I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 148.2 Cheng Yu’s fatal blow, resolving family obstructions

Lin An Lan slept well through the night and went back to filming the next day full of energy, even kissing Cheng Yu before he left.

He seemed completely unaffected by the accident as he remained his usual calm and gentle self.

Cheng Yu hugged him before he left then drove home.

He called Yu Heng, “Big brother, I’ll treat you to dinner later. I need to go home first, I’m ready to show my hand.”


“Yes, today.”

“Alright, call me if you need anything.”

“It will be fine.” Cheng Yu said. “I’ve allowed them jump around long enough, so they should be satisfied.”

“What happened with Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu hesitated for a few seconds before telling him the truth. “Cheng Xiao wanted to kill him.”

He continued, “So I’ll pull him down first.”

Yu Heng froze for a moment, seemingly unable to believe it, “Is he alright?”

“He is, otherwise how could my grandfather still be alive and well now?”

If Lin An Lan died, no matter what price he had to pay, he would make Cheng Xiao go to prison then he himself wouldn’t live in this world anymore.

Thinking this way, Cheng Yu was sad. Why didn’t his grandfather, the person he was related to both in name and by blood, the one who claimed to want to pass down his bloodline, consider him this bloodline?

If he had just thought about him a little bit, he wouldn’t have done this to Lin An Lan.

He drove all the way back to the Cheng family’s residence in complete silence.

Cheng Feng hadn’t returned from work yet and Cheng Xiao was practicing calligraphy in the study. When the servants saw that Cheng Yu had returned, they immediately informed Cheng Feng.

Ignoring that, Cheng Yu walked straight into Cheng Xiao’s study.

When Cheng Xiao saw that it was him, the expression on his face turned ugly, “You still know to come back?”

“I didn’t want to come back either and I probably won’t be coming back again in the future.” Cheng Yu said in reply.

Cheng Xiao slammed his brush down in anger, causing ink to spill all over the floor. Glaring at Cheng Yu, he shouted, “Then get out now!”

“I will leave, but not right now. Grandfather, you’re already at such an old age yet you really dare to do such things? Is it because you think you have too much time left that you don’t care about having nightmares at night?”

“What did you say?” Cheng Xiao fumed. “Is there anyone who dares to talk to their elders like you’re doing?”

“I didn’t before, but I do now. I can tell you right now that you won’t have my respect anymore.”

“You!!!” Cheng Xiao pointed at him in anger. “You’re doing all this for a man. Do you think you’re still acting like a decent person?”

“Aren’t I? I think I‘m pretty decent. After all, I’m your own grandson. When I’m ruthless, don’t I also disregard my relatives just like you do? When you were planning to kill Lin An Lan, did you ever consider me? You didn’t right? So why should I consider you? Even if I really do anger you to death, what does it have to do with me? I’m just learning from you!”

“Cheng Yu!” Cheng Xiao shouted furiously. “Do you know why you are where you are today? Do you know who you’re talking to? Your father is the only son I recognize, but I have more than just you as a grandchild. It’s not that I can’t do without you. If I want to, you can become nothing!”

“Grandfather, you’ve been at home for too long. Do you really think you have all the power and control over everything?” Cheng Yu laughed. “Open your eyes and look at the world. The world belongs to you and also to us, but ultimately it belongs to us. You’re already old, both in mind and body so isn’t it good to just play chess and take care of birds like other old people? Why do you have to fight against your own descendants? Why do you have to force your grandchild to speak maliciously to you? From now onwards, I’ll take over the Cheng Group for you and you can just rest at home. Just like today, writing, isn’t it nice?”

“What did you say? You’re being too arrogant! You think too highly of yourself! Even if I’d give the company to anyone, it won’t be you! Since you like him so much why don’t you just be with him? Without the Cheng family, I’ll see if you regret it in the future!”

“How could I lose the Cheng family?” Cheng Yu smiled. “I’m a child of the Cheng family and from childhood my parents have told me that everything in the Cheng family will eventually belong to me. You’ve also said it before, so how could I lose it?”

“If I can give it to you, I can also take it back. If you don’t listen to me, you’ll have nothing.”

“Then you really don’t know your grandson well. My father should have told you that I’ve liked Lin An Lan since high school. I’ve loved him for so many years that I’ve considered all the things that need to be considered and that don’t need to be considered.”

“I knew you might take action against him, so I’d already hired a bodyguard to protect him.”

“I knew you won’t agree to us being together, so I’d already began eyeing the things that belong to me.”

“When I was in school, I learned a lesson: relying on others means that everything they give depends on their mood. Only when you rely on yourself can you truly own something. Over the years, did you really think I was just a celebrity?”

Looking at him, Cheng Xiao’s heart suddenly became uneasy.

“My father should be back soon and when he comes back, you can have him check to see if you’re still the largest shareholder of the company. Perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

“What have you done?” Cheng Xiao asked. “It’s impossible for you to have that many shares!”

“What’s impossible about this? With effort, one can achieve anything. With my own shares, the shares my mother left me plus the shares I’ve acquired over the years, is it really impossible?”

“When did you acquire them?” Cheng Xiao asked with hatred.

“Of course, not using my identity. If I used my identity, wouldn’t that have alerted you?”

“Grandfather, I can tell you my next plan in advance. If Lin An Lan is fine and nothing happens to him, then I will be fine, you will be fine and those shares will remain in the hands of someone with the surname Cheng and the Cheng Group will still be the Cheng Group. However, if something happens to Lin An Lan, best believe that I will send you to prison. Don’t be angry, because when I send you in, I won’t be living in this world anymore. But before I go, I will leave all those shares to my big brother. By that time, it’s uncertain whether the name of this group will be Cheng or Yu. You’re aware of my big brother’s capabilities, aren’t you?”

Cheng Xiao was so angry that he slapped the table hard. “Cheng Yu! You’re threatening me!”

“I’m just stating the facts. You can try it and see if I dare to or not, if I will or not. But by then, I’ll be dead and there won’t be anyone to inherit the bloodline. Not only will the bloodline not continue, but the industries that the Cheng family has built and worked on for so many years will also be ruined in your hands. I don’t care and you don’t care either right?”

“Since you want to touch what’s most important to me, then I will let what’s most important to you be buried with you. You must be very sad that your grandson is so unfilial, but it doesn’t matter, he will die as well, paying with his life for your life, so you should feel much better.”

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