I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 77.1

Lin An Lan smiled and gave Cheng Yu a tender kiss on the brow.

“Order dinner.” He said, “I’m hungry.”

Cheng Yu ordered shrimp congee and some dim sum for him.

Lin An Lan, who hadn’t eaten much all day had a little bit of an appetite so he ate some dim sum with the shrimp congee before putting his chopsticks down.

Wang Cheng sent a message to Cheng Yu to remind him that it was almost time to start filming and not to forget to return to the set.

Cheng Yu didn’t want to go back, but it couldn’t be denied that he still had scenes to film, so he could only ask Yang Wang to take care of Lin An Lan instead and put on his coat, getting ready to go back to work.

“Bye.” Lin An Lan waved at him.

“Remember to take your medicine and get some rest.” Cheng Yu admonished.

Nodding, Lin An Lan responded, “Got it.”

He took the medicine in front of Cheng Yu, leaned back and sat on the bed and started playing with his phone.

In the evening, when Yang Wang went back, Lin An Lan was a little sleepy, so he looked at his watch, estimated the time of Cheng Yu’s return and decided to wait for him.

Although he had already told Cheng Yu that it would be better if the two of them slept separately because he was sick, Cheng Yu refused without even thinking about it.

Lin An Lan loved him, and as his situation was really miserable, he felt distressed for him, so he didn’t mention it again.

He went back to the photo album he had brought from home, looking at his growing self in it and seeing the growing Jiang Xu in it as well.

Jiang Xu had been so cute as a child, so how could he be like this now?

Was it his mother’s fault?

Probably, but not entirely.

Cheng Yu’s mother left early and his father didn’t care for him, but he still grew up healthy, whereas Jiang Xu……

Lin An Lan was suddenly a little frustrated. He had worked so hard for Jiang Xu to grow up to be a decent person.

He had hoped so much that Jiang Xu would leave behind his origins and his parents, but Jiang Xu had still failed to do so.

He wouldn’t take the blame for Jiang Xu’s mistakes on himself, let alone feel responsible for what Jiang Xu had become.

He had already done a lot and tried very hard, he just hadn’t expected that Jiang Xu would be so stubborn.

He flipped back the photo album to the one where the two families had gone to have fun together in the park.

Jiang Liying was smiling warmly, her attractive features touching.

But Lin An Lan instinctively disliked her.

He hadn’t understood why before, but now it was clear. It was because she had abandoned her child; his mother and Jiang Xu’s mother were both the same, both unworthy of being mothers.

It was just… Lin An Lan remembered the way Jiang Xu had appeared that day in a panic, standing at his door in a state of distress.

Jiang Liying was back, but what was she doing back?

Did her husband not want her anymore? Or had she found out that Jiang Xu had become a star?

It couldn’t be that she missed Jiang Xu. She had left him when Jiang Xu was a minor, so to say that she missed him now was ridiculous.

As the wind blew, Lin An Lan heard the sound of raindrops on the window.

Crackle, a sound, striking the glass.

Lin An Lan got out of bed and drew the curtains, guessing that Cheng Yu would be back soon.

Cheng Yu came back a little sooner than he had expected. The sudden rainstorm had disrupted the filming schedule, so they had called it a day and taken a break.

“Are you feeling better?” Cheng Yu asked with concern.

“Much better, go and take a shower. It shouldn’t be that I would get better and you would fall sick.”

When Cheng Yu heard this, he asked him, “Will you take care of me if I’m sick?”

“Of course.”

“Then I kind of wish that I was sick.” Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin An Lan simply didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Hurry and go take a shower and drink more hot water. I’ll take care of you even if you’re not sick, so why try to get sick on purpose?”

Laughing, Cheng Yu went into the bathroom, took a shower and then drank a glass of hot water.

As it was raining heavily outside, a notification sounded from Lin An Lan’s phone.

He glanced at it, it was a text message from Jiang Xu.

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, it’s raining, get some rest early].

Lin An Lan ignored it. He had a feeling that Jiang Xu would come looking for him soon; after all, last time, he had asked questions he shouldn’t have, so he wasn’t sure he could hide it this time.

Although he now knew that the ‘she’ Jiang Xu had been referring to was Jiang Liying and he knew about Jiang Liying and Jiang Xu’s past, there were still many other things he didn’t know.

His memory was so scattered that he couldn’t hide it if Jiang Xu tried to test him.

How he wished he had kept a diary, Lin An Lan thought to himself, but based on the parts of his memory that he had recovered, he hadn’t.

Ai, Lin An Lan sighed and lay back under the covers.

When Cheng Yu came back into the bedroom, he saw Lin An Lan lying coquettishly under the pure white quilt, with only his head sticking out, looking very cute.

Walking over, he poked Lin An Lan’s face, “So good.”

Lin An Lan opened his mouth to bite his finger, but Cheng Yu smiled and removed his hand, lowering his head to kiss him.

With the wind and rain outside the window, Cheng Yu kissed him tenderly and lingeringly, and with the rising ambiguity in the room, the place turned warm.

He took Lin An Lan in his arms and lay down beside him, taking him into his arms and turning off the light.

Before going to sleep, Lin An Lan whispered to him with his eyes closed, “Little flower, if Jiang Xu comes to me in a few days and tests me and I can’t hide it from him, I’ll just tell him the truth.”

Cheng Yu’s heart skipped a beat but he gave a silent, ‘hmmm’ sound.

“Then you mustn’t believe anything he says, you mustn’t be fooled by him.”

“En.” Lin An Lan rubbed against his arms, “I only believe you, don’t worry.”

Cheng Yu wasn’t so relieved, but he didn’t have a better solution. If Jiang Xu wanted to test him, he would use a private memory between the two of them which he didn’t know because he wasn’t privy to it at all.

It was just like Lin An Lan’s birthday, which Jiang Xu knew but he didn’t.

Cheng Yu hugged him tightly unconsciously, kissed his forehead cherishingly and whispered, “Wife.”

Opening his eyes, Lin An Lan glanced at him in the darkness, thinking, Is he afraid? Afraid that Jiang Xu would exploit his memory loss to provoke their relationship?

“It’s okay,” he said, “I won’t trust him, don’t worry.”

Finished saying this, he kissed him soothingly and said softly, “Husband.”

Cheng Yu got the name he wanted to hear, but still couldn’t let go.

He knew that this day would come sooner or later, but once he really realized it was coming, he couldn’t help but be afraid.

Jiang Xu wouldn’t let the amnesiac Lin An Lan stay with him, he had a hundred ways to break them up.

It was just that he didn’t realize now that Lin An Lan had long since fallen out of his orbit, which was why he only appeared occasionally to upset him.

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