Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 4 Wouldn’t he also be liked?

Yan Hao didn’t know if he was really easy to coax, but being recognized and complimented, should be something to be happy about.

“Little junior, let’s exchange terminal numbers. Next time I want to change parts, I’ll still look for you.” Sheng Heng said.

“Uh, okay.” Yan Hao didn’t hesitate and gave out his terminal number and the two quickly added each other as friends.

Cheng Wenkang also took the opportunity to add Yan Hao and enthusiastically said that he would invite him to dinner once he was officially enrolled. Yan Hao was about to refuse, after all, he had helped Sheng Heng change his axle to thank him for showing him the way, but looking at their enthusiasm, he hesitated.

In his last life, he had spent all his energy on researching potions, and because he had to compete with Yan Fei in everything, he was so competitive and utilitarian that his teachers and classmates didn’t like him much, so he didn’t have many friends at school.

Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang were in the Mecha Department, moreover in the book they didn’t seem to cross paths with Yan Fei, so they should be able to be friends.

“Okay.” Yan Hao replied with a smile.

Over the next few days, Yan Hao spent all the star coins he had available to buy books related to mech building. The books he bought weren’t advanced, they were all at an introductory level.

Although he had studied mech building for a year, that was a long time ago and although he had occasionally gone through books on the subject, he had only read them as a hobby, as extracurricular reading and hadn’t learned much. Now that he was switching to mech building, he’d have to pick up this introductory knowledge.

In any subject, the basics were the most important, and in his last life, it was his solid basic knowledge that allowed him to stay on par with the very talented Yan Fei for so long.

So for three days, Yan Hao locked himself up in his hotel room, even ordering room service for his meals as he concentrated on studying these basic books. Because he had stayed up until the early hours of the morning the night before, on the day he was supposed to report, he got up late for the first time.

Next door to Yan Hao’s room, Yan Fei was waiting anxiously for the admission list early in the morning.

“It’s nine o’clock.” The moment the alarm clock rang, Yan Fei’s whole body tensed up, “Mingchuan, I, will I pass?”

“Don’t worry, you will definitely pass.” Wu Mingchuan said comfortingly.

“If I didn’t pass, I’ll take the exams again next year.” Yan Fei said through clenched teeth.

The pharmacy major was different from other majors. If students didn’t pass the major exams, they would either be transferred to another major in the school or would take the exams again next year.

“You like pharmacy so much, the pharmacy major department would be blind if they didn’t accept you.” Wu Mingchuan cheered up his best friend.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have tried to act smart by trying to improve the formula during the exam.” Yan Fei deflated, “Mingchuan, I don’t dare to look.”

“I’ll do it for you.” Seeing that his friend was so nervous, Wu Mingchuan opened his own light brain and helped Yan Fei check the list of admissions to the pharmacy program announced by the school. Soon, he saw a familiar name in the many acceptance lists and immediately shouted with joy, “Yan Fei, you’ve been accepted.”

“Really?” Yan Fei was filled with disbelief.

“Really, look, your name.” Wu Mingchuan shouted while pointing at Yan Fei’s name on the list.

“It’s, it’s really my name.” Only then did Yan Fei dare to turn on his light brain and sure enough, he found the acceptance letter sent to him by the school in his mailbox.

He was so happy that he made a video call to his parents to share the news that he had been accepted with them.

When Father and Mother Yan heard that their son had been accepted, after praising him, Father Yan even transferred another sum of money to Yan Fei: “Pharmacy majors need to buy all kinds of laboratory equipment and pharmaceutical items. Take this money first, if it’s not enough, tell Dad.”

“Dad, these things are available at school.” Yan Fei said, embarrassed.

“They’re available at school but you have to practice in the dormitory too. Don’t you like to improve formulas? How can you improve it if you don’t practice more?”

“Thanks dad, I’ll study hard and become a very good pharmacist.”

“Good, school starts today so hurry up and report.” Mother Yan urged.

The three of them chatted intimately but none of them thought about Yan Hao, who lived next door and was also going to study pharmacy this year. Instead, it was Wu Mingchuan, who was checking the list, who remembered Yan Hao.

“Hey, Yan Fei, your brother doesn’t seem to have been accepted.” Wu Mingchuan said in disbelief.

“What? How is that possible?” Yan Fei didn’t believe it.

“It’s true, I’ve confirmed it three times.” Although Wu Mingchuan didn’t like Yan Hao, he had never doubted Yan Hao’s ability. Since he was a child, he always came first in any exams he took. So, even if he had thought that Yan Fei would fail the Pharmacy major, he had never thought that Yan Hao would fail.

“That’s impossible, my brother’s pharmacy ability is much better than mine. He made a level 3 soothing medicine in his second year of high school.” Yan Fei was also a bit confused at this point.

“Did he fail?” Wu Mingchuan said, “When we saw him after the last exam, he abnormally didn’t come to show off, nor did he deliberately stimulate you. These days, it’s even more so that he doesn’t even see anyone, so it must be that he knows he didn’t do well that’s why he doesn’t have the face to come and show off in front of you.”


Yan Fei was stunned, then got up and went out of the room to stand in front of the door of the next room.

“What are you doing?” Wu Mingchuan stopped Yan Fei who was about to knock on the door hurriedly.

“I want to see my big brother.” Yan Fei said, “He’s such a strong person, if he didn’t pass his exams, he would be very upset.”

“Why are you worried about him? I think he just deserves it.” Wu Mingchuan gloated, “Have you forgotten how he used to treat you? He would come to you to show off even if he got one more point than you. Now that he’s failed, let him know what it feels like to fail.”


“Please, you’re just too nice. I’m telling you, people like Yan Hao won’t appreciate it. If you go in now, he might think you’re here to show off on purpose.” Wu Mingchuan adviced.

This reason finally succeeded in convincing Yan Fei who didn’t insist on knocking on the door and instead left the hotel with Wu Mingchuan to go to the school to complete the admission procedures.

It was only after they left that Yan Hao sat up from the bed slowly. Wu Mingchuan was right, if Yan Fei had come in at this time to comfort him, he would have thought that Yan Fei had come to show off.

In his last life, because of the scarcity of purple gold grass, the school set up a research team to research a herb that could be used as a substitute instead of purple gold grass, and he studied in the laboratory for three months without sleep, but in the end he lost to Yan Fei. That was the first time he lost to Yan Fei and was so frustrated that when Yan Fei came over to comfort him and said that it was because he was lucky, he had thought at that time that Yan Fei was deliberately coming over to show off and called him a cat that wept for the dead mouse1cat that wept for the dead mouse. It is an idiom that means a hypocritical pretence of condolence and a hypocritical show-off.

Yan Fei ran away after he was scolded and after that, he had a hard time in the lab. Even his mentor, who had always thought highly of him criticized him harshly, saying that he was narrow-minded, selfish and jealous, and that he would never make it big.

Shaking his head hard, Yan Hao forced himself to forget the memories of his past life in his mind and opened his portable light brain, intending to check the acceptance list of the Mecha Manufacturing Department, but before he could open his mailbox, two messages popped up first.

Sheng Heng: [Little junior, congratulations.]

Cheng Wenkang: [Holy sh**, you’re good, the number one in the whole exams, a god. I’ll be counting on you to repair my mecha in the future.]

After seeing these two messages, his depressed mood dissipated instantly. Getting up, he jumped off the bed and opened the curtains of the hotel balcony to let the sunlight flood the room and then replied one by one.

To Sheng Heng: [Thank you senior.]

To Cheng Wenkang: [As long as you don’t mind, I’d be happy to.]

Sure enough, choosing to study Mecha Building was the right decision. As long as he didn’t compete with the main character, he wouldn’t annoy anyone anymore if he came first and someone would even say congratulations to him.

If it stayed like this, wouldn’t he also be liked?

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  1. Poor guy…he had no friends and they didnt like him because he was competitive, he has such a strong desire to, be liked

  2. I don’t know why but I feel like people treat him like this isnt only because of the plot armor but almost because they’re actually jealous of him and prefer is bro to hurt him but also because they fell less inferior to the “sweet brother” 🤔

    Anyway it’s def a new life beginning!

    Dear Translator thank you for your hard work on that strory, your translation is enjoyable to read.😊

  3. “If I stayed like this, wouldn’t I also be liked?” awwwww:((((((((((( baby you’ll be loved dearly (by me first) don’t you worry!!!
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

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