God-level stone gambler interstellar (right)

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Chapter 45.4

F*ck, how had his opponent’s figure disappeared?

How was that possible? He was right here just now!

Then freezing, Red Wolf suddenly felt a sharp pain in the left side of his neck, causing him to instinctively crouch down. At the same time, he pulled out his defensive shield to block the incoming long titanium alloy sword!


The sharp sword collided with the heavy shield, emitting a fierce clash. The shield, made of a level 6 protective material, was incredibly hard, causing the long titanium alloy sword to only leave deep scratches on its surface.

Inside the cockpit, Red Wolf’s face was covered in cold sweat.

Fortunately, he had sacrificed some flexibility to equip himself with a protective cover on his mecha’s neck, otherwise—

He would have lost just now!

Unable to accept the fact that he had almost lost to a rookie piloting a low-level mecha, a fierce expression appeared on Red Wolf’s face.

Swinging his golden whip violently, which was accompanied by howling winds and flickering electric sparks, he aimed a ferocious strike at the light blue mecha’s waist!

This was his most powerful move. In the previous match, he had whipped his opponent directly off the stage, stunning his opponent in the cockpit. This time would be no different—

In an instant, Bai Jing’s hand speed reached new heights as his light blue mecha dodged the imposing attack nimbly with a backflip then performing a Z-shaped arc zigzag step, appeared in front of the red mecha and turning in midair, suddenly launched an attack from the laser mounted on his shoulder!

“He actually dodged it?”

Red Wolf’s thoughts were still fixated on the evading of his attack, however after realizing that Bai Jing’s figure had disappeared, he froze in horror then immediately searched for the light blue mecha.

Immediately, he felt an excruciating, soul-shattering pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw that a red laser beam had penetrated his cockpit with such immense force that it had actually pierced through it to his chest!

[Warning, cockpit damaged. Please repair as soon as possible.]

[Warning, energy system damaged. Please repair as soon as possible.]

[Warning, vital signs are down.]

Blinded by pain, Red Wolf could no longer continue operating and the red mecha, having lost its power source, collapsed heavily onto the ground!

[Official announcement: “The result of this match has been determined— Alpha wins, match ended!”]

Red Wolf slumped in the pilot’s seat, his chest heaving violently.

The near death pain had passed, however the lingering fear of death still enveloped him, leaving him in shock for a long time.

For the first time, he felt grateful for interstellar technology, because if this hadn’t been a virtual battle, he would have already been dead!

Seriously dead!

At the moment the laser beam had pierced his chest, he had genuinely felt death approaching. Thankfully, it was fake.

Meanwhile, down below, Red Wolf’s friends were dumbfounded.

They had watched in shock as Red Wolf had been defeated by his opponent in less than a minute and they still couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Red Wolf was piloting a level 6 mecha, the highest level available that could be bought on a level 2 planet and he had lost to a low level mecha?

And it had taken only one minute!

How was that possible?

Although Red Wolf wasn’t ranked in the top ten among the newcomers in the ‘Shooting Stars Club’, he could still be ranked around the fiftieth, making him the most formidable among his friends.

Yet, the reality was that: the cockpit and energy chamber of the red mecha had been pierced through by a red beam just three fingers wide, causing damage to its energy before it had collapsed to the ground with a thunderous crash.

However thinking of the phantom-like figure of the light blue mecha, sent shivers down their spines.

What kind of speed was that?!

It was so fast that it had been almost impossible to catch, even for them sitting in the audience with their eyes wide open, let alone Red Wolf who had been in the thick of the battle.

After all, the audience’s seat had a full 360-degree view, while the two combatants had only a 180-degree view.

‘How could this level of skill be at L1?’

‘When did Ling Yun Club produce such a monster?!’

These were the thoughts that flashed through their minds at the same time.

“F*ck, my bet!”

“It’s just 100,000 starcoins, it’s not too bad. Consider it as consolation prize for Red Wolf.”

“No, I— I bet 500,000 starcoins!”

Seeing his friends glaring at him, he wanted to cry but had no tears, “Isn’t this because I thought he was definitely going to win? I didn’t expect—”

Sigh, what a terrible loss.

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