I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 90.2

Standing in the doorway, Cheng Yu watched as Lin An Lan stood at the sink, busily bustling about, his pajama sleeves rolled up, revealing his fair arms.

The green vegetables turned over between his pale fingers, occasionally sweeping over the silvery white ring on his ring finger, like a fish waving its tail.

His head was lowered, the night was like a sea, but he was peaceful and translucent.

Cheng Yu seldom looked at him from this angle. Most of the time, he was the one standing at the sink, busily bustling about, trying to do all he could, wanting to give Lin An Lan everything he had.

He wanted to be good to him, as if that was the only way he could keep him a little.

He never hesitated to show Lin An Lan his wealth, love, tenderness, and even cooking, hoping that there would be something among one of these, something that he would like, something that he would stay for.

But now, as he stood at the door of the kitchen watching Lin An Lan busying himself with his head down, he realized that from this angle, Lin An Lan turned out to be like this.

Gentle and serene, relaxing to the mind and body.

It seemed that wherever he was, there was complete comfort.

Walking over slowly, he hugged him from behind.

Countless times he had been in class, in his seat, while looking at his back, wanting to walk through the layers of people and over to him to hug him from behind.

But for the first time, he looked at Lin An Lan who was standing inside the kitchen cooking.

For the first time, in this small world full of pots and pans, unhindered, he was able to hug him from behind.

His waist was still so thin that it was easy to hug him tight.

His body so warm that it made it easy to feel cozy.

Resting his chin on his shoulder, Cheng Yu asked him softly, “What’s good for me to eat?”

“A stir-fried rice dish.” Lin An Lan responded, “And soup, is that okay?”

“It is.” Cheng Yu kissed him on the cheek, “I’m so good, I’ll eat whatever my wife makes.”

When Lin An Lan inclined his head to look at him, Cheng Yu kissed him on the mouth obediently, then prolonged the kiss.

“I want to raise you so badly.” He said all of a sudden, “I’ll just keep you here so I can see you the moment I get home.”

“You want to keep me in a golden house?”

“Then this house of mine isn’t enough, I’ll have to get you a villa.” Cheng Yu laughed, but when he finished, he denied it himself, “But I don’t like golden houses and this story won’t end well, so I’d rather not hide you.”

“I’ll stay here by myself, so that when you turn around, you’ll see me.” He whispered.

Lin An Lan didn’t expect such a magical turn of events. There were many who used golden houses to hide their lovers, but it was probably only Cheng Yu that wanted to hide himself in one. “There’s no need for that.” Lin An Lan told him, “In a home, there will definitely be others. I can keep you company, so we’ll stay here together.”

“En.” Cheng Yu looked at him tenderly then kissed him quietly.

Picking the kitchen knife up again, Lin An Lan began to chop the vegetables.

Looking at him, Cheng Yu hugged him tightly.

He watched as Lin An Lan cut the cucumber and ham up and cracked another egg, before getting ready to turn on the gas.

“Go and get the rice from the fridge for me.” Lin An Lan instructed.

Cheng Yu let go hurriedly, went to the fridge and brought him the rice.

“No more hugs now?” Lin An Lan looked back at him as he scrambled the eggs.

“I’m afraid it would be inconvenient for you as you fry.” Cheng Yu said.

Lin An Lan smiled a little, thinking that he really knew his way around with words — he could always use the simplest of words to say the most heartfelt sentiments.

After Lin An Lan stir-fried the ham and cucumber, he added the rice and then tossed them all together.

When it was almost ready, he added some corn kernels and chili sauce.

After a plate of rice was stir-fried, he prepared a pot of soup before the two of them turned off the heat and then prepared to eat.

Sitting down at the table, they looked at each other, their hearts full of love after their small parting.

“Taste it.” Lin An Lan invited.

Looking down, Cheng Yu took a bite and complimented, “Delicious.”

He had just finished speaking when a sound came from his phone.

Picking it up, he looked at it. It was a message from Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng: [It’s New Year’s Eve in a few days, remember to come home.]

Cheng Yu replied succinctly: [Got it.]

Then stopped paying attention to it.

Of course, he would go back. Only, it would just be going back.

“What’s wrong?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“Nothing, it’s just a message from home, asking me to remember to come home for the New Year.”

Lin An Lan nodded and not asking any more questions, gave him a bowl of soup, “Have some soup.”

Looking at the ring on his finger, Cheng Yu took the bowl of soup and then lowered his head to take a sip.

“The soup is also delicious.” He smiled and said to Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan was satisfied, “Then drink more.”


After Cheng Yu finished, he stood up, and at Lin An Lan’s puzzled look, took the chain around his neck off, walked over to him and slid the ring off it.

Handing the ring over to Lin An Lan, he said warmly, “But before that, An An, can you help me put the ring on?”

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