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Chapter 126.1 Little Flower, I miss you

Instead of leaving, Lin An Lan stayed on the set, ready to see Zhou Yan and Xu Xiuying’s domestic violence scene.

Zhou Yan arrived late with his make-up on. Zhao Peng Hai spoke to him and Xu Xiuying about the scene, then the two of them officially started filming.

The scene was very intense, as it started with the brother-in-law slapping his sister in anger and knocking her down on the bed.

Zhou Yan raised his hand and slapped her down and Xu Xiuying fell onto the bed in a submissive manner, looking up at him in shock and fear.

However Zhao Peng Hai shouted ‘cut’, “Xiao Zhou don’t be tense, you’re not angry enough, let your emotions out. Xiao Xu your sense of shock should be more.”

Xu Xiuying stood up again.

Zhou Yan retreated back to the place he had been standing at the very beginning and waited again for the director to call for the start.

Soon after, Zhao Peng Hai shouted ‘action’ again and Zhou Yan raised his hand again and Xu Xiuying fell back onto the bed again.

But ‘cut’ was still shouted.

A bit annoyed, Zhou Yan suggested, “Let’s make it real, otherwise it will always be wrong.”

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to make this request.

Actors rarely really hit each other during filming, because although doing so would have a realistic feel and bring out the most realistic emotional reactions, in the end it was still filming and no one would really hit anyone.

Occasionally, however, for the sake of realism, the actor would propose a real beating, but it was the actor who was being beaten who would take the initiative to ask for it in order to bring out his emotions better rather than the actor who was inflicting the violence making such a request.

Lifting his eyes slightly, Lin An Lan stared at Zhou Yan, quite surprised.

Zhao Peng Hai disagreed, “Xiao Xu’s emotions are already almost there so there’s no need for that. You two should work together again.”

Having no other choice, Zhou Yan could only do it again.

Perhaps his own annoyance brought out the real emotions he was feeling inside, because this time his anger was displayed well and Xu Xiuying showed her look of shock and fear perfectly.

This time Zhao Peng Hai didn’t shout ‘cut’ and allowed them to go on with the scene.

As Lin An Lan watched Zhou Yan and Xu Xiuying work together, he kept on feeling that Zhou Yan wasn’t in good form. Although he perfectly matched the mood of this domestic violence scene, he failed to grasp the intensity several times and really hit Xu Xiuying.

It was just that Xu Xiuying was so dedicated that she didn’t call it quits.

“I’m sorry.” Zhou Yan apologized to her after the scene, “I just hit you.”

“It’s okay.” Xu Xiuying said good-naturedly.

Zhao Peng Hai frowned but didn’t say anything.

Turning around, Lin An Lan walked back. Only, in his heart he didn’t really like Zhou Yan’s entire performance today.

After going back to the hotel, he made himself a cup of tea and was just about to drink it when Cheng Yu’s call came.

“Taking a break?”

“En, I’m taking a break.”

“I saw the pictures of the opening ceremony. You were very handsome.” Cheng Yu quipped.

Lin An Lan smiled, “Then you can come and meet me on set some other time.”

“Be careful, otherwise if you say something like that again, I’ll show up on set tomorrow.”

“Please do so.” Lin An Lan wasn’t afraid of him, “It’s not as if I’m not allowing you to come.”

Cheng Yu instantly became restless, but he had already agreed with Yu Heng today to meet him tomorrow, so even if he wanted to, he couldn’t go there.

“Wait a couple of days, I have to go see my big brother tomorrow.”


“I’ll take you with me next time.”

“Alright.” After Lin An Lan said this, he asked him after remembering something, “Have you worked with the actor Zhou Yan before?”

“No, why?”

“As I watched him film today, I felt that he didn’t seem to have a very good sense of proportion.”

Lin An Lan told him what he had seen tonight, “I originally assumed that because he has won an award that he’s a good actor, but now it seems it’s not a certainty if he’s a good actor or not, but he doesn’t treat the actress he acts with in a scene with enough respect.”

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment, “Wait, I’ll ask around for you.”

After he finished saying this, he hung up. Lin An Lan looked at his phone then put it down helplessly, blowing on the tea in his teacup.

As he was blowing, a knock sounded on the door.

Lin An Lan went to the door, opened it and found that it was Meng Tingyun.

“Lin Ge, I’ve come so we can read the lines.” Meng Tingyun smiled, looking very refreshed.

Lin An Lan allowed him walk in then sat with him on the sofa, looking at the script.

He had already memorized his lines long ago, so he simply glanced at which scene it was, put the script down then started to practice the lines with him.

Meng Tingyun started first, sounding joyful and pleasant as he called him uncle.

Lin An Lan cooperated by asking him, “What is it that’s made you so happy?”

As they were talking, Lin An Lan’s cell phone rang.

Meng Tingyun froze for a moment, stopped then looked at Lin An Lan, “Lin Ge, your phone is ringing.”

“Hmm, recite your lines first, I’m going to take a call.”

With that, Lin An Lan stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

Meng Tingyun didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t answer the call in front of him. Whose call was it? Cheng Yu’s?

Propping his head up, he looked at the script in front of him, frowning darkly.

Answering the call, Lin An Lan asked, “Have you inquired?”

“En, the actor Zhou Yan, I guess, has a better relationship with male actors and really doesn’t respect female actors too much. There was once a scene where he insisted on joking around and ended up making an actress cry. However he’s not a bad actor, plus he has good connections, so he has a lot of drama contracts in the circle and in your crew, apart from you, he is probably the highest paid.”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan felt even more antipathy towards him in his heart, “Luckily Li Hao hates him. If Li Hao liked this brother-in-law, I’m afraid this would be a real test of my acting skills.”

Amused by his words, Cheng Yu reassured him, “In any circle, when there are many people, there would be all kinds of good and bad people mixed in it, and this is even more so for the entertainment circle. This is not the first time nor will it be the last that people like Zhou Yan exist. If you hate him, just ignore him, and if he bullies you, then tell me.”

“That’s not necessary.” Lin An Lan laughed, “I can take care of things myself.”

“But I want to help you out.”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment, “Then let’s wait until I’m done dealing with it and if there’s anything that needs to be fixed, I’ll come to you.”

“Then you should keep that in mind.”


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