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Chapter 40.1

Fan Ruiwen: ……

Fan Ruiwen looked at him speechlessly, “You guys have decided to hype up a CP but still care whether you’re suitable for each other or not?”

“Don’t we need to see whether we fit to hype up a CP?”

“Of course…..” Fan Ruiwen was going to say of course not, then she thought, it was needed, otherwise she wouldn’t have come to Cheng Yu who was more in line with her aesthetic even though she knew that Lin An Lan was better to hype up a CP with.

Alas, it was too late. Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan had already tied linked up so it was useless even if she looked for someone to complain to.

And she had even put on special makeup and had a change of clothes. She’d really wasted her time dressing up for the blind.

She sighed, “It’s needed, it’s needed. Hype, hype if you want. You guys take your time, I’m going back.”

“Leaving so soon?”

How could she just leave when he felt that he had just gotten the enthusiasm to talk to her?

“Should I stay here instead? To really discuss a bed scene with you?”

“Not necessarily, I just wanted to ask you if you think there’s anything suitable between Lin An Lan and I other than our looks?”

Fan Ruiwen: ……

Fan Ruiwen thought that his brain circuit was very strange. “You want to consult me on your selling points because you two are guys and your team is almost full of men but formed cp’s are between men and women?”

”Mostly I want to see how well we fit together.”

Fan Ruiwen: ……

Fan Ruiwen thought to herself, he was a real talent.

The farthest thing in the world is not life and death, but the fact that I’m standing in front of you and you want to form a CP with someone else!

Not only do you want to form a CP with someone else, you also want me to help you with your ideas!

The worst part is that this other person is the person I would have gone with if I couldn’t form a CP with you!

Fan Ruiwen choked on a mouthful of blood inside her heart. So heartbreaking, this kind of straight man wasn’t worth it!

“Which aspect do you want to hear about?” Fan Ruiwen asked. She was here anyways so she might as well talk about it.

Cheng Yu’s eyes instantly lit up, “Every aspect!”

Fan Ruiwen: …… He must really, want to hype up a CP.

“What I’m about to say isn’t necessarily right, I’m just saying it so just listen, don’t take it too seriously.”


“Then answer a question for me first.” Fan Ruiwen thought of something then motioned for him to look at her, “Am I beautiful?”

Cheng Yu was still waiting for her to argue the suitability of him and Lin An Lan from many angles hence he cooperated by answering, ”You’re beautiful.”

”Do I look like a female ghost in red?”

“How come?”

‘Does I fit the word voluptuous?”

“Too voluptuous. I don’t deserve you.”

Fan Ruiwen was satisfied. “I spent an hour from makeup to choosing my outfit, but now before you I’ve turned into the ghost in red. Do you know what the scariest thing for girls is? It’s a straight man like you.”

The not-so-straight Cheng Yu: ……

After Fan Ruiwen had finished expressing her anger towards being likened to a ghost in red, she went to the sofa to discuss with Cheng Yu about the suitability of him forming a CP Lin An Lan with great interest.

It couldn’t help but be said, that the more they spoke about it, the more suitable they became!

”It’s worth hyping a CP!” Fan Ruiwen slapped the table excitedly as she concluded.

Lin An Lan sat on the sofa quietly as he looked at his watch. It had been more than half an hour since Fan Ruiwen had entered to Cheng Yu’s room yet she hadn’t come out until now.

What were they talking about? Fan Ruiwen was obviously well-dressed but at this time of the day, wearing that kind of dress, was it really to just discuss a scene?

He didn’t think it was possible, but he couldn’t imagine what else Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen could be talking about other than practicing their lines together for more than half an hour.

They hadn’t known each other before and had only been working together on filming for the past few days so they couldn’t have suddenly developed a life-changing friendship in the past half an hour.

Lin An Lan was puzzled and even a little curious.

He didn’t think Cheng Yu would cheat on him or have a crush on Fan Ruiwen, after all he knew and remembered Cheng Yu’s feelings for him. Anyone in the world could cheat on him but not Cheng Yu as all that was on his mind was about coming out to the public.

So what were they talking about?

Lin An Lan thought about it for a while but couldn’t come up with an answer until he heard a knock on the door and was surprised to find that another ten minutes had passed.

He went to the door, opened it and there, in front of his door stood Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu had a smile in his eyes, his whole body bathed in relaxation and he seemed happy.

Did he have such a good time chatting with Fan Ruiwen?

Lin An Lan was even more puzzled and curious.

”Are you guys done talking?” he asked.

”You guys?” Cheng Yu asked as he walked into the room.

‘Fan Ruiwen.” Lin An Lan replied. “I was just about to go look for you when I saw Fan Ruiwen at your door, so I returned.”

Cheng Yu understood, “I thought no one saw her and she also thought no one saw her, but you caught her.”

Lin An Lan smiled, “Why? I shouldn’t have done that?”

“Why not? You’re the best person to find out if there’s any.”

”So what did you guys talk about?”

“This…” Cheng Yu pretended to be in a difficult spot, “An An, must you know?”

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, his eyes full of disbelief.

From the time he and Cheng Yu got together until now, Cheng Yu had hardly hidden anything from him with the exception of the matters that involved his family members, of which he said very little, but Lin An Lan also didn’t ask much.

However he didn’t expect that just one Fan Ruiwen was worth him asking, ‘An An, must you know?’

Lin An Lan lifted a brow as he looked at him, “Is there something I shouldn’t know?”

”No, not really.”

”Then why are you asking me if I must know?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be happy when you hear it.”

This made Lin An Lan even more curious, “What is it that you guys spoke about that I won’t be happy to hear?”

“Something like, forming a CP.”

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