I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 153.1 Do you want to make an announcement?

Lin An Lan leaned against him for a while before finally sitting up. “I have a scene this afternoon, so I have to go back.”

“I’ll take you there.” Cheng Yu offered.

He helped Lin An Lan put on his robe. “Let’s go, let’s freshen up, have breakfast and I’ll take you back.”


They shared the leftover cake from the day before, ordered takeout, then left the house. Under the sunlight, the sapphire on the ring shimmered brilliantly, dazzling the eye. Lin An Lan felt a bit embarrassed as he glanced at it. “This ring isn’t suitable for everyday wear. I’ll give you an ordinary diamond ring another day.”

Cheng Yu was pleasantly surprised. “Another ring for me?”

He grinned. “On second thought, I’ll just wear the matching rings we had before. Besides, if you give me all the rings, what will I buy for our wedding?”

“Can’t I buy it?” Lin An Lan looked at him.

Cheng Yu shook his head. “You bought the engagement ring, so let me buy the wedding ring.”

He scratched his nose playfully. “Give your husband a chance to show off too. He’s been waiting for this day for a long time.”

Lin An Lan compromised. “Alright, you buy it.”

In any case, he was doing it to make Cheng Yu happy; as long as Cheng Yu was happy, then that was enough.

Smiling, Cheng Yu kissed him then swept him towards elevator.

He accompanied Lin An Lan to the filming location and all the way to his hotel room, reluctant to part ways.

As the two had just experienced a proposal, Cheng Yu wished to keep Lin An Lan by his side at all times. Suddenly having to separate now made him feel as if he could never get enough of Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan didn’t rush him either, allowing Cheng Yu to gaze at him openly. When it was time for makeup, he even brought Cheng Yu along.

Zhuo Siya watched as Cheng Yu sat beside Lin An Lan, waiting for him to put on makeup while chatting with him, feeling particularly redundant in this situation.

However, it made sense.

After all, Lin An Lan had gone through such lengths to organize a birthday celebration for Cheng Yu the day before, so it was only natural that Cheng Yu wouldn’t want to leave him now.

Initially, during the time when Lin An Lan had lost his memory, Cheng Yu had been so deeply in love with him that he had even taken advantage to be with him. Now that their feelings were mutual and Lin An Lan really loved him, Zhuo Siya figured Cheng Yu would be even more reluctant to let go of him.

Zhuo Siya looked at Lin An Lan. Unlike the period when he had lost his memory and so maintained a certain distance from Cheng Yu while working, although the current Lin An Lan wasn’t overtly affectionate, the way he looked at Cheng Yu was unconstrained, filled with warmth and joy, making him seem radiant.

Zhuo Siya felt a headache coming on, thinking that their relationship would probably be exposed sooner or later. The only question was when.

Cheng Yu had other commitments to attend to and so couldn’t stay with Lin An Lan all day. Although he really wanted to stick by Lin An Lan’s side, he had to return to the company for the sake of their future happiness.

After they finished putting the makeup on Lin An Lan Cheng Yu turned to the makeup artist and asked, “Could you please step out for a moment? I’d like to discuss something with An Lan privately.”

The makeup artist and her assistant naturally agreed, nodding their heads and leaving the makeup room to them.

Zhuo Siya, being perceptive, also left with Yang Wang. Yang Wang, with a keen eye, noticed the ring on Cheng Yu’s hand and gently nudged Zhuo Siya. Following his gaze, Zhuo Siya almost got blinded by the dazzling blue sapphire.

Zhuo Siya felt that the announcement of Lin An Lan’s relationship might really be just around the corner!

With everyone gone, Cheng Yu no longer held back and took Lin An Lan’s hand, saying, “I have to go back. There will likely be some changes at the Cheng Group in the next few days, and I need to be there to lay the foundation for our future happiness.”

“Go ahead.” Lin An Lan said gently. “I’ll call you tonight.”

Holding both of Lin An Lan’s hands, Cheng Yu lifted them slowly and kissed them, looking at Lin An Lan with lingering affection. Lin An Lan smiled and said, “I’ll be done with the filming soon. Once I’m finished, I can be by your side.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Cheng Yu replied. “I just can’t bear to part with you.”

After secretly loving Lin An Lan for so many years, Cheng Yu had wanted to be with him all the time even before their feelings were mutual. Now that their hearts were connected, he wished he could always have Lin An Lan by his side, within arm’s reach.

He realized he was being overly clingy, but that was what love was. Loving him meant never getting enough of him and always wanting to be together. Cheng Yu leaned in and gently kissed Lin An Lan’s lips, embracing him tenderly.

“I have to go now.” he said, looking at Lin An Lan. “I’ll come to see you next time.”

Lin An Lan nodded. “Or I’ll come to see you.”

Cheng Yu stood up, gave Lin An Lan one last look with a smile and walked out.

Seeing him leave, Zhuo Siya entered the room. Lin An Lan was already up on his feet as he said with a smile, “Let’s go. It’s time to head to the set.”

Zhuo Siya nodded, leaving with him. It was only when they were in the car that he asked hesitantly, “That ring on Cheng Yu’s hand, did you give it to him?”


“Are you planning to announce your relationship with him?”

“It’s up to him.” Lin An Lan replied. “I proposed to him yesterday. As for the specific wedding date and the announcement time, it’s up to his decision.”

Zhuo Siya: !!!

“Proposed?!” Zhuo Siya couldn’t believe it. Yang Wang was also astonished, stuttering, “Pro… pro… propose?”

“Yes, why else would I have asked you to decorate the place like that yesterday? Of course it was for a proposal.”

“Wasn’t it for a birthday celebration?”

“Proposing on a birthday, isn’t that quite common?”

It was common, but it seemed unusual when it happened to someone close to someone.

Zhuo Siya knew his artist all too well; with Lin An Lan’s personality, taking the initiative to propose? Had Cheng Yu cast some sort of spell on him?

“You really love him, don’t you!”

“Could it be fake?” Lin An Lan looked at him with amusement. “Of course I really love him.”

“I wish you both happiness.”

“Thank you.”

It was only then that Yang Wang realized belatedly, “So, you and Cheng Ge are engaged now.”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan said happily. “He’s now my fiancé.”

Yang Wang was stunned, “Lin Ge, you’re amazing! That was so fast!”

“It’s not that fast.”

To Cheng Yu, it probably wasn’t fast at all, Lin An Lan thought to himself. Including this year, it had been nine years. Nine years during which many people would have had several boyfriends, but he still loved him as much as ever.

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