I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 163.4 Ending Chapter

After winning the award, both of them were in high spirits. Cheng Yu opened a bottle of red wine before bed and Lin An Lan clinked glasses with him, but as they started to drink, Cheng Yu suddenly thought of something then intertwined their hands and drank a cup of crossed-arm wine together.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but recall their first variety show recording in that small mountain village. In the village chief’s son’s new house, they lit red candles and drank a cup of crossed-arm wine together.

Back then, he’d had amnesia, but now, he had regained his memories.

He couldn’t help but smile. Cheng Yu asked him, “Why are you smiling?”

“I just remembered some things from the past.”


“Do you remember when we were recording the variety show, during the first episode in that mountain village, when we also drank a cup of crossed-arm wine like this?”

Of course Cheng Yu remembered. Not only did he remember this, he also remembered, “Back then, because it was someone else’s house, we were too embarrassed to consummate our marriage.”

“Do you want to now?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“What do you think?” Cheng Yu asked back.

Lowering his eyes with a faint smile, Lin An Lan opened his arms and Cheng Yu picked him up, carrying him to the bed.

Looking at the jade-like person in front of him, he whispered, “One day, we will really consummate our marriage.”

“Of course.” Lin An Lan said softly, moving closer, “and it will be very soon.”

Hooking his arms around Lin An Lan’s neck, Cheng Yu kissed him slowly.

Lin An Lan kissed him back gently, unconsciously holding him tight.

The night breeze was cool, but it was warm under the covers.

The next morning, Lin An Lan woke up earlier than usual.

When he woke up, Cheng Yu was still asleep, so he watched his sleeping face in a curious manner for a while, thinking he looked good no matter how he looked.

He wanted to kiss him, but was afraid of waking him up, so he just watched without disturbing him.

Cheng Yu rarely had the chance to sleep in, so he let him sleep a little longer.

Smiling, Lin An Lan wrapped the blanket tighter, then continued to snuggle in his embrace.

Cheng Yu finally woke up close to noon and was surprised to see Lin An Lan staring intently at him. “Why did you wake up so early today?”

“You’re the one who woke up late today.” Lin An Lan replied with a smile.

Cheng Yu glanced at his phone. It was almost 11 o’clock.

“It really is later than usual.” He said incredulously.

Lin An Lan nodded, “It seems you were quite tired last night.”

Cheng Yu waved his hands hurriedly, “Not tired, not tired. How can being your driver be considered tiring?”

Laughing, Lin An Lan got out of bed.

Walking to the window, he opened the curtains, only to be surprised, “It’s snowing.”

It must have started snowing during the night, because the ground was already covered in a thick layer of snow and the world had turned into a vast expanse of white overnight.

Getting out of bed, Cheng Yu walked up behind Lin An Lan and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his head on his shoulder. “I’ll take you to see the ice sculptures in Snow World someday.”

“Really?” Lin An Lan looked back at him.

“Of course.” Cheng Yu gave him a kiss, “Whenever we have time, I can accompany you wherever you want to go.”

He thought for a moment then added, “If you can’t think of a place, I’ll take you to interesting and beautiful places that I know.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan smiled, turned around, and hugged him.

In the vast world, his own world was small but peaceful.

He opened his arms and embraced his world. From now on, his emotions would revolve around Cheng Yu alone.

Everything in the world was related to him, yet somehow not so relevant.

Lin An Lan felt as if he had walked a long road, starting from his childhood, taking one step at a time, moving forward. He had overcome sadness, separation and pain and finally arrived in front of Cheng Yu.

He had intended to knock on the door after shaking off the heaviness and ashes on his shoulders, but Cheng Yu had opened the door for him one step ahead, pulling him into the room.

As he said, “There’s no need.”

He had hugged him, embracing the heaviness and ashes on his shoulders, accepting the most genuine version of him and given him a light.

The light was bright, warming up his heart.

He held the light in his hands, illuminating his future and warming his past.

Making it so that, the things he once couldn’t forgive, he could now forgive; the things he once dared not hope for, he was now willing to hope for.

His life had brightened up because of Cheng Yu.

He had become the moon within his reach in the dark night.

He carefully held his moon, hid it in his heart, and turned it into his own flower, which would bloom only for him from now on.

Looking up at Cheng Yu, Lin An Lan kissed this tulip that belonged only to him gently.

“I love you.” He whispered softly.

Hugging him, Cheng Yu smiled as he whispered into his ear, “I love you too.”

In the vast expanse of white snow, their world was filled with vibrant colors.

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  1. Oh my god it’s ended… I almost can’t believe it’s ended…!!!
    It has accompanied me as stress relief novel… And now it’s ended…!!
    But I’m so glad with the Happily Ever After and more bright future they will have!
    Im truly Loving it!!!

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE HARD WORKS IN TRANSLATING THIS NOVEL TILL COMPLETED!!! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️xEndlessEternalGratefulness

  2. Thank you for your hard work! This is a very beautiful story and I love it a lot.
    May I ask if you plan to translate the extra too?

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