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Chapter 148.1 Cheng Yu’s fatal blow, resolving family obstructions

They usually ate dinner at night and Lin An Lan had already finished work, so he ordered takeout and was waiting for Cheng Yu to arrive.

Cheng Yu arrived faster than he had expected.

“I’m not late, am I?” Cheng Yu asked.

“You’re not.” Sitting on the sofa, Lin An Lan patted the spot next to him, signaling for him to sit down.

He wasn’t in a hurry to tell Cheng Yu about the car accident, so they started eating first.

Cheng Yu was in a good mood to begin with, and seeing him made him even happier, making him feel that even the takeout tasted better than usual.

Lin An Lan waited until they had finished eating before saying, “I want to tell you something, but you have to listen to me and not be impulsive.”

“Go ahead.” Cheng Yu looked at him, thinking to himself that this was probably the reason why Lin An Lan had invited him to dinner.

Only then did Lin An Lan reveal what had happened to him the night before.

When Cheng Yu heard what he said, he was shocked as he asked him anxiously, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, see?”

“Who did it? My dad or my grandfather?” Cheng Yu asked.

“Your grandfather.” Lin An Lan replied calmly.

Cheng Yu gritted his teeth in anger, “I’ll make him pay for this.”

His eyes looked like a deep sea before a raging tempest, but reaching out, Lin An Lan held his hand, saying gently, “There is no need for that.”

“How can there be no need? He almost killed you!”

“But what can you do to him?” Lin An Lan reasoned, “At most you can only cut ties with the Cheng family and send him to prison. But then what? How would you deal with it?”

No matter what, Cheng Xiao was still the patriarch of the Cheng family and he was just an outsider. If he were to send his own grandfather to prison for the sake of an outsider, the Cheng family would not allow it nor would they understand. At that time, Cheng Yu would undoubtedly become a target of the entire Cheng family.

Even if he had the support of the Yu family behind him, once he did something like this, the right of inheritance would really no longer be his. Not only the right of inheritance, even the thin, pitiful kinship.

Lin An Lan’s gaze was calm. He had long resigned himself to this possibility. From the moment he decided to be with Cheng Yu, he had already thought that he might have to face all this, and as he had accepted Cheng Yu, he had accepted all that came with him as well.

“I didn’t agree to be in a relationship with you just to have your family broken up and for you to end up with nothing. We both knew that something like this might happen, that’s why you placed Pei Qiu beside me and that’s why I allowed him to stay by my side, so now that I’m not hurt, let’s put this issue aside for now. Your father promised me that there won’t be a next time and I’m willing to try to believe him.”

“What’s the use of believing him? Is there anything worth believing about him?” Cheng Yu frowned. “An An, when someone does something wrong, they have to be punished. We can’t just let it slide just because he’s my family or because he’s old. Today, it’s because nothing happened, but if something did happen, no matter how much I regret it later, it won’t matter.”

“I didn’t ask you to be with me so you would suffer in silence and not pursue things when something happens because of me.”

“I’m not one to suffer in silence.” Lin An Lan persuaded him. “I’ve seriously given this a lot of thought. Have you thought about the rights your grandfather has now? At his age, how much manpower, resources and energy will it take for you to send him to prison and for you to ensure he stays there indefinitely? Nothing has happened to me, I’m still alive and we have a long time ahead of us, so we shouldn’t waste our time on a lawsuit that is as time-consuming and as laborious as it sounds.”

“But let’s say we do send him in, then what? You father might still take into consideration that you’re his son and just cut ties with you, however you would have affected the interests of other people. Will the other members of the Cheng family let us off the hook? They will keep bothering us endlessly and will be ready to cause trouble at any time. Of course you can resolve it, but much worse than having something stolen is when a thief has you in his sights. At that time, we will still feel troubled.”

“Your grandfather is at such an old age and still has his reputation to maintain. If you really send him to prison, he won’t just let it go. At that time, I would really become his sworn enemy that even if he dies, he would still cling to me to get back his prestige.”

“Cheng Yu, there’s really no need. Life is so long and I want to spend my time on things and people I like, rather than dealing with those troublesome problems that can’t be resolved easily.”

As Cheng Yu listened to his calm words, he felt guilty inside.

“It’s I who didn’t handle the situation between you and them well.”

“It’s not your fault.” Lin An Lan comforted him. “You’re good and you have protected me. If it weren’t for Pei Qiu, something might have really happened to me, so your judgment was correct. You’re very smart.”

Smiling bitterly, Cheng Yu shook his head.

Although he had placed Pei Qiu by Lin An Lan’s side, he had hoped that he would never have to use him.

But in the end he had still used him.

In this moment, Cheng Yu felt a sense of powerlessness and frustration. Exactly what kind of family did he have? His father was selfish and unfeeling and his grandfather cold and callous. From start to finish, his family had never thought about him.

But Lin An Lan was here thinking about his family and wanted to let his grandfather off this time.

Looking at the person in front of him, he stretched his arms to hug him tightly.

He was clearly the real victim, yet he was trying to persuade him not to exact revenge.

He always lived rationally, but at the same time, was gentle and heart-warming.

“Can’t you think about yourself more?”

“I already have.” Lin An Lan smiled. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be persuading you like this.”

Hugging him tightly, Cheng Yu whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, you have nothing to apologize to me for. You’re good, really.”

Raising his head, Lin An Lan kissed his jaw. “Just, listen to me on this matter okay?”

“I’ve already made it clear to your father, so if you don’t listen to me now, it would be embarrassing.” Lin An Lan laughed. “He would probably think I don’t hold much weight in your heart.”

How could Cheng Yu not know his intentions? Sighing, he nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

He hugged the person in his arms tightly. “No matter when and no matter what happens, I’ll listen to you, so you have to be okay.”

“I will be.” Lin An Lan kissed him on the lips, “We’ll all be fine.”

Cheng Yu looked down at the person he was hugging, his heart softening.

That night, he didn’t leave Lin An Lan’s hotel room but held him all night long.

He looked at Lin An Lan as he slept soundly in his arms, his gaze tender and serious. Kissing his cheeks, he felt the warmth of his body, however he couldn’t shake off his lingering fear.

Lin An Lan was his only treasure, his most precious thing in the world. If anyone wanted to make him disappear, he would make them disappear first.

Cheng Xiao had been arrogant for too long; it was time for someone to bring him down from his high position. How could he allow him to live comfortably after hurting Lin An Lan?

Since he had disregarded their grandfather-grandson relationship, then he didn’t have to show mercy either.

Kissing Lin An Lan again, he rubbed his cheek against his face. Fortunately, he was fine, fortunately his An An was safe and sound by his side.

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