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Chapter 22.1

Lin An Lan checked himself and finding that there was nothing unusual except for the fact that his lips were a bit red, he opened  the door.

When the camera man came in and saw Cheng Yu with his back to him, he asked in surprise, “Cheng Ge, you haven’t changed out of your clothes yet?”

“I did.” Cheng Yu said, “but I changed back again.”

The camera man didn’t doubt it, he just said, “It’s cold here in the mornings and in the evenings, so Cheng Ge and Lin Ge, remember to take your jackets.”

Cheng Yu nodded and took his windbreaker, while Lin An Lan took a denim jacket.

As they were closing the door,  Cheng Yu looked at the ‘happy’ character that had been pasted on the door and touched it.

The camera man laughed, “Cheng Ge, you like this kind of paper decorations?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu laughed, “it’s very beautiful.”

He also wanted to put one on his house, and one on his and Lin An Lan’s bed, but it could only be just a wish.

He removed his hand saying in his heart, ‘It’s better to wait for the night before entering the wedding room again.’

However it was a pity that they were recording and that they were in someone else’s house, so even if it was a wedding room, there was nothing they could do. They could probably only be able to talk under a blanket.

But it was a red double happiness quilt for newlyweds, so he was happy.

This was the first wedding room he and Lin An Lan had ever been in, and the first wedding quilt they had ever been under.

Of course, it should also be the only wedding room, the only wedding quilt.

He thanked the newlyweds, the programme team and God for being so generous.

Smiling, he turned around and took Lin An Lan by the shoulders, “Let’s go.”

The host once again promoted positive energy before taking the group to the village’s only primary school after the meal.

It was called a primary school, but there were only two classrooms, both of which were small, with only sixteen desks and chairs in each.

“Having been here for half a day, we can feel that there are fewer young people in the village now and more old people and children.”

“There are two classrooms, but the other one is locked all year round, because there are not enough children and there is no teacher.”

“The village chief told us that the school was like an initiation class, teaching children who were old enough to go to school what they should learn at first or second age, and then persuading their families to send their children to school in town.”

“Some families were willing, so the children went to the town, but some families didn’t feel like it, so the children continued to study here.”

“In the beginning, there were teachers at the school, but slowly the young people left and there were no more teachers in the village, so the school was locked.”

“A few months ago, a college girl who had graduated from the village came back and taught the children for two months during the summer holidays to pass her boredom, but now she has gone to work in the city, so the children are without a teacher again.”
The crowd listened, looking at the host in silence.

Lin An Lan looked down at the desks in front of him. They weren’t new anymore, but they were still clean and one could see the children’s graffiti on them.

He felt a little sad for a moment. People who didn’t learn weren’t necessarily sad because they hadn’t learned before, but those who did would be sad because others couldn’t.

If there was one thing in the world that everyone should do, it was to learn.

“Tonight, after recording this part, you can go back and rest, but from tomorrow morning, you will have to join the villagers in helping the village.”
“What does that mean?” Someone asked.

“After researching the situation in the village, we’ve chosen four jobs for you, two as primary school teachers, three as primary school cooks, one as a shop assistant and four as fruit farmers.”

“If you feel shy, then we will draw lots to decide.”

As soon as the host said this, Li Yongshi raised his hand and said, “I want to be a primary school teacher, my childhood dream was to be a teacher.”

When Cheng Yu heard this, he looked at Lin An Lan, “An An, you want to be a primary school teacher too right?”
Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise. Although he also had this intention, but in view of the fact that there were many girls here, he didn’t choose it as it was obviously a relatively easy job, but he didn’t expect that Cheng Yu would say it for him.

Cheng Yu said with a smile on his face, “You have such good grades and were a top senior student at X University, so you can set a good example for these children, so that they know the importance of studying and educate them.”

The others were surprised to hear about X University, “You’re from X University? It’s one of the top five universities in the country.”

Lin An Lan smiled, “It’s okay.”

“Wait, I remembered that Cheng Ge said he graduated from the same university as you, so he’s from X University too? Heavens, we have a lot of concealed talents in the crew, two top excellent students!”

“I don’t count.” Cheng Yu waved his hand, “I had average grades, he had better grades. He won numerous scholarships when we were in school.”

Everyone: !!!

No wonder he had answered the questions so easily when they were choosing the rooms!

The host was also surprised, then said immediately, “Then Lin An Lan you should be a teacher too, you’re so good, it’s not right not to be one.”

Lin An Lan could only nod, “Alright.”

“Then I can be the cook of the primary school.” Cheng Yu raised his hand, “How many children are there? Do we have to take care of the children’s meals too?”

“Yes, but there aren’t many children, about eight or nine.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Okay.”

“I’ll be a cook too.” Chen Yingjie said, “I don’t know how to cook, but I can learn.”

“I can cook simple dishes, so I’ll be a cook too.” Jian Yada said, raising her hand as well.

In a short time, everyone had picked their jobs, finished recording for the night, and went home.

On the way back, Cheng Yu asked a staff where the only shop in the village was and after pointing it out to him, the staff asked him, “Cheng Ge, do you want to buy something? I’ll go and get it for you.”

“No.” Cheng Yu refused with a smile, “I’ll go by myself another day.”

He wanted to buy a pair of red candles and a bottle of wine.

Although there were no dragon and phoenix candles, red candles weren’t out of the question.

Lin An Lan didn’t know he had this in mind, but Cheng Yu’s words reminded him, “I want to buy some gifts for the children I’m teaching tomorrow, is the shop still open?”

“I think it’s still open.”

Lin An Lan wanted to go, so Cheng Yu went with him.

The shop was small and the lady who sold the goods sat behind the counter, smiling warmly when she saw them coming, and asked in not very good Mandarin, “What do you want to buy?”

Lin An Lan looked at the counter and the shelves, bought some biscuits, potato chips and candy, and asked, “How much is it?”

The lady said, “70 yuan.”

Lin An Lan took out his cell phone, only to realise that he couldn’t pay by WeChat or Alipay here.

He didn’t have any cash with him, so he was a bit embarrassed, but Cheng Yu had brought it with him, so he took out his wallet before he could be embarrassed, handing out the money.

“Thank you.” Lin An Lan said, “I’ll send you a red packet later.”

Remembering that this was a variety show, he said politely.

Cheng Yu laughed, “You’re my old classmate, why are you being so polite for?”

Lin An Lan also laughed, picked the snacks he had bought up, and walked back with Cheng Yu.

It was almost ten o’clock when they arrived at the house again. Lin An Lan was a bit sleepy, so he took a shower and went into the bedroom to rest.

The camera man asked him, “Are you planning to stay in the master bedroom?”


“Don’t you need to discuss it with Cheng Ge? I think he wants to take the master bedroom too.” The camera man reminded him.

It was only then that Lin An Lan realised that there were three bedrooms in the house, because normally the two people recording the show would have shared two bedrooms.

It was because he’d been living with Cheng Yu lately that was why he’d been careless!

“I’ll discuss it with him when he comes out of the shower.” Lin An Lan remedied.


Cheng Yu took a quick shower. The conditions here weren’t all that great and a shower was a luxury, so he just took a quick shower and walked back into the bedroom in his pajamas.

Lin An Lan stood up quickly and reminded him, “Cheng Yu, do you want to stay here or in the bedroom next door?”

“Here.” Cheng Yu said, rubbing his hair.

“Then I’ll stay next door?”

“Why?” Cheng Yu said, puzzled.

Lin An Lan laughed a little and said with deliberate emphasis, “One bedroom for each of us, it’s just right.”

When Cheng Yu heard his ‘one bedroom for each of us’, he understood.

However he didn’t want Lin An Lan to leave the master bedroom and take the second bedroom next door, so he took a look at the wedding bed he had been longing for, then said gently, “You’re right, then you can take the master bedroom and I’ll take the next one.”

“You can take it.” Lin An Lan said modestly.

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu replied, then went out the door again, to the second bedroom next door.

The second bedroom was obviously much more smaller and not as well-decorated as the main bedroom, but it was clean.

As he was looking around, he saw Lin An Lan come in, holding the quilt he had been thinking about for a long time in his arms.

“There are two silk quilts, so one for each of us.” As Lin An Lan said this, he placed the quilt on the bed for him, smoothing it out.

Cheng Yu nodded, thinking that there was no need for one for each of them, but one for both of them wasn’t impossible.

“Then you rest, I’ll be going back to my room first.”


As Cheng Yu said this, he yawned, sitting down on the bed.

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