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Chapter 141.2 So this marriage, will definitely happen

That evening, when Cheng Yu returned home, he looked at Cheng Feng and asked coldly, “Satisfied? Did you get the answers you wanted?”

Cheng Feng’s brows furrowed as he studied his grown-up child for a long moment carefully.

Lin An Lan had had one thing right, and that was that when he was young, Cheng Yu had yearned for his fatherly love.

Back then, he would look at him with round, big eyes as he blinked at him, asking, “Daddy, when are you coming home? Can you come back earlier today?”

He definitely loved his son, but he loved himself more, so he would hug Cheng Yu and kiss his face while saying, ‘Daddy will be back soon’, but then turn around and sleep in the arms of other women, never coming home at night.

As Cheng Yu grew older, he never asked him that question again. Instead, he moved out early and only came back a few times a year.

“When did you find out about Jiang Xu’s relationship to you?” He asked him.

Cheng Yu’s tone was indifferent, “Freshman year.”

“But you didn’t come to me, you never mentioned him to me.”

He initially thought that Cheng Yu didn’t know Jiang Xu’s true identity and so watching him pursue Lin An Lan, had wanted to stop him, but had been afraid that it would raise Cheng Yu’s suspicions and reveal Jiang Xu’s identity.

However, later he realized that Cheng Yu had known all along.

He knew everything, but just never asked or said anything.

At first, Cheng Feng didn’t understand why, but later, he seemed to understand slowly.

“I don’t care.” Cheng Yu told him, “He had already been born and was already so big, what was the use of me coming to you? Could you stuff him back in?”

“I didn’t want him to be born. Whether you believe it or not, from start to finish, I only wanted you, this one child.” Cheng Feng explained.

“I believe you.” Cheng Yu told him. “But I still don’t care. Not to mention one Jiang Xu, even if there were ten more Jiang Xus, I wouldn’t have come looking for you and I wouldn’t take this matter to heart. We both know what kind of person you are, so there was no need to waste time on such a senseless issue.”

Listening to his words, Cheng Feng silently sighed in his heart.

Of course, he didn’t think he was a good father. He and his son both knew what kind of person he was, which was why Cheng Yu didn’t like him and so it was also very natural that after growing up, he became the exact opposite of him.

“I won’t let Jiang Xu come back, but Xiao Yu, you should know that it isn’t just me in this family. There’s also your grandfather. I don’t acknowledge Jiang Xu as my son, but your grandfather might not be unwilling to acknowledge this grandson.”

Cheng Yu snorted coldly, “That’s impossible.”

“So can we both take a step back?”

“If you want Lin An Lan, I won’t stop you. Your grandfather and I just want a child. Don’t make it difficult for us, okay?”

“Will you accept my marriage with Lin An Lan?”

“It’s not necessary to have to get married. You’re still young and you’re only in your twenties. Why don’t you wait until you’re in your forties before you consider this issue?”

“No.” Cheng Yu refused, “Why do I need your advice concerning my marriage? I want to get married in my twenties and I can naturally do so as long as the law allows it. You might be unwilling, but your unwillingness is not within my scope of consideration.”

“You wanted to see Lin An Lan and you did today. You wanted to break us apart and today you said what you had to say. After this, I hope that you and I can live in peace. Just like when I was young and accepted you having other women behind my mother’s back, just like when I grew up and accepted that you also had a son named Jiang Xu, I hope you can also accept Lin An Lan. That shouldn’t be hard after all, you’re much more mature than me when it comes to this. Dad, there are many things you wouldn’t want me to do to the extreme, right?”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Weren’t you also threatening Lin An Lan today? It’s not nice to be threatened, is it? I’ve just threatened you a little and you’re already unhappy. Then what about Lin An Lan? He was being threatened by you on one side and on the other you were poking at his wounds. How do you think he felt? I didn’t like you two meeting today and I didn’t think there was a need for you two to meet. If it wasn’t because he wanted to see you, you wouldn’t have been able to see him today.”

“Cheng Yu.” Cheng Feng raged: “You’ve been able to grow up so big, to be able to pursue him without any regard, to say you’re going into the entertainment industry and to spend money recklessly not because you’re capable but because you’re my son. If it weren’t for the Cheng family’s status and wealth, would you be able to pursue him now? Would you have the opportunity to stand in front of me and threaten me for him?”

“Have you forgotten about my mother at this point?” Cheng Yu said calmly, “You marrying her, was it because of free love, two hearts consenting or that you wouldn’t marry anyone but her? Wasn’t it because both families were well-matched and by that I mean even if I were to sever ties with the Cheng family, as long as my mother is alive, I would still have wealth and status. Perhaps not as high as it is now, but enough for me to throw money into the entertainment industry, right? And why my mother left so early, do you really think it has nothing to do with you?”

Cheng Feng had no words.

Yu Hanshuang’s death had been an unexpected accident. Her health hadn’t been very good before the marriage, but it hadn’t been serious. However, after marriage and discovering his multiple affairs, her mental state deteriorated and her condition worsened. Despite her acceptance and her no longer caring about where he went or who he liked, she never fully recovered and then ultimately passed away at a young age.

The Yu family had had complaints at that time, but since Yu Hanshuang was gone and Cheng Yu was still here, they had suppressed their resentment and done their best to preserve Cheng Yu’s interests.

Over the years, it wasn’t that the position of the Cheng family’s mistress was without suitors, but that Cheng Feng didn’t feel that anyone was suitable and the Yu family didn’t allow anyone to be worthy of it.

So he was still single and everything belonged to Cheng Yu.

Seeing that he had fallen silent because of his mother, Cheng Yu said without mercy, “So don’t think that I am particularly attached to the Cheng family. If I want to leave on my own accord today, do you think my grandparents would allow it? Even if grandfather wants to recognize Jiang Xu, what would that accomplish? Would he dare to really hand everything over to Jiang Xu? Would my grandparents allow that to happen?”

“In short, Jiang Xu can only be a verbal pawn for you. He poses no real threat to me. If he really posed a threat to me, do you think he would still be alive and well and running around under your nose?”

“So, this marriage, will definitely happen.”

“No matter whether it is Lin An Lan or the Cheng family, what should belong to me, will only belong to me.”

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