I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 178.1

Editor: Jodi

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile when he heard Cheng Yu’s words, his eyes curving in delight. However he didn’t say anything and instead just looked away shyly.

Sun Qianqian who was watching almost covered her mouth again to keep herself from screaming.

She thought to herself, who needed lunch when dog food was enough to fill her up!

Lin An Lan had spoken, and so naturally, Cheng Yu wanted to fulfill his wish, hence he aimed once more at the can representing the first prize then with a ‘bang’, hit the target.

The shop owner looked at him in surprise.

While Lin An Lan was overjoyed, thinking his boyfriend was really too amazing.

Cheng Yu grinned, “I’ll win you a second prize as well.”

Lin An Lan nodded hurriedly.

Cheng Yu aimed again patiently, pulled the trigger, then with another ‘bang’, the can fell.

Lin An Lan gave him a thumbs up excitedly, “So awesome!”

“How awesome?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Very much so.”

“Then how should you reward me for being this awesome?”

Lin An Lan, feeling a bit shy but genuinely proud of his achievement, stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Great job!” He whispered softly.

Cheng Yu took the opportunity to hug him, “How can your boyfriend not be amazing? Otherwise how could I be worthy of being your boyfriend?”

Lin An Lan beamed with joy, his eyes full of happiness.

Meanwhile the live audience who were watching this scene could barely contain their screams, “Ah ah ah ah, a kiss!”

“Fuck!! They really kissed!!!”

“They kissed, they kissed, my CP kissed, rounding up to a full kiss!!!!”

“Mom, I’m fulfilled, my CP is too real!!! Too real!!!”

“Unbelievable! I actually saw Lin An Lan take the initiative to kiss Cheng Yu! Damn!! Today’s hot search topic has been set!”

“So sweet, so sweet, I can ship Yulan for a hundred years!”

“Oh my god, what kind of idol drama is this!!! So sweet, is this how Yulan interacts normally? I’m so jealous!”

“Wuwuwu, so sweet. Is An An this sweet? Even taking the initiative to kiss.”

“But Cheng Ge is sweeter, even asking for a reward, hahaha, he’s quite good at acting cute.”

“I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I have to scream out loud, otherwise if I don’t howl, I’ll be suffocated. Ah ah ah ah ah, my CP is simply the best!!!!!! I have no regrets shipping Yulan in this life and will still be a Yulan fan in the next!”

“I’m satisfied, I’m too satisfied, I never dreamed I could see a kiss, I’m so happy!”

“Thank you program team, and thank you An An and Cheng Ge for participating in the show!”

“Really, thank you An An and Cheng Ge, and thank you program team for this impromptu live broadcast!”

“Horror story, this live broadcast will end in five minutes.”

“??????? Why is it always like this!!”

“Damn! Why does it always end when I’m most excited!”

“I beg the program team to stop the hunger marketing, okay? Just tell us what you want, VIP or rewards, as long as you don’t end the live broadcast, everything is negotiable!”

“Wuwuwu, extend it for ten minutes, just ten minutes, okay?”

Of course, this request wasn’t possible. Otherwise if everything was broadcasted live, who would watch the show later? The creative director glanced at Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, then at the time, ready to end the live broadcast in five minutes.

The shop owner had already started taking the dolls that Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan had won out.

The first prize was a 1.5-meter big bear, the second prize was a 1-meter tall monkey, the third prize was a cactus that reached the calf, and the consolation prize was a palm-sized bunny pendant.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu together had won a first prize, a second prize, two third prizes, and four consolation prizes.

Cheng Yu took the big bear and handed it directly to Lin An Lan who hugged it, feeling as if he was holding a child.

“It’s too big.” Lin An Lan pinched the bear’s ear, “We still have to go eat.”

The staff suggested quickly, “You can put it in the car first, then take it away when you leave.”

“Thank you.” Lin An Lan smiled.

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