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Chapter 132.1 Cheng Yu questions Meng Tingyun, Meng Tingyun’s secret

Cheng Yu looked sourly at the person beside him with a look of disdain, “This is considered good-looking? You were just praising me for being good-looking a while ago!”

Chuckling, Lin An Lan turned back, “If he’s not good-looking then why are you staring at him?”

Cheng Yu understood, “Oh~ Someone’s jealous~”

Lin An Lan didn’t deny it. This was the first time he had seen Cheng Yu stare at someone like that, so of course he was unhappy.

“But it’s true, Xiao Meng is very young. He just graduated from university this year, how good, unlike me. I’m not even as young as him and I’ve never had a sunny personality.”

Cheng Yu had never heard him speak so strangely before. Unable to help laughing, he rubbed his head, “What nonsense are you saying? You are the youngest and most good-looking. Ten Meng Tingyun’s can’t compare to your sunshine.”

“Then what were you looking at him for just now?”

The look in Cheng Yu’s eyes deepened. “I think he seems to like you a bit.”

Lin An Lan was surprised. “No way.”

“You don’t think so?”

“Of course not.”

Lin An Lan looked at him, full of confusion. “How did you come to that conclusion? Although he has been close to me, it’s only because he doesn’t know anyone else in this crew. So from the start, I’ve been showing him around. He’s just been sticking with me a bit, but it shouldn’t have gone as far as him liking me, right?”

Cheng Yu laughed. “That’s not necessarily true. An outsider sees things more objectively than those involved.”

Lin An Lan was speechless.

“You should pay attention to this in the future.” Cheng Yu advised.

Lin An Lan nodded. He didn’t want to have too much of a relationship with Meng Tingyun, so if Meng Tingyun really had these feelings for him, then he should stay away from him.

“I’ll keep my distance from him in the future.”

“There’s no need to rush. It’s possible that I’m mistaken. You should confirm it yourself. If he at least admires you, then there’s no need to ignore him.”


However, he felt that Cheng Yu probably wasn’t mistaken. Cheng Yu had always been more sensitive in matters of emotion than he was.

“Little Flower.” Lin An Lan took Cheng Yu’s hand quietly. “Don’t worry, I don’t have any feelings for him. He’s just a colleague I work with, nothing more. So don’t mind it and of course, if you really do mind, tell me.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu took his hand in his. “I don’t mind.”

He looked at Lin An Lan with a gentle gaze. “I know you don’t have any feelings for him, so I don’t mind.”

He was just a little worried. Did Meng Tingyun’s liking for Lin An Lan start before or after he saw him this time?

After all, the last time he came to visit the set, Meng Tingyun was already very fond of coming to see Lin An Lan. At that time, the movie had only recently begun production and he had just met Lin An Lan for a short while.

If he had already liked Lin An Lan from that time, then that was too early.

Thinking this way, Cheng Yu took his cell phone out and sent a message: [Look Meng Tingyun up for me.]

Then lifted his hand, took a picture of Meng Tingyun not far away and sent it over.

In the evening, Cheng Yu received a call from the other party.

“I was busy during the day, that’s why I was delayed. What do you suspect about Meng Tingyun?”

“Tell me what you discovered first.”

“Okay.” The other party was very calm. “Meng Tingyun is a graduate of X University. After graduation, he began developing in the entertainment industry not long afterwards. This spring, he auditioned for ‘Breaking Dawn’ and was later successfully selected to play the role of Li He.”

“There’s a subplot here. Originally, Zhang Hua, who graduated from the Film Academy, had more of a chance in obtaining the role of Li He. But the investor, Fei Meng, specifically requested Meng Tingyun, so Meng Tingyun ended up getting the role.”

“What’s his relationship with Fei Meng?”

“There’s no relationship.” The other party laughed. “Who would have guessed? But it’s true, they have no relationship at all.”

“How could that be? Fei Meng is protecting him like this without there being any relationship between them?”

“Who knows? But I looked into it and there’s no relationship between Zhang Hua and Fei Meng either. So it’s not as if Fei Meng chose him to be on top instead of Zhang Hua.”

Cheng Yu: …

“But I found something interesting.”


“Meng Tingyun’s family is doing pretty well now. His dad is a university professor and his mom is the chief editor of a publishing house. But actually, he’s not their biological child. He was adopted from Universal Love Welfare Institute.”

Cheng Yu was shocked, “Universal Love?”

“Yes, you’ve heard of it before, right? Lin An Lan also came from that welfare institute.”

“So, the two of them may have known each other before.” Cheng Yu said quietly.

“Lin An Lan is twenty five and Meng Tingyun is twenty two, only a few years apart. Theoretically, they could know each other.”

Cheng Yu didn’t speak.

“There wasn’t much time today, so I only found so much. If you need more, I’ll keep looking.”

“Keep looking.” Cheng Yu said. “Find out what his relationship is with Fei Meng and why Fei Meng is willing to protect him.”


After hanging up, Cheng Yu still felt that something was strange. When Lin An Lan was in the welfare institute, he was five or six years old, while Meng Tingyun was only two or three years old. Would he remember Lin An Lan?

And could his longing turn into love after growing up?

Cheng Yu couldn’t say for sure. Walking out of the balcony, he walked towards Lin An Lan.

“Done?” Lin An Lan asked.

Nodding, Cheng Yu sat down next to him and asked curiously, “Do you have any special memories of Meng Tingyun?”

“No, not really.” Lin An Lan said, puzzled. “Should I have?”

“I had someone look into him, and they told me that Meng Tingyun also lived in a welfare institute as a child, the same one as you, Universal Love.”

Lin An Lan was shocked. “Universal Love?”

“Yes,” Cheng Yu said, watching him. “So I was wondering if you might have already known each other back then?”

Lin An Lan thought carefully, but because it had been too long ago, he couldn’t remember.

He did, however recall that when he first met Meng Tingyun, the latter had told him that he looked familiar, as if they had met before.

At the time, he had just thought it was a polite remark, but now it seemed that it was possible that they had actually met before but he had just forgotten.

“He did say I looked familiar before, as if we had met before. It’s just that I brushed it off at the time.”

“It’s possible that he still remembers you, which is why he felt you looked familiar when he saw you again.”

Lin An Lan didn’t know what to say. He really didn’t remember Meng Tingyun, and so was genuinely surprised to find out that they came from the same place.

“Is there anything else?” He asked.

“Yes,” Cheng Yu said. “The investor who requested Meng Tingyun’s appearance is Fei Meng, but he has no relationship with Meng Tingyun. His foster father is a university professor and his foster mother is the editor-in-chief of a publishing house. He and Fei Meng should be unfamiliar with each other.”

“That’s not right.” Lin An Lan disagreed. “He should be familiar with Fei Meng, or at least have the ability to get Fei Meng to help him. When Zhou Yan and I argued before, Meng Tingyun didn’t like him and asked if I wanted to replace him. To be able to say that, it means he has a connection with Fei Meng. At the very least, Fei Meng is definitely able to guarantee him some power.”

“I agree.” Cheng Yu nodded. “There must be something we’re overlooking.”

“Isn’t it easy?” Lin An Lan looked at him. “Let’s just call Meng Tingyun and ask him. I’m kind of curious about him now. Have we really seen each other before? How old was he then, three or four years old?”

“I might need to avoid this.” Cheng Yu told him. “Otherwise he probably wouldn’t be willing to talk to you in front of me.”

“No,” Lin An Lan shook his head. “Ask him. There are probably a lot of things he wouldn’t want to tell me, but he might be willing to tell you if you go under the guise of doing it for my sake.”

Cheng Yu thought about it then nodded. “Yes, I think it would be better for me to ask.”

“Go ahead.” Lin An Lan smiled.

Standing up, Cheng Yu stretched. “I’ll be back.”


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