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Chapter 39.1

“Xiao Cheng, what’s wrong?” Director Zhang touched him.

It was only then that Cheng Yu pulled himself out of his memories. He lowered his eyelashes hurriedly, “No, nothing.”

“It’s just that I noticed that you seemed to have suddenly drifted off just now but it’s good if you’re fine. Then let’s re-shoot as you said while the sun is still setting, otherwise it’ll have to be tomorrow.”


Cheng Yu exhaled slowly and went back to the window.

The sunset hadn’t yet dissipated and it reflected on Lin An Lan’s face brilliantly, as if it was wrapped in beautiful red makeup.

As Cheng Yu looked at him, he suddenly thought of the poem he had learnt a long time ago: ‘The peach book of songs, shining beautifully and brightly, the bride goes to her new home, where she creates bliss with her husband’.

Of course he knew that Lin An Lan was his bliss and he had even known a long time ago that he was the most suitable person for him.

However, Lin An Lan didn’t want to accept him.

Cheng Yu suddenly envied Jing Huan.

Jing Huan didn’t say anything, not about his desire to study, not about his regret for giving up his school life, but Gu Shuyu saw it and he reached out to him, pulled him out of the mud, and gave him a normal track and life.

Whereas on the other hand he didn’t say anything so Lin An Lan didn’t see anything either.

No matter how close he got to Lin An Lan, he couldn’t get into his heart so he lived in the mud, only daring to hold the peach blossom in his hand carefully.

It was only natural for Jing Huan to fall in love with Gu Shuyu.

Cheng Yu suppressed the emotions in his heart and finished filming the scene with Lin An Lan before the afterglow dissipated.

Then he asked Lin An Lan, “Do you want to go to the washroom?”

Understanding the meaning behind his words, Lin An Lan went to the washroom with him.

The moment Cheng Yu closed the door, he turned and wrapped his arms around Lin An Lan, burying his head in the crook of his neck.

As he hugged him, the build up of emotions in his heart released a little.

No matter what the situation was like, at least now Lin An Lan was his and was by his side.

“An An, I like you so much.” He whispered, “I really… want to be with you forever.”

Lin An Lan didn’t know why, but he reached out and hugged him as he said softly, “Then we’ll always be together.”


“Of course.”

Cheng Yu unconsciously hugged him tighter, “Then you’ll stay by my side and be with me forever?”

“Mmm.” Lin An Lan answered.

Cheng Yu hugged him tightly for a long time then tilted his head and kissed the side of Lin An Lan’s face, “My sweetheart is so nice.”

Lin An Lan patted his back, saying soothingly, “So don’t worry… your wife only likes you so naturally he wants to be with you for the rest of his life.”

“Hmm.” Cheng Yu let go of Lin An Lan and pressed his forehead against him, his eyes focused and affectionate, “I only like you too, most of all.”

Lin An Lan smiled as he kissed then hugged him.

As the two of them were already in the washroom, they made use of the facilities then returned to the shooting area.

Today’s hospital shoot was over and the crew was packing up the props, so Lin An Lan took the elevator with Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang, preparing to change locations for the next scene.

After a long day of shooting, feeling tired, Lin An Lan went back to his room early just after he finished the last scene.

He had just laid down on his bed when he heard his cell phone ringing. It was Jiang Xu who had sent him a text message asking him how his day had been and saying that he missed him a lot.

Lin An Lan snorted and didn’t reply.

He really couldn’t understand why Jiang Xu was so disapproving of him and Cheng Yu being together. He and Jiang Xu weren’t lovers, just friends, and Cheng Yu wasn’t a scum, what’s more he was so devoted to him, so why did he want to break them up?

Even if Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu didn’t get along before, after all these years they were all adults, couldn’t they just sit down and have a talk?

If he could ignore Cheng Yu for Jiang Xu, why couldn’t Jiang Xu give Cheng Yu a chance for his sake?

Weren’t friends supposed to be tolerant of each other? It didn’t make sense that he was the only one who tried his best to tolerate Jiang Xu, but Jiang Xu didn’t move a single jot in that direction at all.

“Ugh.” Lin An Lan sighed, “I must have been too nice to him before that’s why he has gotten used to it and thinks that it isn’t courtesy but rather the tolerance between friends.”

As expected, it was those who are favored who are emboldened.

But this wasn’t the case with Cheng Yu because he was the one doing the chasing.

He sat up, intending to go see what his little tulip was up to now and to give him a little rain and sunshine.

He took his script and opened the door but before he could go out, he saw Fan Ruiwen standing outside Cheng Yu’s door.

She was dressed beautifully, with red lips and black hair and in a long red dress that made her skin as white as snow and beautiful.

Lin An Lan watched as she knocked on Cheng Yu’s door and walked in. He frowned involuntarily. Why did Fan Ruiwen want to see Cheng Yu at this late hour?

Even if it was to practice lines, was it necessary to dress up so nicely? She was even wearing an evening gown.

Lin An Lan took out his phone and glanced at the time, intending to see when she would come out and how long she would stay.

As Fan Ruiwen entered Cheng Yu’s room, she said a polite thank you.

Cheng Yu said indifferently, ”You’re welcome. You’re more likely to be photographed standing in the doorway.”

Fan Ruiwen nodded her head, “That’s true.”

Looking up at Cheng Yu, she walked up to him slowly, smiled at him and said, “It’s rare that we have a scene together tomorrow, so I wanted to practice my lines with you in advance.”

“Then you shouldn’t have picked this time.” Cheng Yu said with a straight face, “Coming here at this time, those who are in the know would understand that we’re reading a normal script, but those who don’t know would think we’re discussing a bed scene.”

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