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Chapter 132.2 Cheng Yu questions Meng Tingyun, Meng Tingyun’s secret

Meng Tingyun was memorizing his lines, something he had always been serious about. This time, he was even more serious about the opportunity in front of him. He felt that if things went well, his career would start from this movie.

Halfway through memorizing his lines, there was a knock on the door. Stopping, Meng Tingyun put the script on the table before walking out.

When he opened the door, he was slightly surprised when he saw the person in front of him. How come it was him?

“Cheng Ge, is there something I can do for you?” Meng Tingyun asked.

Smiling, Cheng Yu looked at him. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Meng Tingyun stepped aside and Cheng Yu walked in.

His room was clearly not as spacious as Lin An Lan’s, but it was tidy and comfortable.

After Cheng Yu sat on the small couch in his room, Meng Tingyun walked up to him and seeing the way he looked as if he had something to say and that he wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, he asked, puzzled, “Cheng Ge, is there something on your mind?”

“Of course there is.” Cheng Yu looked at him. “Sit down.”

Meng Tingyun sat down, full of doubts.

Cheng Yu fixed his gaze on Meng Tingyun, studying him intently for a long moment before speaking. “You and Lin An Lan, were you acquainted before?”

Meng Tingyun was taken aback, then denied instinctively, “No, you must be joking.”

“No?” Cheng Yu cut straight to the chase. “You both came from the same orphanage, Universal Love and your time there overlaps. Is that not the case?”

Meng Tingyun stood up angrily. “You’re investigating me?”

Cheng Yu leaned back on the couch, unfazed. “Shouldn’t I be investigating you? You’re clearly too close to him, and even though you have no relationship with Fei Meng, you are able to get him to protect you. What did you do? What did you trade with capital?”

“Get out.” Meng Tingyun ordered, pointing at the door. “You’re not welcome here.”

Cheng Yu remained calm. “You don’t welcome me? Then who do you welcome? Lin An Lan? What do you want from him?”

“I don’t want anything!” Meng Tingyun yelled. “In your eyes, do I have to have ulterior motives for everything I do? Yes, I don’t have a background or as much money as you, but why would I hurt him? What reason do I have to hurt him?”

“So you don’t want to hurt him. What is your goal then?” Cheng Yu was curious.

“I don’t have a goal.” Meng Tingyun glared at him angrily. “Like you said, I do know him. We met in the welfare institute before he left. So I was happy to see him again.”

“What of Fei Meng, why did he choose you? And why did you dare ask Lin An Lan if he wanted Zhou Yan replaced?”

“That’s my business, I don’t need to tell you.”

“You may choose to not tell me now, but I will find out eventually. It’s just that by that time, you probably won’t be able to follow Lin An Lan around as easily as you are able to do now.”

“What gives you the right to speak to me like this?” Meng Tingyun retorted. “Are you his good friend? His old classmate? What is your relationship to him?”

“Which do you wish I were?” Cheng Yu asked. “His good friend? His old classmate? Something else?”

“I don’t wish for anything.” Meng Tingyun said coldly. “Because I originally don’t have any good impression of you. I will work hard to stand by his side because we are the ones who belong together. As for you, a wealthy young master like you will never understand how hard things are for him.”

Cheng Yu raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Meng Tingyun snorted. “The two of us, are like two porcupines huddled together for warmth. You wouldn’t understand because you’ve never known what it’s like to be cold.”

Ah, the familiar porcupine metaphor. Cheng Yu couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness. “Are you going to say next that even if you two hurt each other, you’ll still huddle together for warmth?”

Meng Tingyun: ……

“I won’t hurt him.”

“Right, it looks like you’re just a second-year high school student, not a third-year. I’ll let it go this time. How dumb can a porcupine be? Can’t they huddle belly to belly for warmth instead of back to back in a hug? Do they have to hurt each other all over with their quills?”

Meng Tingyun: ……

“And by the way, do you even have an ounce of self-awareness in your heart? Do you have to huddle with someone of the same kind? Can’t you find a fluffy creature that’s warm? Do tigers and lions scare you because of their size? Then aren’t little rabbits warm enough? Why limit yourself to the same kind? Are you attracted to their quills or do they just look warm to you?”

Meng Tingyun: ……

“If you want to huddle with your little porcupine for warmth, go ahead. But Lin An Lan is out of the question. I’ve already made him a tiger-skin bed. It’s definitely much warmer than huddling with you. So go find another porcupine, little one.”

Meng Tingyun: ……

Meng Tingyun almost blew his top. “It’s just a metaphor, a metaphor, do you understand?”

“I understand, but it’s clear that you don’t understand me or Lin An Lan at all. With that attitude, how dare you claim that you want to stand by his side? What qualifications do you have?”

Meng Tingyun was momentarily speechless.

“I’ll give you a chance.” Cheng Yu said with a smile. “Either tell me your true purpose honestly, or don’t blame Lin An Lan for being ruthless towards you.”

“I don’t have a purpose.”

“Very well.” Cheng Yu stood up. “I wish you a warm and speedy acquisition of your warmth, little porcupine.”

With that, he stood up and walked towards the door.

Meng Tingyun watched him leave, then sat dejectedly on the small couch.

He hadn’t expected Cheng Yu to discover him so quickly, much less that he would investigate his past. If this continued, he would inevitably find out about the rest.

Meng Tingyun became a little agitated, not knowing what to do. Should he tell Lin An Lan the truth or ignore it and continue with his mission?

He looked at his phone, hesitating about whether or not to tell the other about the current situation. If he did, the other would definitely help him resolve it, but would that really be good for Lin An Lan?

For all these days, Lin An Lan had been so responsible towards him. Every time he went to ask him questions, he was always gentle and patient, never showing a hint of impatience. If it weren’t for him, how could he have made such progress?

He had been so good to him, should he still follow the original plan?

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