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Chapter 27.1

It was the last month before the exams and there was an air of nervousness in the class, but it was also the time when everyone realised that after the exams were over, they were going to go their separate ways.

So many of the good friends would take advantage of recess, gym class and after school to take pictures together.

Lin An Lan was very popular in the class; he was handsome and had good grades; girls were happy to talk about him with their friends from outside the school to show that their high school lives wasn’t boring.

Of course, he became the most popular person in the girls’ private photos.

Lin An Lan normally wouldn’t take pictures with them but it was just that it was close to graduation and it seemed too insensitive not to so he reluctantly agreed to take pictures.

Cheng Yu was also taking graduation pictures with his friends that day when he happened to see Lin An Lan taking pictures with some girls not far from the playground. A plan instantly forming in his mind, he went over to them.

With his looks and background, he was even more popular than Lin An Lan in the class.

Adolescent girls might be resistant to a good-looking top students, but few were resistant to a prince from a wealthy family.

The group of girls greeted Cheng Yu warmly; asking him, “Are you taking graduation pictures too?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu responded.

“Then should we take it together?” The girl explained, “We won’t be able to see each other afterwards so having a picture together is a testament to our relationship as classmates.”

Cheng Yu had been waiting for her to say this, replying immediately, “Sure.”

After he saying this, his eyes naturally looked at Lin An Lan, “You guys take the picture with Lin An Lan first. You can take the picture with me after you’re done with him.”


The girls took pictures with Lin An Lan happily.

After taking the picture, Lin An Lan wanted to leave, but Cheng Yu stopped him, “We just ran into each other so let’s take a picture too.”

Lin An Lan had just finished taking a picture with someone else so naturally he wouldn’t refuse him.

He stood next to Cheng Yu, smiling slightly at the camera.

Xu Sheng said to them as he held the camera, “Come closer you two, yes, smile.”

But the moment he was about to press the shutter, a voice suddenly sounded; “Lin An Lan, come quickly, Jiang Xu is fighting with someone.”

Lin An Lan turned in direction the sound had come from, causing his eyes that had been looking at the camera to be elsewhere, leaving only a blurred side profile facing the camera.

Xu Sheng looked at the preview of the picture in the camera and he said awkwardly, “Let’s take a new one.”

Lin An Lan however was worried about Jiang Xu. He refused hastily, “I have something to do so I’ll leave first, sorry.”

Cheng Yu unconsciously stretched out his hand to pull him back but before he could touch his arm, Lin An Lan was already gone.

He walked quickly, seemingly worried about Jiang Xu’s safety.

So he withdrew his hand and watched him leave.

The girls at the side didn’t notice the loss in his eyes as they went over to him to try to take pictures.

Cheng Yu took a few perfunctory shots then left in a hurry.

He asked Xu Sheng to ask the person who had come to look for Lin An Lan where Jiang Xu and the person he had fought with had the fight, however, he was a step too late. When he arrived at the place, both Jiang Xu and Lin An Lan had already left.

Cheng Yu could only turn around and walk back, however before entering the school building, he went back to the school kiosk to buy a bottle of water.

He entered the canteen but before he reached the kiosk, he saw Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu sitting on the seats in the canteen with their backs to him.

As he approached, he could hear Lin An Lan scolding Jiang Xu, “How many times have you fought this month? You know he is deliberately provoking you yet you still fall for it. Why are you so irritable?”

“I was angry.”

“So you fought because you were angry? Exams start in a month’s time; if you break your bones are you going to go to the exams with the injuries? Or will you just rely on your mind to answer the questions?”

Jiang Xu: ……

Jiang Xu lowered his head, admitting his mistake, “I was wrong. I won’t do it again next time.”

“You should have controlled yourself a long time ago.” Lin An Lan ripped open a band-aid and put it on his hand, “You weren’t this impulsive before, so why have you become impulsive now?”

Jiang Xu didn’t say anything. Lin An Lan glared at him then sighed helplessly, “Forget it, just don’t let there be a next time.”

Jiang Xu smiled as he nodded, looking at him ingratiatingly.

Lin An Lan smiled back.

As Cheng Yu watched this scene, he took a few steps back silently then finally turned around, walking towards the kiosk.

Lin An Lan didn’t need him to worry at all, nor did he care if anyone was worried about him.

He only cared about Jiang Xu and would only talk to Jiang Xu in that tone, so his worries and love was meaningless.

They were best friends therefore he couldn’t interfere; he couldn’t even bring himself to appear on Lin An Lan’s radar.

He wasn’t even qualified to be friends with Lin An Lan, let alone date him.

He bought water then went back to the classroom.

Later, Xu Sheng had the photo developed and gave it to him.

In the picture, he was staring at the camera but Lin An Lan had his head turned to the side; he was smiling brightly, but Lin An Lan had a worried frown on his face.

They were like two people who had been mistakenly put together in the same picture. Their auras didn’t fit together, hence they shouldn’t be in the same picture.

But this was the only official photo of the two of them together.

Cheng Yu hadn’t wanted to throw it away in the end so he put it in his file and kept it safe.


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  1. Pls, I feel so much pity for Cheng Yu from the past. He had already fully accepted that no matter how hard he tried, there would never be a place in Lin An Lan’s heart for him T-T

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