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Chapter 46.2

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu messed around on the bed for a while then Lin An Lan wanted to take a shower so Cheng Yu carried him, wanting to go with him.

Lin An Lan acquiesced, not refusing. He just stressed, “We are only showering, your gun is not allowed to go off.”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu said, “You have to trust your husband.”

Lin An Lan, “Oh?”.

He would have liked to believe that if his husband’s eyes hadn’t lit up so much when he looked at him.

However, as it turned out, even without his gun going off, in a place like the bathroom, there was still plenty to do.

Lin An Lan leaned against the wall and feeling Cheng Yu’s kiss, unconsciously hugged Cheng Yu tightly. He could vaguely hear the sound of water droplets falling to the ground in the shower, yet he seemed to hear nothing in the steaming mist of the water.

He kissed the person in front of him and slowly hugged him tighter.

Cheng Yu bit his lips, rubbed his forehead against his and let out a low laugh.

Lin An Lan’s eyes were hazy with water, his skin steaming like white porcelain, but tinged with red, looking pure and flamboyant.

Like a seductive water demon in the sea.

Cheng Yu turned the shower off, wiped the water droplets off his body carefully and carried him out of the bathroom.

“You’re still hugging me.” Lin An Lan’s tone was soft as he poked him.

“Mmm, I want to hug you a little longer.” Cheng Yu kissed his face, “Let your husband hug you, okay?”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile, “Alright, alright, hug me to your heart’s content.”

“Who are you allowing to hug you?”

“I’m allowing my little flower to hug me as much as he wants, is that okay?”

Satisfied, Cheng Yu put him back on the bed and pulled back the covers.

Lin An Lan got in, wrapped himself up in the blanket and waited for Cheng Yu to blow dry his hair.

He was embarrassed at first but now he was quite used to it.

Cheng Yu casually put on a robe, took the hair dryer and stood by the bed to blow dry his wet hair.

Lin An Lan’s hair was very dark, which made his neck underneath extra white. Cheng Yu patiently blow dried his hair, after which he kissed his neck.

Lin An Lan looked back at him, with an unconscious rebuke in his voice, “You’re stealing kisses again.”

“You can steal a kiss as well.” Cheng Yu provoked, “Do you dare? I’ll be waiting anytime.”

Lin An Lan grunted, “Nice try.”

After he finished, he pulled up the quilt and lay down.

Seeing that he didn’t fall for it, Cheng Yu sighed helplessly, put the hair dryer away, took off his robe and lay down under the covers.

As soon as he got under the covers, Lin An Lan jump on him, catching him off guard and gave him a solid kiss.

Cheng Yu: !!!

Lin An Lan smiled, “Who said I wouldn’t dare? Isn’t it just a sneak attack, who can’t do it? Sleep.”

Cheng Yu instantly burst out laughing, “I should sleep after only one sneak attack? How about you do it again?”

“You’ve already said it out loud so how can it be called a sneak attack? Of course it should happen when you’re defenseless, that’s what’s called a sneak attack.” Lin An Lan explained eloquently.

And rightly so, Cheng Yu thought to himself as he hugged him “Then you can sneak attacks on me more often.”

“I’ll think about it.” Lin An Lan said, in a good mood.

“Ok. Good night baby.” Cheng Yu gave him a good night kiss.

“Good night little flower.”

After he said this, Lin An Lan kissed him quickly while he wasn’t looking, giving him a good night kiss as well.

The second sneak attack was successful.

Cheng Yu was overjoyed as he looked at the smugness and smile in his eyes. Hugging and kissing him again, Lin An Lan closed his eyes, leaned into his arms and slowly went to sleep.

This night, Lin An Lan had a dream. It was dark in the dream and he kept walking forward, but no matter what he did he couldn’t get to the end.

He looked around at the pitch blackness and called out, “Cheng Yu?”

But there was no movement.

Lin An Lan frowned and took a step forward. He walked for a long time before he finally saw a shimmering light. Running forward defiantly, he vaguely saw a man standing there.

“Cheng Yu.” He walked over.

The man turned back but just as Lin An Lan was about to get closer, the alarm clock went off. He opened his eyes, he only thought that the dream was really strange.

He glanced to his right to see that Cheng Yu was already gone.

He looked at the place where Cheng Yu had slept and thinking about how he had to leave early every morning, was inexplicably a little sad.

But it was okay, Lin An Lan thought to himself. They were about to go to the recording of the variety show, this way, Cheng Yu wouldn’t have to leave so early at that time.

He sat up, changed his clothes, and went to shoot the first scene of the day.

Today’s scene was still in the hospital but not with Cheng Yu but with Fan Ruiwen.

He shot his scene very quickly and it went by in one take.

After filming, Fan Ruiwen had a few more solo scenes in the hospital, while Lin An Lan was ready to go back to the hotel to pack his bags and leave for the airport.

As he entered the elevator, he suddenly thought of something and asked Zhuo Siya, who was startled, but replied, “Yes, there’s still time.”

“Then I’ll go and have a check up.”

Lin An Lan pressed the button in the elevator and Zhuo Siya contacted someone, went through internal channels and got Lin An Lan to see the doctor directly.

“What’s wrong?” The doctor asked him.

“I want to check perform a checkup.” Lin An Lan said in response, “I raised my head too suddenly the other day and hit the table but after that I felt as if I had forgotten some of the things I had done before.”

He didn’t tell the truth, covering it up instead. After all, he was a celebrity, so something like memory loss would definitely cause a huge furore if it got out, so he might as well weaken it a bit.

The doctor smiled and not suspecting anything, had the nurse take him for tests before asking him about the specifics of his condition and how he was doing now.

Lin An Lan spoke plausibly, but his main concern was, “Is there something wrong with my brain nerves? Why did I forget some of the things that happened before? How do I recover?”

Zhuo Siya, who was listening next to him, was both happy and scared. He wanted him to recover his memory quickly, but was also afraid that Cheng Yu would think that Lin An Lan had come to the doctor because he had urged him.

He had politely asked Lin An Lan when he first lost his memory if he had gone to the hospital? And then had suggested that he go to the hospital.

But Lin An Lan had refused.

At that time, Lin An Lan’s memory was either blank or confused and he couldn’t place anything correctly, but he was surprisingly calm.

He was insecure about the world, plus with things like memory loss, although he hadn’t experienced it before, he had seen it, and from all those memory loss novels he’d read and TV shows he’d watched, none of the people with memory loss ever remembered within three or five days of losing their memory.

And none of them had gone to see a doctor after losing their memory but had recovered it quickly.

Ultimately, problems with the brain were not the same as problems with the body. With problems with the body, one could take medicine and have surgery, but problems with the brain was much more problematic.

So Lin An Lan was in no hurry. For one, he didn’t have a headache and he wasn’t that curious about the world, more so when he felt he had no physical or mental discomfort, so there was no need to see any doctor.

But now, he was curious about what he and Cheng Yu used to be. He wanted to know how Cheng Yu came to him step by step in the past, where he had no memory. He wanted to know what they had gone through in high school and university, he wanted to know, what was it like for them, once upon a time.

He didn’t have much interest in many things, but only Cheng Yu made his heart ache and sour.

So, he wanted to be kinder to his little flower, to give him back a complete Lin An Lan with sound memories.

The examination report didn’t take long to come out, but the doctor frowned as he looked at his examination report: “From the report, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with your brain or memory centre, are you sure you can’t recall some things?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “I’m sure.”

The doctor was a bit perturbed, “The human brain is amazing in itself, but memory is even more so. Some people have good memories, some people have poor memories, some people can still remember things from when they were three or four years old, some people can’t even remember what happened a week ago. So, just from the report, I don’t think you have any problems. Have you had any headaches happen recently?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “No.”

“Then go back and think more. Remember more, spend more time in familiar surroundings, or think carefully about what time your missing memories are from? Are there any photographs? Is there anyone else? Let them think back with you, so as to stimulate your brain and help you remember.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Okay.”

The doctor gave him a few more instructions, gave him some medicine and said he was free to go.

Lin An Lan said goodbye to him politely and left the office.

“It’s not much use.” Yang Wang muttered in a small voice.

“It’s normal.” Lin An Lan was calm, “It’s not like a cold or fever that medicine can be used to treat it.”

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