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Chapter 100.1

Xu Sheng also continued weakly, “Yes, it’s been many years, how many of those who fell in love in high school haven’t fallen in love three, four or five times, yet you, you’re still hanging onto this tree. After so many years, if he could like you, he would have liked you a long time ago. He is obviously not interested in you, otherwise he wouldn’t have avoided doing anything that might arouse suspicion in regards to you.”

“He has a reason.” Cheng Yu said.

“I know, it’s because of Jiang Xu, but that’s the problem. Jiang Xu treats you with such a cold shoulder, how can Lin An Lan be with you with that attitude of his? Can you imagine me and Jiang Xu together? I sure as h*ll can’t. With the way you two are, I can’t wait to beat him up everytime I see him, let alone talk about being together? Is that a joke?”

“He and Jiang Xu made a pact that he wouldn’t come near me and Jiang Xu wouldn’t go near Cheng Feng. He didn’t want Jiang Xu to appear in front of me and didn’t want him to ruin the relationship of my family. He was actually acting in my best interests.” Cheng Yu explained.

Surprised, Xu Sheng looked at Cheng Yu in astonishment, but Cheng Yu had his head down and so he was unable to see his face clearly.

“Then Lin An Lan is quite good to you.”

Hua Rong snorted, “I’m afraid he didn’t do it specially just for you. Lin An Lan is an aloof but sensible and protective person and has a sound outlook. He knows his friend is an illegitimate child, knows this identity isn’t honorable, that’s why he wouldn’t allow Jiang Xu go to Cheng Feng and wouldn’t let Jiang Xu accept this identity and in regards to Jiang Xu, as long as he didn’t appear in front of Cheng Feng and grew up as an ordinary person, then he could completely remove and wash himself cleanly, after all, one’s origin isn’t one’s own choice. He was simply protecting Jiang Xu and you by the way a little.”

“But he still protected me too.”

Hua Rong: ……

Hua Rong massaged his temples, feeling a headache come on.

Lin An Lan didn’t do anything, he simply just stood there and Cheng Yu loved him so much. Now that Lin An Lan’s reason for avoiding suspicion had come up, although it was for Jiang Xu, Cheng Yu felt it was also for him. With this layer, Cheng Yu simply couldn’t break free.

This was really annoying. Hua Rong sighed, not knowing how to advise his best friend.

Smoking a cigarette, he had a few drinks with Cheng Yu but didn’t say another word.

With Hua Rong not talking, Xu Sheng didn’t know what to say.

“Come, let’s drink.” Xu Sheng poured him a glass of wine, “We’re not leaving until we get drunk today.”

Cheng Yu clinked glasses with him and drank his wine in one go.

As Hua Rong had had too much to drink, he wanted to go to the washroom, but instead of going to the one in the private room, he went out for some fresh air.

After Hua Rong was done with his business in the washroom, he didn’t rush back. Standing at the corner of the building and smoking, he looked at the haze of smoke and inexplicably felt that the road of the love lifes in his circle of friends was quite bumpy.

Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan didn’t work out and neither did he and Fang Yueshui.

Love was always illogical, so even if he was good at maths, he couldn’t deduce the correct answer to love.

Leaning against the wall, he exhaled a puff of smoke. He actually missed Fang Yueshui, especially since Cheng Yu was in such a state now– he couldn’t help but feel sad.

But he didn’t want to be like Cheng Yu, whose love life was too bitter. After seeing it, he was afraid.

Not everyone in this world could be as persistent and contented as Cheng Yu, who persisted in liking someone without complaint. Even though he knew that the other person didn’t like him, he didn’t back down and wasn’t bothered.

Hua Rong felt that he couldn’t do it. Love was all about possession and coveting, about giving and receiving in return. If he didn’t get what he wanted, if he couldn’t have the other person, then he would simply stop liking them.

In this respect, he was much more sensible than Cheng Yu.

Having finished his cigarette, Hua Rong was about to leave when he saw two people coming his way.

In the haze of the smoke, the one with his head down, looked a bit like Lin An Lan from the side of his face.

“What’s wrong with you?” He heard the older of the two ask, “Look at that look on your face, are you trying to get President Li to coax you?”

“I’m not.” Xie Hui looked at his manager with an aggrieved expression, “I just don’t like this kind of occasion.”

“Is it a matter of whether you like it or not? President Li is the investor of [Blazing Sun]. If you serve him well, you’ll be able to appear in the drama.”

“But I don’t want to do that.”

Xie Hui’s voice wasn’t loud, however although he was firm, he seemed easy to bully, “I didn’t become an actor to sell myself short. If I can act, I will act, if not, I can act in something else.”

“Something else? A web series? A web series where no one but you can name the show and it’s on as if it’s not? Look at Lin An Lan, you look so much alike. He’s so popular whereas you, you’ve been getting more and more confused in the last six months.”

“I’m not him.”

“I don’t care. I’ve already put you in touch with President Li. Whether you’re willing or unwilling, you still have to do it. I can’t spend all my money and have it go down the drain now.”

“Xiao Hui, listen to big brother. Will I harm you? I’m doing this for your own good; is there anyone in the world who cares more about your career than I do?”

Xie Hui shook his head, “But big brother, I really can’t.”

“Yes, you can. What’s wrong with doing it? If you close your eyes, it’s the same for everyone, but the resources you’ll receive won’t be the same. When you’re popular, you won’t have to see him again.”

Xie Hui still refused.

Zhang Ge said angrily, “Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. It was agreed in the contract we signed that you would listen to me on work matters. I have already agreed with President Li, so if you don’t say yes now, would I still be respected?”

Hua Rong almost understood what was going on now.

The agent wanted the little star to sleep with someone, but the little star didn’t want to. However he was also a pushover and seemed very easy to handle.

This was really a case of just as one wanted to sleep, one was handed a pillow. He had come just in time.

If one wanted to forget someone, the best way was to turn one’s attention to another person.

And this person who looked a little bit like Lin An Lan, but was better to control, was perfect.

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