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Chapter 82.2

After Jiang Xu finished his speech, he prepared to leave, but before he left, he said to Cheng Yu, “You’re really good. You’ve been lying for so long that you can even lie to yourself. Have you really forgotten that Xiao Lan didn’t even talk to you before? With that attitude, how could he agree to be your boyfriend? You’re just taking advantage of the fact that he has amnesia, but how long can you lie?”

“I’ll give the same words back to you. Jiang Xu, accept our relationship and stop deluding yourself.”

Seeing that he wasn’t taking the bait, Jiang Xu didn’t say another word as he pushed the door open and prepared to leave.

Before he left, Cheng Yu asked him, “Jiang Xu, I’ve always been curious. You are also highly educated, don’t you feel any guilt towards me? What is the undercurrent of your hatred for me?”

Jiang Xu chuckled coldly, slammed the door heavily and left.

He turned the phone recording app off and looked at the auto-generated audio file. It was a shame that Cheng Yu was so alert that he hadn’t been able to get the drop on him at all.

But what would Cheng Feng do if he was to hear what Cheng Yu had said about him?

Would he be very disappointed in his son?

Jiang Xu thought of this and planned to cut out a clip of the audio and send it to Cheng Feng to listen to.

He put the phone in his pocket and turned to go to Lin An Lan.

Guilt? Jiang Xu suddenly thought of the last question Cheng Yu had asked him before he left.

What was the use whether he felt guilt or not?

Cheng Yu might be innocent, but when he looked at him, he couldn’t help but be jealous and he couldn’t help but compare himself to him.

He just wanted to have the same rights as Cheng Yu did, to have his own father. It wasn’t too much to ask, right?

After all, he was also Cheng Feng’s son.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks as he remembered Cheng Yu’s words, “Do you know that Cheng Feng once tried to kill you?”


How could that be possible?

His father seemed so elegant and gentlemanly, he couldn’t have done such a thing. Cheng Yu must have lied to him.

Jiang Xu didn’t want to believe Cheng Yu and wasn’t willing to believe him.

He thought of Jiang Liying and wanted to ask her about it, but he didn’t want to see her.

He had already met Cheng Feng secretly behind Lin An Lan’s back. He couldn’t go to meet Jiang Liying again.

He had promised Lin An Lan that he would forget about Jiang Liying and that he would never want her if she appeared again, he couldn’t let Lin An Lan down again.

Jiang Xu thought so and quickened his pace.

But Lin An Lan didn’t want to see him and when he came, he just asked him to leave with a cold expression.

“Xiao Lan, did you see my text messages? Have you given any serious thought to my questions? Think about it, am I not right?”

“When you acknowledge my relationship with Cheng Yu, that’s when you can come back to see me.” Lin An Lan flipped through the script.

“You are not at all what you think you are!” Jiang Xu was very anxious, but he didn’t dare raise his voice, his brow furrowed in anxiety.

Lin An Lan was calm, “Oh.”

“I’m serious.”


“Xiao Lan, let’s not talk about anything else. If you two are really in a relationship, there should be chat records, there should be pictures together, right? But there’s nothing, isn’t that weird?”


Jiang Xu:……

“Finished? “Lin An Lan asked him, “If you’re done you can leave.”

Jiang Xu:……

“Yang Wang, see Mr. Jiang off.”

Jiang Xu was speechless but had no choice but to leave for once.

Cheng Yu waited until he left before handing him his phone, “Here, I didn’t lose out.”

Lin An Lan was puzzled and looked down to find the phone page showing the recording file, “You recorded it?”

“How else can I prove that I didn’t lose out?”

Lin An Lan: …… Awesome!

He listened for a while with his headphones on and heard Cheng Yu ask Jiang Xu at the end, ‘You are also highly educated, don’t you feel any guilt towards me?’ Jiang Xu chuckled coldly and closed the door.

Lin An Lan sighed silently.

He had hoped that Jiang Xu would feel guilty, but he didn’t.

“You checked out Jiang Xu’s mother?” Lin An Lan asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu nodded, “When you finished the other day, I went to look her up.”

Lin An Lan didn’t doubt it, “But I didn’t expect your father to be so ruthless. A person like this and Jiang Xu still wants to be recognized by him?”

“It’s normal. He hasn’t had any contact with him so he probably thinks he’s just like everyone else’s dad, fatherly.”

“So, do you really want to trade with him? Trade your father for me?”

“If that would work.” Cheng Yu laughed.

If he could, he was of course willing to trade Cheng Feng for Lin An Lan. He would leave the Cheng family, inherit his mother’s fortune, be a part of the Yu family and be the center of the younger generation.

He wouldn’t lose much, but he would have Lin An Lan and that, was worth it. Cheng Yu would absolutely love it.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible.

As for what he had just said to Jiang Xu, of course it wasn’t true.

He was only trying to trick Jiang Xu, just as Jiang Xu was tricking him, hoping that Jiang Xu would say yes so that Lin An Lan would be disappointed in him.

But that was okay. Although Jiang Xu didn’t say yes to this one, he didn’t answer the last question, which was enough to disappoint Lin An Lan.

And that was enough.

Lin An Lan was also really unhappy with Jiang Xu’s cold chuckle at the end in response to Cheng Yu’s question.

In the entire conversation between Cheng Yu and Jiang Xu, it was always Cheng Yu who was in control of the rhythm. He first showed his care and obsession for Lin An Lan, then pointed out his status as a victim, sold a wave of misery and then finally, was generous enough to say that he didn’t care about Jiang Xu and asked if Jiang Xu felt a trace of guilt.

He fully portrayed himself as the perfect victim, especially when paired with Jiang Xu’s guilt-free behavior, once again making Lin An Lan’s heart ache for him, causing him to take his side.

Lin An Lan returned the phone to him, disappointed with Jiang Xu.

He felt that he had blacklisted Jiang Xu before he lost his memory, perhaps not only because of his favoritism, as Cheng Yu had said, but also because of his own endless disappointment.

He had tried so hard to discipline Jiang Xu, but as a result, Jiang Xu didn’t even have the right outlook, not to mention being a good and decent person.

Even the he who didn’t have a complete memory was so disappointed, let alone the one who had grown up with Jiang Xu.

He must have been very disappointed and depressed.

Lin An Lan suddenly didn’t want to see Jiang Xu anymore, because what was the point? It would only add to his worries.

It was better for him to stay out of sight and stay out of mind.

Many people in this world drifted apart, and he and Jiang Xu were just ordinary people, so maybe it was time for them to get out of each other’s lives.

That way, it might be better for the two of them.

“I won’t see Jiang Xu anymore.” Lin An Lan said to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was surprised and hastened to explain, “That’s not what I meant when I gave you this.”

He was just trying to sell himself short to tell Lin An Lan that Jiang Xu didn’t deserve him, not that he wanted Lin An Lan to part ways with him.

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile, “I know, it’s my own decision, my own thoughts. It has nothing to do with you.”

“But if you’re like this, when you get your memory back….”

“I’ve got some of my memories back now too.”

Cheng Yu became very anxious. He was afraid that when Lin An Lan regained his memories, he would think that he had done it on purpose, so he kept trying to remedy the situation by saying, “How about, you guys see each other once in a while, or not all the time, but on special occasions?”

“There’s no need.” Lin An Lan told him, “I don’t see the need for us to meet until he has the right outlook.”

Cheng Yu: “…… What about when he has the right outlook?”

“Then we will talk about it then.”

When he finished, he turned to Zhuo Siya and said, “Tell the crew that I want to focus on filming these days and won’t be accepting any visits, especially from Jiang Xu.”

Zhuo Siya was silent for a moment then asked him, “Are you sure?”

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