I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 82.1

When Zhuo Siya came to the set in the afternoon, Lin An Lan was filming. Cheng Yu came up to him and asked him, “Did Jiang Xu go to see you?”

Zhuo Siya’s face changed instantly.

Cheng Yu smiled, “Don’t be nervous, I’m not spying on you, I just happened to see Jiang Xu go looking for you.”

Zhuo Siya’s face looked a little better this time.

“Should I believe you?”

“You can believe me completely as long as you didn’t talk nonsense.”

Zhuo Siya grunted.

“So, you didn’t say anything you shouldn’t have, right?”

“No.” Zhuo Siya said indifferently, “But Jiang Xu obviously doesn’t believe you, he thinks you lied to An Lan.”

Cheng Yu didn’t care, “What’s the point of him thinking it? He’s just thinking it.”

“I hope so.” Zhuo Siya ignored him and walked around him.

Lin An Lan was hungry after filming and when he saw Cheng Yu sitting on a chair waving at him, he walked over. Cheng Yu gave him a couple of buns.

“How did you know I was hungry?” Lin An Lan laughed.

“Didn’t you ask Yang Wang to buy you food at this hour the other day? I remembered that.”

“Wow.” Lin An Lan turned his head to Yang Wang, “See? You’re so unqualified as an assistant. Cheng Yu remembered it but you didn’t.”

Yang Wang was very aggrieved, “I remembered. I bought it too, I just didn’t take it out. How could I compete with Cheng Ge for favor?”

When he finished, he even deliberately gave the two men a ridiculing look.

Lin An Lan ignored him, ate his buns and went on to the next scene.

Cheng Yu looked at his back, put the bun away and asked Yang Wang, “Do you think I’m better or Jiang Xu is better?”

How smart was Yang Wang? He didn’t hesitate to say, “Cheng Ge, you’re better.”


“Because you don’t piss Lin Ge off. Jiang Xu even pissed him off today.”

“Is that so? “Cheng Yu nodded, “Then I think I’m a little better.”

Putting the buns aside, he waited for Jiang Xu to arrive the next day.

Jiang Xu did what he said he would do and after calming down, returned to the set the next day.

However, before he had a chance to speak, Cheng Yu stood up.

“Don’t you find yourself annoying?” Cheng Yu asked, “You’re like taffy plaster, chasing An An all day long.”

Jiang Xu snorted, “Cheng Yu, are you qualified to say that about me? Of the two of us, who is chasing after Xiao Lan like taffy plaster?”

“Oh, in that case, why don’t we plasters have a little chat and save An An the distraction.”

Jiang Xu wanted to refuse, but then thought of something and laughed, “Fine, I would have come to you if you hadn’t.”

He looked at Cheng Yu with a gleam in his eye.

Cheng Yu, with his hands in his pockets, walked with him towards his artist’s car.

The two of them got into the car one after the other, and when Jiang Xu sat in Cheng Yu’s artist’s car, he realized that his car was far more comfortable than his and Lin An Lan’s.

His phone rang and Jiang Xu glanced at it, saying indifferently, “I’m replying to a message.”

After replying to the other party, he pressed the record function on his cell phone while Cheng Yu wasn’t looking and put the phone upside down.

“Okay, you can talk. What do you want to say?”

“It’s nothing. I just think it’s pointless for you to be like this all the time.” Cheng Yu said, “It’s time for you to see that An An and I are lovers. I’m his boyfriend, and whether you accept it or not, that’s not going to change, so don’t keep stirring up trouble.”

When Jiang Xu heard him say that, he couldn’t help but curse, “Shameless.”

He looked at Cheng Yu, “Don’t you know if you’re his boyfriend or not?”

“Stirring up trouble, who’s stirring up trouble between us? You had a good time lying to him, didn’t you? You’re happy to have taken advantage of his memory loss to trick him into staying with you with such lies, aren’t you? Aren’t you afraid that he will hate you when he regains his memory?!”

“What are you talking about?” Cheng Yu’s tone was innocent, “We were already lovers, so even if An An regains his memory, our relationship won’t change.”

“You’re lying.”

Jiang Xu looked straight at him, “When did he and you settle down in a relationship? When did he agree to your pursuit?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“You can’t say it, can you? Because there’s no such day.”

“Cheng Yu, do you think you are very smart? But you’ve probably forgotten that Xiao Lan hates it when people lie to him. You have lied to him for so long and told such a big lie, what do you think he will think of you when he recovers his memory? He didn’t like you before, and he will only hate you more after.”

Cheng Yu was shocked in his heart, but on the surface he remained very calm, “You’re saying something that isn’t true as if it is. Since you know he hates people lying to him, why did you go behind his back to see my father?”

Jiang Xu stared at him, “You’re the one who told Xiao Lan!”

“You dare to do it but you don’t dare tell him? You don’t dare to, so naturally I will have to speak for you.”

Jiang Xu gritted his teeth, “You know it, don’t you? You knew all along, didn’t you?”

“You didn’t really think, from the beginning to the end, that I didn’t know anything, did you? “Cheng Yu laughed softly, “Jiang Xu, I know far more than you do.”

“Did you know that Cheng Feng wanted to kill you since the beginning? The moment you were born, when your mother went to him.”

Jiang Xu was shocked, “You’re talking nonsense!”

“Whether I’m talking nonsense or not, just ask Jiang Liying when you get back. She’s back recently, isn’t she? It’s just as well, you can ask her.”

Jiang Xu’s eyes widened, “How did you know she’s back?”

“As I said, I know far more than you do.” Cheng Yu leaned back in his chair, “I also know that you went to see Cheng Feng, but Cheng Feng didn’t recognize you.”

“You’re happy, aren’t you?” Jiang Xu asked him, “Seeing me like this? At last, just like you, I’m asking for something but not getting it.”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “I’m not. Honestly speaking, I’m very bored.”

“You don’t have to pretend here. Don’t tell me you don’t feel happy. All these years, you’ve always liked Xiao Lan, right? You’ve always minded me being around him and have been bothered by him ignoring you, haven’t you? I’m telling you Cheng Yu, it’s just because he has amnesia now. When he regains his memory, he will still be the same as before, he will still put me first, and you will be nothing!”

“So what? Is Lin An Lan a tool for you to use to get back at me?”

“Of course not!” Jiang Xu retorted instinctively, “I just want to give you a taste of what it’s like to want something you can’t have, and what I’ve had experienced, there’s no reason that you don’t need to experience it!”

“Then let’s swap, shall we? I’ll take you back to the Cheng family and bring you to Cheng Feng so that he can recognize you. In exchange, you will not appear in front of An An in the future and leave him completely. I’ll give you Cheng Feng and you give me An An, okay? ”

Jiang Xu sneered, “Dream on. In this way won’t you have everything?”

“Then let’s be more thorough. I’ll let Cheng Feng recognize you, I’ll leave the Cheng family, I’ll give you everything in the Cheng family, and you leave An An, okay?”

“Do you think I would believe that?”

“Didn’t you want to be recognized by Cheng Feng? Do you not want to be anymore? The biggest obstacle, the most important reason why Cheng Feng won’t recognize you is because of my mother’s family. I am the only one who can help you because I belong to both the Cheng family and the Yu family; this is the only way you can be recognized by Cheng Feng. Don’t you want to try?”

“I don’t want to.” Jiang Xu refused, “An An is mine, I won’t give him up to you.”

“You’ll leave him one day. You’re just friends, so why would you give up your own father and the glory of the Cheng family for a friend? What can Lin An Lan offer you? Cheng Feng can give you far more than he can.”

“Would you be so kind?”

“I just want to satisfy myself and satisfy you, that’s all. My obsession is An An, and your obsession is Cheng Feng. I have Cheng Feng, you and An An are very close, so if we swap, we can both satisfy our obsessions, isn’t that good? I think it’s not too bad.”

“To you, is your father something you can hand over in exchange for something dispensable for your own needs?”

“What are you talking about?” Cheng Yu said gently, “He’s not a thing, he is really not a thing.”

“You don’t really think he’s a proper father, do you? No way Jiang Xu, you’re still so naive at your age.”

“Look at me now, look at the way I treat you, do you think I care about him?”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “I simply don’t care about him, that’s why I don’t care about you. If you wanted to, I would have pushed you into his arms and thrown you out of the house with him so I wouldn’t have to look at you. If I could get An An in exchange for putting you two bags of hazardous waste together, then I would have simply made a profit. I’d sincerely thank god.”

Jiang Xu:……

“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll feel bad when he hears you say this?”

Cheng Yu was very calm, “He dares to do what he does, but he’s afraid that others will talk? It’s not like I haven’t said it before, so what do I care?”

“You, on the other hand, worry about Cheng Feng who doesn’t care about you but you don’t care about Lin An Lan who is always with you.”

“I care! How could I not care about him,” Jiang Xu yelled, “he’s the one I care about most!”

“Come on, you care most about yourself, otherwise, how could you go to see Cheng Feng secretly behind his back?”

“Cheng Yu, how can you know my pain when your own family is filled with happiness and you were born with your father by your side!”

“My family is filled with happiness? What happiness? The happiness of my father raising your mother? Or the happiness of the two of them going behind my mother’s back to produce you?”

Cheng Yu’s eyes instantly became sharp, “Who are you to say that my family is filled with happiness? Have I ever had a happy family? Do you know how young my mother was when she died? It’s funny, Jiang Xu, the 17-year-old you was still upset that your mother abandoned you, however, when my mother died, I was merely 13. My mother doesn’t even know what I was like at the age of 17 .”

“You say my family is filled with happiness. If I did have a happy family, how could you possibly be in front of me and be sitting here? You are the most direct evidence of my family’s misfortune, but you, you have the nerve to say that my family is filled with happiness? You are too funny.”

Cheng Yu shook his head as he laughed, “Jiang Xu, if it wasn’t that I had long stopped caring about Cheng Feng, you wouldn’t be sitting here right now a long time ago. With your status, you would have been sent away by my brother before you even jumped up.”

“It’s because I’m disappointed in Cheng Feng that’s why you can sit here in front of me now talking to me. So anytime I look at you, it’s as if I’m looking at a dog, and a man doesn’t bother with dogs, so I won’t bother with you.”

“You’re the dog.” Jiang Xu said through clenched teeth.

“Does it matter who the dog is?” Cheng Yu sighed, “Think about my proposal. I can give you what you want, as long as you leave An An afterward.”

“I don’t agree!”

“Then you’ll have to put up with me.” Cheng Yu laughed, “Because I’m his boyfriend and I won’t leave him. Likewise, I won’t let him leave me.”

“Then we’ll see.”

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  1. Jiang Xu really don’t have a brain. Can’t he understand what Cheng Yu is trying to imply? He believes what he think. He’s unable to digest the truth and spout about happiness which don’t even exist. Why would Cheng Yu’s parent have that happiness if he is born? An illegitimate child while married to his legal wife. Ugh, he really inherited that dog father and his ambitious mother genes.

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