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Chapter 30.1

“You’re not willing?”

Cheng Yu kissed him, “Of course I’m willing, how could I not be! My wife is so well thought out, everything you say is right.”

Lin An Lan let out a laugh. How could Cheng Yu be a science student? With the way he was so eloquent, he should have been an arts student!

He had too much of a clever tongue!

He walked over to the wardrobe, opened it, picked out a looser robe and handed it to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu tried it on. It was a little short, but it was fine.

Looking at the pyjamas he was wearing which obviously didn’t fit him well, Lin An Lan laughed.

“What are you laughing at, don’t I look good?” Cheng Yu looked down, then suddenly wiggled his eyebrows, “If it doesn’t look good, I can choose not to wear it.”

Lin An Lan crossed his arm, “It’s better if you wear it.”

Otherwise, in case the gun went off, it would be hard to end it.

Cheng Yu walked closer to him, “So it fits me? Do I look handsome?”

“You’re handsome!” Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate, “Especially handsome!”

Only then was Cheng Yu satisfied.

As Lin An Lan closed the wardrobe, Cheng Yu took advantage of his inattention, picked him up in a hug and carried him the bed.

And before Lin An Lan could react, Cheng Yu had already lowered his head, kissing him on the lips.

As he lay on the bed, he wrapped his arms around Lin An Lan’s shoulders, kissing him delicately.

Lin An Lan tilted his head to meet his, responding to his kisses languorously before finally leaning into his arms.

“Go to sleep.” Lin An Lan said, “It’s late.”

“Mm.” Cheng Yu kissed his lips one last time, “Good night.”

Before going to bed, Cheng Yu set the alarm clock, intending to take advantage of the fact that everyone would still be asleep in the very early hours of the morning to go back to his room early.

“There’s surveillance in the hallway, right?” Lin An Lan whispered.

“I contacted the hotel manager, asking them to turn the surveillance on our side off.”

Lin An Lan: !!!

“You’re able to do that?”

Cheng Yu smiled, caressing his face, “The actor Cheng Yu can’t, but the young master of the Cheng family, Cheng Yu, naturally can.”

Lin An Lan: …… As expected of a magnificent young master. The Cheng family’s wealth was simply amazing!

Lin An Lan closed his eyes, reassured and drifted off into dreamland.

At six o’clock the next morning, Cheng Yu got up from the bed carefully, but as he had Lin An Lan in his arms, he opened his eyes as well.

Cheng Yu kissed him hurriedly in a soothing manner, “Baby, go back to sleep, I’ll change my clothes and go back.”

Only then did Lin An Lan nod dazedly, closing his eyes again.

Cheng Yu changed his clothes, folded the pyjamas, put them on the sofa next to him, and left the room.

It was seven thirty when Lin An Lan woke up again, the alarm clock having gone off as it was time for him to get up and get ready for his make-up.

He rubbed his face, went to the bathroom to wash up and changed out of his pajamas.

Just as he had finished changing, he received a WeChat.

It was from Cheng Yu. Lin An Lan opened it to see: [Baby, can you not wash the pyjamas I wore yesterday today? I want to see you wear it tonight~]

Lin An Lan: ……

What kind of bad taste was this!

He glanced at the pyjamas on the couch and replied with a short: [No.]

Cheng Yu: [Just once, I’ll just look, I won’t do anything else.]

Lin An Lan: [???? What else were you planning on doing?]

Cheng Yu: [I really won’t do anything [well behaved]]

Lin An Lan was still suspicious.

Cheng Yu: [My sweetheart is the best. Just this once, promise your husband, okay?

Seeing his insistence, Lin An Lan could only persuade himself with the words, ‘Forget it, a pyjamas is just a pyjamas. Cheng Yu can look at it if he wants to.’

What’s more, Cheng Yu had seen him in the emperor’s new clothes, not to mention this pyjamas, which wasn’t the emperor’s new clothes.

Lin An Lan: [Just once.]

Cheng Yu: [My sweetheart is so nice, baby thank you. I love you the most.]

Cheng Yu: [[Kisses][Kisses][Kisses]]

Cheng Yu: [[love you.jpg]]

After reading all this, Lin An Lan replied with a kissing emoji.

He stuffed his phone into his pocket and walked out.

This morning’s shoot was at the school, so when he finished the make-up and styling and went to the dress room, he saw the clothes he was going to wear today– a blue and white high school uniform.

He tried it on. It fit pretty well.

Zhuo Siya was amazed, “Let’s take a picture of you at the school later. In this outfit you kind of look like a student.”

“Our Lin Ge is also on the school prince level.” Yang Wang, the young assistant, picked up.

Zhuo Siya smiled, “Of course.”

They walked all the way to the school, but at this moment the students were still in class so they didn’t attract much attention.

Lin An Lan sat on a double bar and allowed Zhuo Siya to take a few pictures, then took a few more on the basketball court before walking towards the shooting area.

Zhuo Siya picked a few pictures and without much retouching, posted them on Lin An Lan’s account.

Lin An Lan’s fans immediately scrambled to grab the top comments, “Our little brother is so handsome!”

“It’s fresh little school prince today!”

“Woo woo, how come we don’t have such good looking boys in our school!”

“So handsome, is there even a school outfit in this drama?”

“This face, this body, I’m so impressed!”

Cheng Yu was swiping the front page of Weibo when he saw that Lin An Lan had posted a new Weibo. Looking at Lin An Lan sitting on the double bar in his blue and white school uniform, for a moment, it was as if he had returned to high school.

He was dazed for a moment, before he clicked on the picture, looked at him with all the attentiveness in the world, then saved it carefully.

Afterwards, he reposted the Weibo with a message: Very handsome.

Yu Lan fans were instantly excited.

Lin An Lan’s only fans were dumbfounded.

Cheng Yu’s only fans was even more confused.

The two big only fans looked at each other, their hearts were full of the questions: Big brother/ little brother, what are you doing?

Yu Lan fans were running around in Super Talk and fan groups, “Eat candy, eat candy, new candy has just arrived. Cheng Yu reposted An An’s Weibo, and thinks An An is handsome!”

“Of course our An An is handsome!”

“Woo woo, so sweet, Cheng Ge has great vision!”

“Previously it was An An reposting Yu Yu’s Weibo, now it’s Yu Yu reposting An An’s Weibo. Heavens, these two lovers are giving it to us at once, I support this CP!”

“I remember Cheng Yu used to have a very aloof and cold character and rarely reposted other people’s messages, but he has reposted An An’s message not long after it was posted, this shows that he always pays attention to An An, right?”

“So sweet!”

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