I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 156.1 I want to marry you right now

“It’s all thanks to you. I wrote my composition using exactly what you taught me, I just changed a few words. You’re powerful! And the reading comprehension, I guessed them using the method you taught me. You’re just too amazing! I’ll treat you to dinner. Let’s meet tonight.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan agreed. “It just happens that I don’t have anything else planned for today.”

“Feel free to bring Young Master Cheng along, so he won’t think I’m trying to steal his wife.”

Lin An Lan: ….

“Then I’ll thank you on his behalf.”

“You’re welcome. You two just got engaged, right? It’s the time when you’re inseparable. I understand.”

“You seem to know quite a lot.”

“Of course! After all, I’m someone who helps wealthy ladies catch mistresses.”

Lin An Lan: ….

Lin An Lan sighed once again, realizing his range of services was really quite extensive.

After hanging up the call with Lin An Lan, Pei Qiu remembered to call his big brother to share the good news. “I passed my Level 4 English exams!”

Pleasantly surprised, Pei Xia motioned for his secretary to stop with his report for the mean time as he said to Pei Qiu, “That’s great! What do you want? I’ll buy it for you.”

“There’s no need, I have money.”

Despite his words, Pei Xia still decided to buy him a gift. “How about I buy you a car? Didn’t you say before that a certain car was very cool? Send me the model later, I’ll buy it for you.”

Hearing this, Pei Qiu instantly became happy. “Wow, big brother, you’re too generous! I’ll love you forever. Wait, I’ll send you the picture right now.”

Hanging up, he sent the picture of the car he had long desired for then texted Pei Xia: [I have plans tonight, so I won’t be having dinner with you.]

Pei Xia was puzzled: [Is something happening?]

Pei Qiu: [I’m having dinner with Lin An Lan. I was able to pass the Level 4 this time all thanks to him.]

Seeing this, Pei Xia thought to himself, so it was him.

Recently, he had heard about Cheng Yu’s affairs. For a long time, many people had assumed that he was really going to just muddle along as a celebrity. However, within a few days, he had changed the landscape of the Cheng Group rapidly and become the new chairman.

Everyone was stunned. What surprised them even more was that Cheng Feng and Cheng Xiao didn’t make any moves, seemingly accepting this outcome and handing over the huge enterprise to Cheng Yu.

Those who couldn’t see the whole picture thought that the Cheng family really loved and spoiled this grandson. However, those who could see through the situation couldn’t help but sigh. Sure enough, Cheng Yu wasn’t simple.

Naturally, Pei Xia didn’t think Cheng Yu got to his current position solely based on the Cheng family’s love. After all, his little brother had been away for dozens of days. So, he somewhat admired Cheng Yu and was happy to see his little brother make friends with Cheng Yu’s lover.

“Remember to send a gift.” Pei Xia reminded him. “After all, he helped you pass your Level 4 English exam.”

Pei Qiu: [I already have. I gave Young Master Cheng a 30% discount, even though I originally wanted to give him only 20%.]

Pei Xia: !!!

Pei Xia was so angry that he sent a voice message, “Do you know how much money you spend just going out on a trip? How come you’ve just given out a 30% discount?”

“Is my Level 4 English exam not worth anything? If I can pass the Level 4 English exam, then a 30% discount is worth it!”

“Thirty percent is enough to pile up fake Level 4 certificates into a mountain!” Pei Xia retorted.

Pei Qiu snorted, “I have no interest in fakes!”

Throwing his phone aside, he changed his clothes then prepared to go out.

Pei Xia sighed with emotion, feeling that he didn’t want to buy a car for this spendthrift little brother anymore!

However when his secretary finished with the report and was about to leave, he still forwarded the picture, “Buy this car and have it delivered to my house today.”

“Alright.” The secretary replied with a smile.

Lin An Lan and Pei Qiu met in the evening, with Cheng Yu accompanying them. As Pei Qiu had passed his Level 4 English exam and had graduated, he was brimming with joy.

Cheng Yu asked him, “What are your plans after graduation? Do you want to join me?”

“No.” Pei Qiu declined, “I’ll work on my own.”

Cheng Yu felt that it was a bit of a pity, but he asked curiously, “Aren’t you going to join your family’s company?”

“I’m not going, there’s my big brother for that.”

“You won’t help him?”

Pei Qiu’s cheeks puffed out, “He doesn’t need my help.”

After saying this, he told Lin An Lan, “If you need anything in the future, come to me. I’ll give you a discount.”


“So, when are you two getting married?” Pei Qiu asked.

Lin An Lan was taken aback, not understanding how the conversation had led to this. He glanced at Cheng Yu, who was also at a loss for words and could only glare at Pei Qiu, “You talk too much.”

Pei Qiu grinned, “Aren’t you two in love? You’re already engaged, so it’s about time to get married, right?”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Pei Qiu sighed then smiled, “Alright, but make sure to send me an invitation to your wedding. It’s such a pity that I didn’t see the proposal. How did you propose?”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything. It was Lin An Lan who replied gently, “I was the one who proposed.”

Pei Qiu was shocked, “Now I want to see it even more!”

“Too bad it wasn’t recorded.”

“So, how did you propose?”

“Just like everyone else. I asked if he was willing to marry me.”

“Did you get down on one knee like they do in TV shows?”

Lin An Lan nodded.

Pei Qiu looked at Cheng Yu, “You must have no regrets in this life.”


“Ah, I also want to fall in love.” He rested his face in his hand, “I believe in love again.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh, “Then you should go for it.”

“En.” Pei Qiu nodded then lowered his head to eat his steak.

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