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Chapter 119.2 Cell phone pendant show of affection

Cheng Yu had gotten what he wanted. He had brought the person he loved to introduce to them, he had joy in his brows and the person he loved also only looked at him with joy in his eyes.

He had advised Cheng Yu more than once to give up, that it wouldn’t work out, but Cheng Yu had kept on holding on.

He hadn’t been able to understand what was so good about Lin An Lan, but now, he vaguely understood something.

At least, Fang Leshui wouldn’t have trusted him so unreservedly, and Fang Leshui wouldn’t have taken the time to make this trinket for him, let alone be frank about whether he minded or didn’t mind.

In this respect, Cheng Yu had a much better eye than he did.

“Put away your flowers, otherwise if you show your affection again, I’ll cut them off for you!”

Cheng Yu: !!! Is this what a human does!

He hastily put his phone back, “You’re jealous that you don’t have one.”

“That’s not true,” Hua Rong said graciously, “I don’t even have a boyfriend right now, but I’d like to have one, but from where?”

It was only then Cheng Yu remembered that Hua Rong and Fang Leshui had also been separated for almost six months.

“Have you gone to see him since then? Has he realized his mistake?” He asked.

“There’s no need for that.” Hua Rong looked at it in a very open way, “The two of us really weren’t suitable for each other, so it was only a matter of time before we would break up, so there’s no point in tossing each other around.”

Hearing him say this, Cheng Yu patted him on the shoulder.

He also really had nothing to say to that. If Fang Leshui had broken up with Hua Rong because of something else, then he would have persuaded and told Hua Rong that complete sincerity could move even metal and stone, that he should take a look at him, that wasn’t this the evidence that persistence was victory!

But Fang Leshui’s feelings had shifted. He had had an ambiguous relationship with someone else, but didn’t think it was that. He just thought it was the normal interaction of friends. Hua Rong had asked him to choose, that between him and who he thought of as a friend, he could only choose one.

But Fang Leshui felt that Hua Rong was interfering with his right to make friends and said that he would choose his friend and that since Hua Rong didn’t trust him, he would break up with him.

Later, Xu Sheng complained to him secretly, “Fck friends, my friend saw it. That guy fed him baked sweet potatoes, gave him a scarf, helped him put on his helmet and even rode a motorbike in the middle of winter, and Fang Leshui hugged him tightly. Fck, why didn’t those two idiots freeze to death?!”

Cheng Yu didn’t know if Fang Leshui really thought that this kind of ambiguity was okay between friends or if he was just pretending to not understand under the guise of being friends, but it was clear that he really didn’t care about Hua Rong’s feelings.

Even for good friends like Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu who had been friends for over ten years, during the time he and Lin An Lan had been together, and even during the time that they were now back together, Lin An Lan never ignored his feelings and would try to put him at ease as much as possible and not let him suffer.

But Fang Leshui, for the sake of a new so-called friend, argued with Hua Rong more than once, feeling that Hua Rong wasn’t as attentive as the new friend.

“Then forget about him,” Cheng Yu said soothingly, “and find someone better.”

“Hmm.” Hua Rong nodded.

Lin An Lan came out after going to the washroom and after a few more words, he and Cheng Yu were ready to head back first.

As the two of them had been drinking, they got a valet from the club and then sat themselves in the back seat.

When they passed by fried chestnuts, Lin An Lan had a hankering for some, so the driver stopped the car and he and Cheng Yu got down to buy fried chestnuts as well as two baked sweet potatoes on the way.

Remembering Xu Sheng’s tirade, Cheng Yu opened his package of roasted sweet potatoes, peeled off the skin and fed it to Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan was a little embarrassed, but couldn’t refuse him, so he took a bite, “It’s quite sweet.”

“Really? Then I’ll try it.” Cheng Yu took a bite from the place he had bitten and said, with deep meaning, “It’s quite sweet.”

Lin An Lan:……

Cheng Yu placed the roasted sweet potato near his mouth again.

Lowering his head, Lin An Lan took another bite and indeed….. it was quite sweet.

When they got home, Lin An Lan changed his clothes and went to take a shower while Cheng Yu was busy peeling chestnuts for him, wanting him to eat them as soon as he finished his shower.

Lin An Lan washed quickly and came out in no time and Cheng Yu presented the peeled chestnuts to him, “Here.”

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, “You’re so sweet, my little cotton-padded jacket.”

He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Smiling, Cheng Yu reached out to tug him into his arms then kissed him, “It’s because I love you.”

Lin An Lan smiled unconsciously, his eyebrows arched as he took a chestnut and fed it into the mouth of Cheng Yu who tasted it for him, “Not bad.”

Sitting in his arms, Lin An Lan began to eat the chestnuts Cheng Yu had peeled for him.

Cheng Yu took a towel and wiped his hair and looking at his cheeks puffing out like a little squirrel’s, he couldn’t help but give him a kiss on the cheek.

Turning around, Lin An Lan slipped him a chestnut, “For stealing a kiss from me.”

Cheng Yu hugged him and laughed, “Who asked you to be so cute?”

Lin An Lan didn’t really think he was cute. His perception of himself had always been that he was ordinary and average. His only good points were probably his good looks and good grades.

But Cheng Yu obviously didn’t think so, he didn’t think he was ordinary at all, let alone that he was common. He only felt that he was the one who stood out in the crowd.

And although Lin An Lan thought that this didn’t seem to fit him, he was still very happy whenever Cheng Yu said it.

Just like when Cheng Yu said he was cute.

He felt that he was actually quite boring, and that him being cute was even more out of the question, so he reasoned that Cheng Yu viewed him through a lover’s eye, and so he actually quite liked it when Cheng Yu complimented him.

Smiling, Lin An Lan turned his head to continue eating the peeled chestnuts.

Cheng Yu hugged him and seeing that he was still in a good mood, he said what he had been holding back all night, “Although I know you don’t mind, I’ll say it anyway, there is nothing and there was nothing between me and Xie Hui, really.”

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