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Chapter 21

Lin An Lan nodded, “Can’t we?”

“No, I’m just surprised. I didn’t think that you guys knew each other, I haven’t seen you two work together before.”

It wasn’t just him who thought this, the other guests watching their side clearly thought so too.

Cheng Yu laughed, “It’s not like we don’t know each other, it’s just that we haven’t had the chance before. But the chance has happened on us now.”

“That’s true.” Guan Fei laughed.

The director saw that everyone was there, he told the camera crew to get ready to record and the guests also stood in their prescribed positions.

The first part was to choose partners from each other.

“The guests will work in pairs. Each person has to write on a card the name of the guest they want to team up with the most. If they are successful in choosing each other, then they will form a team. If they don’t succeed in choosing each other, the selection will continue and the last two people left, will automatically form a team.”

The guests instantly wailed, some also began to discuss with the people around them, asking each other who they wanted to team up with, but they were quickly interrupted by the host.

The staff handed out the cards in turn and Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate to write the name Cheng Yu on the card. Cheng Yu, on the other hand, drew a small wave after he wrote Lin An Lan.

The name -Lan, meant a wave.

Cheng Yu had originally wanted to draw a wavy line, only when he was writing he felt a wavy line was too subtle and ordinary, so he drew it a wave.

The host took the cards, looking at them carefully, but when he saw the small wave on Cheng Yu’s card, he couldn’t help but blink, unconsciously looking towards Cheng Yu who he saw standing with his hands in his pockets, not much expression on his face. He looked so cool and handsome that it was completely impossible to tell that he had even drawn such a small wave in a cute way.

The session went by very quickly, with Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu being the first to successfully choose each other. The others were also successful in the second and third rounds of mutual selection, hence they went on to the second segment.

The second segment was the house selection. The programme team had chosen five houses for each of the five groups of guests. The best of them was the wedding house for the village chief’s son after he got married, and the worst one was a thatched hut where no one lived in the village.

As soon as Cheng Yu heard that there was a wedding house, his eyes lit up, “Let’s pick the best one for our house.”

He deliberately didn’t say the wedding house, so Lin An Lan also just noticed that the village chief’s son’s one was indeed the best house.

“Let’s wait until we take first place first.”

“Will do.” Cheng Yu said confidently.

The rules for choosing a house were simple, at least it was simple for Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu.

It was probably because the main role of this episode’s recording was to get past the trial, so the programme team couldn’t wait to cram infinite positive energy into the effective time!

A theme of reminiscing about bitterness and sweetness was clearly no longer enough to satisfy the programme team’s growing desire for survival. They even came up with literary culture!

“Feet on this thick ground. Apart from lamenting the development of the times and the progress of modern life, one cannot help but also think of the development and heritage of our culture. As we all know, in our country’s literary creation, there is such a creative genre that takes the rural areas of the yellow earth as its subject matter, describing social history and showing the changes of the times. It is thought-provoking and enlightening. This genre is the Loess literature genre.”

“So, before we move into the houses offered to us by the villagers today, first of all, we have to quiz you all. Does anyone know the representative figures and works of Loess literature? Just answer two.”

The crowd: ……

The guests looked at each other in astonishment then looked at the host, shouting like crazy in their hearts: How can we answer these questions? Isn’t this an outdoor travel show? Why are we still answering questions? Bro, you’ve walked on to the wrong set!

The host also felt helpless, saying in his heart, ‘Isn’t it because we want positive energy? Positive energy, okay! Do you want us to fail at the review stage!’

Just as the guest and the host were staring at each other, and when small eyes turned into squinting eyes, Lin An Lan opened his mouth calmly and peacefully,

“Representative characters Liu Qing, Lu Yao and Chen Zhongzong, Representative works ‘History of Entrepreneurship’, ‘Ordinary World’, ‘White Deer Plain’.”

The host looked at him in surprise at once, tears glistening in his eyes!

Why do I often have tears in my eyes, it’s because I have a deep love for people like you who save the day!!!

“That’s right, An Lan brilliant, I can’t believe you’ve actually mentioned the representative people as well as their masterpieces. You and Cheng Yu can be the first to choose whatever house you want.”

Cheng Yu laughed, “There’s nothing to it, An An used to be a top student when he was in school.”

The crowd was surprised, “Is Brother Lin that good?”

Lin An Lan said modestly, “I’m not too bad.”

He did hear Cheng Yu say that he had done well in his studies during his school days, it was just that he had forgotten about it himself now, so he didn’t want to bring it up.

“But Brother Cheng, you actually know that Brother Lin was a top student during his school days?” Guan Fei said in amazement.

“The two of us were classmates.” Cheng Yu said unapologetically.

This was an unexpected surprise. All those present thought they didn’t know each other before, or that they didn’t see eye to eye. It didn’t occur to them that they were actually classmates.

“Brother Cheng, you and Brother Lin were classmates?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu said in a warm voice, “All through high school to university, it’s just that we weren’t in the same department in university.”

“Then why haven’t you guys worked together before?”

“Isn’t it because we didn’t have the opportunity? We are working together this time because we got the opportunity.”

The guests nodded their heads.

Cheng Yu looked down at Lin An Lan, “An An, go and choose, see which set of rooms you like.”

“Let’s do it together.” Lin An Lan said in response.

Although he said this, the decision had already been made.

Cheng Yu wanted the best, which was the village chief’s son’s suite and it was just as well that they had taken first place, so no one would say anything if they chose that suite now.

Lin An Lan had thought about it carefully. The ten of them were of a similar age, so the saying ‘respect the old and cherish the young’ didn’t come into play here. The only that mattered a little was to give in to give in to the three girls.

But then he had also considered the fact that if he gave in this time, later on, if someone else won first place, if that person didn’t give in to the girls’ group, they would be inevitably compared to him and it wouldn’t be fair to the other boys.

And the girls’ team might not need them to give in to them either, so not hesitating anymore, he chose the house of the village chief’s son that Cheng Yu liked and took the key.

Seeing that he had really chosen the wedding house, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but smile, looking at him gently.

Lin An Lan smiled back. To be honest, he selfishly wanted to choose this house as well, after all, if they really made a spoiled, rich young master like Cheng Yu live in some thatched cottage, he probably wouldn’t be used to it.

And he didn’t want to either.

They both waited for a while until the others finally finished answering the questions and choosing their houses.

The programme team deliberately chose five houses that were closer to each other. The reason for this was to increase the interaction of the guests, to allow them to hang out with each other and to add to the show, so after the guests walked for a short time, they each saw their houses.

“Our houses are quite close to each other.” Li Yongshi said in surprise.

“That’s good, this way we can all bum meals off each other.” Ma Junshan said.

Speaking of cooking, the host cued up the process again, “Everyone is hungry, right? Put your luggage away and at 8 o’clock, let’s all eat together at the place we just gathered.”

The guests cheered instantly and one by one, went into their rooms and started packing their bags, checking their makeup in passing.

Lin An Lan unlocked the door with the key, opened the door and just as he walked in, he saw that the door and window had big ‘happy’ characters on them.

It was in brightly coloured red.

Cheng Yu walked in after him and looking at the ‘happy’ characters in front of him, his eyes couldn’t help but curve up in satisfaction.

The newly built house was almost 100 square feet, with three bedrooms, one bathroom in it and a small one-bedroom house attached to it.

And it was probably because the small house had never been lived in, that was why the place was very dark, somewhat wet and cold.

Lin An Lan only took a glance, then it was closed again.

Cheng Yu pulled him through the door of the big house, and just as they walked into the master bedroom, his eyes were glued to the red mandarin duck quilt and bed sheets.

“It’s so festive.” Cheng Yu couldn’t help but exclaim.

Lin An Lan nodded, however, “This is for someone’s wedding, it’s not good for us to use it.”

The camera man following them said hurriedly, “It’s alright, the people in the village are very simple. Knowing that you were coming, they saved the best ones. This quilt is the only silk quilt in the house, all the other quilts are made of cotton and it gets cold in the mountains at night, so you have to cover yourselves with quilts. The owner was afraid that you would find the cotton heavy, that’s why they left this quilt.”

Hearing him say this, Lin An Lan was too embarrassed to decline it, thinking to himself that when they left in a few days, he would leave some money to the owner of the house as a way to thank them for their kindness.

He opened his suitcase, preparing to pack his things, but when Cheng Yu noticed this, he said to the camera man, “Can you please go out first, I want to change and there’s a camera in the house anyway so what should be recorded will be recorded.”

The camera man didn’t dare resist and carrying the camera, went out.

Cheng Yu closed the door, walked to the front of the camera and covered it with something.

Turning off the mic, he walked back to Lin An Lan’s side, turned his mic off as well then picking him up with one arm, sat down on the bed and placed him on his lap.

Startled, Lin An Lan subconsciously wrapped his arms around him, “What are you doing!”

“A wedding room.” Cheng Yu laughed, “A wedding bed.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile, “It’s not as if it’s our wedding room.”

“If you want, we can have a wedding room too.” Cheng Yu hugged him tightly, pressing his head against his.

“Wait for later.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu nodded and his heart filled with inexplicable joyful, he said, “There’s even the character ‘happy’ on our quilt.”

“May your face light up radiantly.” Lin An Lan smiled.

“I love you.” Cheng Yu kissed his eyebrow.

Lin An Lan was inexplicably happy as well.

Only then did he react as an afterthought, “You wanted to choose this house, not because it’s the most luxurious, but because it’s a wedding house, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head, “It’s a good experience. We can also dip our toes in to try it out then later, just like them, get married and get our license.”

Saying this, he lifted Lin An Lan’s hand, kissed the back of his hand and interlocking their ten fingers together, squeezed his warmly.

Lin An Lan smiled, silently squeezing back.

Same-sex marriage had just become legal, however, it was only legal, because the older generation still didn’t accept it and because of this, the younger generation could only do as their families wanted, so they didn’t dare register.

Therefore the general environment had changed, but it hadn’t really changed much.

Lin An Lan himself hadn’t recovered his memory yet, so he didn’t think about things that far ahead, but now hearing Cheng Yu say this, he was rather happy.

After all, there was a big difference between the person you liked wanting to marry you, and the person you liked only wanting to date you.

He looked at Cheng Yu with a gentle look eyes.

Cheng Yu’s heart softened. He lowered his head to kiss his lips and placing him on the red bed sheet embroidered with mandarin ducks, kissed him again and again.

Of course he couldn’t marry Lin An Lan.

He wouldn’t marry Lin An Lan who had lost his memory, as it wouldn’t be fair to Lin An Lan.

And the Lin An Lan who regained his memory would probably not want to marry him either.

So to be able to have a wedding room that had already been prepared, with the bright and delightful word ‘happy’ during their relationship, Cheng Yu was content.

Holding Lin An Lan in this room, it was as if he was holding his bride.

Kissing his bride, it was as if they were the newlyweds who had just stepped into the bridal chamber.

He thought to himself, if only there were candles.

Two dragon and phoenix candles and two glasses of wine, then, it would be complete.

But there were no candles or wine, however there were people who were around to ‘stir things up’.

And they had come uninvited.

The camera man knocked on the door and asked, “Brother Cheng, Brother Lin, are you done? I think everyone else has left. It’s time for dinner.”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan pushed Cheng Yu quickly away and panting said in a whisper, “It’s time to go.”

Cheng Yu hadn’t indulged in the fantasy of them getting married to his fill yet, hadn’t kissed enough yet, so he looked at Lin An Lan aggrievedly.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile, poking his face, “We will kiss again when we return.”

Helpless, Cheng Yu could only place a heavy kiss on his lips. Only then did he reluctantly let Lin An Lan get off his lap.

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