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Chapter 95.2

Cheng Yu spoke easily and gently and after finishing, left the Yu family house.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu stayed at the Lin family house until the fifth day of the first month, when the pickings from the year before were almost gone and the neighborhood was teeming with people, before Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu planned to go back.

“Let’s drop by the supermarket on the way.” Lin An Lan told Cheng Yu, “So we can buy something for the house.”


The two went to the membership supermarket again and while browsing, Lin An Lan unexpectedly saw Hua Rong. Tapping Cheng Yu, he gestured to him, “Hua Rong.”

Seeing them as well, Hua Rong walked over.

“Happy New Year.” Hua Rong greeted.

He was followed by a lively, tall and slender woman who was quite attractive.

Lin An Lan thought it was Hua Rong’s girlfriend, but instead heard Cheng Yu say to her, “Hello, sister.”

“Hello, Happy New Year.”

It was only then Lin An Lan realized that she might be Hua Rong’s sister.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together, let’s get together some day.” Hua Rong said.

Cheng Yu nodded his head in agreement.

Hua Rong looked to Lin An Lan, “An An, come along as well.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan didn’t refuse the invitation.

He had actually wanted to have more contact with Cheng Yu’s friends for a long time, it was just that he was busy and Cheng Yu was busy too, so he hadn’t had the time.

“Then it’s settled for now. My sister and I will head to the checkout counter first.”


Turning, Hua Rong pushed their cart away while Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu continued to shop.

It was almost dark when the two of them returned home from shopping. After they made a simple dinner, they went to rest.

As the house had been empty for a few days, now that they were back, there had a lot of cleaning to do.

Cheng Yu felt that his laboring had shot up in the past few days; he was now like a hard-working bee.

“I have to go out in the afternoon on the 8th, but I’ll be back around 8 or 9 in the evening.” Cheng Yu reported to Lin An Lan as he cleaned, “It’s my grandmother’s birthday, so I have to go back again.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan had no comment.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Cheng Yu winked at him.

Lin An Lan had long since gotten used to him hovering between his side and his home these past few days, so he smiled back at him, “Got it.”

After the two of them finished tidying up, they relaxed against the sofa, and as Lin An Lan lay in his arms, he felt that such a life, was peaceful and tranquil.

If they weren’t actors, then the odds were that they would live like this every day, peaceful and calm. Every day would seem similar, but not so exactly the same.

He looked at Cheng Yu, then at the ring on his own hand and slowly clasped the two hands together.

Cheng Yu had gone to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday but Lin An Lan hadn’t gone out. Instead, he was at home, browsing a forum.

The time spent reading posts flew by, and after reading a few funny posts, he saw a thread where fans of the Big Four were arguing about which one of the Big Four had more literary value.

The posts were full of substance, with many people quoting their opinions, and as Lin An Lan watched them go on and on, for a moment, he wanted to revisit the four books.

He remembered that Cheng Yu’s study seemed to have these four books, so he sent a WeChat to Cheng Yu: [Can I go to your study to take a look at some books?]

Naturally, Cheng Yu had no problem with this.

Getting out of bed, Lin An Lan walked into the study.

He didn’t actually come to Cheng Yu’s study very often. Except for when he was sometimes looking for Cheng Yu, at other times, he wouldn’t come of his own accord.

At the beginning, when Lin An Lan first moved in, he’d had no sense of reality, so he had only felt like a lodger, moving about only in his own room.

Later, after he and Cheng Yu became more and more affectionate and intimate, this place became more and more like a home, but as the study was the place Cheng Yu occasionally used for his office, Lin An Lan consciously divided this room into Cheng Yu’s private domain and never trespassed unless he was called upon.

This was the first time Lin An Lan had entered the study in Cheng Yu’s absence.

Cheng Yu’s study was large and had several bookcases with many books in them.

From ancient and modern Chinese and foreign books, down to popular online novels, several of the bookcases were filled with books. There were some he had purchased to fill his bookcase and some he liked. He was really an intellectual.

Looking closer, Lin An Lan could see that the books in each bookcase were all very well thought out. It was obvious that the owner had put them in different categories.

After Lin An Lan found the Big Four books, he didn’t rush to take them out. Instead, he wanted to see if there were any others that he would take interest in.

His eyes kept moving downwards and slowly moved to the cupboard below the bookcase.

Opening the cupboard, he saw that there were a number of paintings that had been put away as well as a box in the cupboard.

Sitting down on the floor, Lin An Lan took out the drawings, looked at them curiously and realized that they must have been scribbles made by Cheng Yu when he was learning to draw.

Some were his still life paintings, some were his sketches and some were small animals that he had drawn. They were all very cute.

Lin An Lan looked at them with considerable novelty, put them aside carefully, then moved to take the box in the cupboard.

The box was a little large and a little heavier than he had expected. Taking off the lid, he saw that it was a canvas painting of him.

Unlike the exquisite and vivid paintings Cheng Yu had done abroad, this one was a bit immature and not smooth. His figure was obviously off and it didn’t look three-dimensional either.

Blinking, Lin An Lan picked the painting up slowly and saw that there was another painting of him underneath, except that this one was clearly better than the one he was holding. At least, the figure was very similar, it just lacked a bit of spirit.

Lin An Lan picked it up cautiously, then saw a third, vividly animated and very stunning painting.

He was standing on a stage, his arms wide open, his head tilted slightly with one eye closed as he smiled very brightly.

Looking at it in surprise, Lin An Lan couldn’t resist taking out his phone to take a picture.

He thought that Cheng Yu really knew how to hide things. Such a beautiful painting and he had actually not shown it to him.

He could really, keep things to himself.

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