Lan and that Lin An Lan has agreed.”

Jiang Xu’s whole body froze.

His mind suddenly going blank, he hung up the call then dialed Lin An Lan’s number desperately.

However Lin An Lan didn’t answer.

Unable to accept it, Jiang Xu left his house and drove to Lin An Lan’s filming location.

Lin An Lan was actually with Cheng Yu?

And they were getting married?

How was that possible?!

This wasn’t true, it definitely wasn’t true. Xiao Lan wouldn’t do this to him, he wouldn’t, he definitely wouldn’t!

Jiang Xu felt like he was going insane. He hated that he couldn’t appear in front of Lin An Lan the next second to ask him what exactly was going on.

Why was he doing this to him?

Why was this happening?!

After so many years of friendship between them. He had clearly said that he cared about him the most, had clearly said that he wouldn’t leave him, so why was this happening?!

He would never be able to escape Cheng Yu’s shadow in this life!

Gritting his teeth in hatred, Jiang Xu raced forward in his car.

Lin An Lan was resting on the set when he suddenly saw a crew member bring someone over. But before the crew member could open his mouth to speak, he saw Jiang Xu behind him.

The crew member smiled cheerfully, “Teacher Lin, teacher Jiang is here to visit you.”

Lin An Lan sneered, but didn’t make things difficult for the crew member, allowing him to leave.

He looked at Jiang Xu as he approached, and it was only then he realized that Jiang Xu seemed different than usual.

His eyes were red and his entire body was tense, as if the slightest stimulation would cause him to lose control of his emotions.

Lin An Lan’s expression couldn’t help but turn serious, “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s talk.” Jiang Xu suppressed his emotions, afraid he would do something inappropriate on the spot.

Seeing him like this, Lin An Lan didn’t refuse his suggestion. He walked towards the artist’s car with him.

He got in the car and Jiang Xu got in the car as well.

The two sat on opposite sides, just like their confrontation before when he had lost his memory.

“What’s wrong?” Lin An Lan asked lightly.

Jiang Xu finally spoke up, asking, “Why?”

His tone was weak but stubborn, his voice trembling with anger as he asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Are you with Cheng Yu? Are you two planning to get married?”

“Xiao Lan, this is a lie right? It’s Cheng Yu making things up right? You’re not really with him and you’re not really planning to marry him right?!”

Lin An Lan understood. In the end, there was no concealing the truth. Jiang Xu had found out about this, that was why he had lost control of his emotions.

“It’s true. I love him, we’re together.”

How could Jiang Xu accept his words? “You’re lying to me!”

“How could you possibly love him? For all these years, you haven’t even seen him, so how could you possibly love him!”

“I saw him a long time ago.” Lin An Lan said truthfully. “In high school, during the flag raising ceremony, he was very handsome and everyone in the school was watching him, including me.”

“No.” Jiang Xu refused to accept it. Shaking his head, he mumbled, “That’s not true. Xiao Lan, you’re lying to me. You never cared about him at all. In high school, you didn’t want to be friends with him and in university, you still didn’t want to. You’ve never cared about him.”

He looked at Lin An Lan pitifully, fragile hope in his eyes, awaiting his affirmation.

However Lin An Lan didn’t give him the answer he wanted. “I really didn’t have a desire to make friends back then and I indeed didn’t want you to disturb his life. We agreed that I wouldn’t pay any attention to him and you wouldn’t approach Cheng Feng or him.”

“Is it not okay for us to still be like that now?” Jiang Xu held his hand. “I won’t approach Cheng Feng or him and you won’t pay any attention to him either. Is that not okay?”

Lin An Lan pulled his hand out of his calmly and looking at the thin hope on Jiang Xu’s face, at the unbearable sadness in his eyes, he said in a cold and cruel manner, “I promised you, but you broke your promise, so I won’t make that promise again.”

“I already know my mistake, I’m already changing, I won’t make the same mistake again. Xiao Lan, believe me, I really won’t see those two again!”

Lin An Lan sighed, “Jiang Xu, it’s pointless to say these things now. There’s no need, I don’t care anymore.”

“How can you not care?” Jiang Xu almost cried, “How can you not care, you don’t care about me anymore? You said you would care for me. Why do you want to be with him? There are so many people in this world, but the only person you can’t be with is him. Why do you want to be with him?”

He pulled Lin An Lan’s arm anxiously, “If you want to be in a relationship, I can introduce someone else to you, alright? Even if no one else would do, won’t I do? I can be in a relationship with you too, I can be with you for a lifetime. Why Cheng Yu? Xiao Lan, don’t be with him. Have you forgotten how he tricked you? Have you forgotten how he took advantage of you when you lost your memory? He’s a liar. You can’t be with him. He’s the one person you can’t be with. Leave him, okay? Please, I beg you.”

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