I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 86.1

Chen Yingjie was surprised, “You have something to ask me?”

“Can’t I?” Cheng Yu asked rhetorically.

“Of course not.” Chen Yingjie exclaimed, “What do you want to ask?”

When he finished saying this, he added, “You can ask anything you want.”

Cheng Yu looked at him up and down and wondered, “I’m curious, do you have some kind of conflict with Lin An Lan? Is that why you are targeting him so much?”

Chen Yingjie froze for a moment, his heart which had just risen in elation dropping again.

“No.” He whispered.

“Then what about the deliberate question you asked last night?”

“I was just curious.” said Chen Yingjie, looking at Cheng Yu, “Aren’t you curious?”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “If I’m curious, don’t I have a mouth? Can’t I ask him myself?”

Chen Yingjie: ……

“Throwing that question out in public, did you ever consider that it would embarrass him and the person that wasn’t chosen?”

“I thought he would have balanced it delicately.”

“So it’s his fault?”

Chen Yingjie lowered his head, “I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing to me for? You didn’t ask me, you asked him, so if you want to say sorry, you should say it to him.”

Chen Yingjie: ……

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Cheng Yu said indifferently, “After recording this episode, we shouldn’t see each other again either, but if I find out that you’re targeting him again or doing something against him, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Chen Yingjie was shocked, “You’re threatening me.”

Cheng Yu smiled, “No, I’m just stating the facts.”

“How can you be like this?” Chen Yingjie couldn’t take it, “You’re clearly not like this!”

“And what am I like?”

Chen Yingjie looked at him, wanting to say something, but then he hesitated. He just looked at him incredulously, a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

Cheng Yu didn’t care if he was disappointed or not. He had finished saying what he wanted to say so he lifted the bag, ready to leave.

When Chen Yingjie saw that he was leaving, he couldn’t hold back and asked him, “Do you really, not remember me at all?”

Cheng Yu was puzzled, “We’ve met?”

Chen Yingjie nodded and looked at Cheng Yu, his eyes slowly filling with tenderness as he said, “Don’t you remember? Three years ago, we did a movie together and I was a supporting actor in it, the kind without a name.”

Cheng Yu really didn’t remember.

His purpose for entering the entertainment industry wasn’t pure. He was only there to cross paths with Lin An Lan and his eyes followed only Lin An Lan, so he never noticed the other scenery of other people he passed by.

What’s more, a supporting role without a name.

“I don’t remember.”

The insides of Chen Yingjie’s mouth turned a little bitter as he whispered, “I wasn’t much of a celebrity back then and I played minor supporting roles. In that movie of yours at the time, I was playing a supporting role with a name, but then someone slipped in and I lost the character with a name.”

“I was so upset and bottled up that emotion in my heart until it reached a bubbling point that I inadvertently offended the then second male lead, who resented my poor apology and lack of seriousness in my tone, and scolded me in front of everyone. They were all laughing and I felt like a clown, wanting to leave but was unable to move until you appeared.”

“You helped me and even ridiculed him on the spot”

“I went to you later to thank you and you just said it was nothing and told me not to take it to heart. After that, I decided that I had to be a lead actor, because only by being a lead actor would I not be bullied so much. These past few years, I have suffered all kinds of things and have been willing to suffer anything, just so I could be a lead actor and be able to work with you again. “

“I did become a lead actor. Even though it was only a web series, I was still the lead actor. It was just that I couldn’t work with you yet. However, I didn’t expect you to accept this variety show. Yu Ge, I really want to team up with you and work with you.”

“I ……” He looked at Cheng Yu, a few words rolling around in his throat, about to burst out on his tongue, only for him to swallow them again as he just stared at him in fascination.

Cheng Yu never expected that there would be such a story between them.

He had long since forgotten. Just as Chen Yingjie’s character had no name in that movie, to Cheng Yu, he had never had one either.

He had passed by too many people in his life and helped quite a few of them in passing; Chen Yingjie wasn’t the first, nor would he be the last.

He now more or less knew what feelings Chen Yingjie had for him; it was just a pity that he didn’t need them.

“I don’t remember you.” He said cruelly, “and in the future, I would probably not have any cooperation or dealings with you.”

“Why?” Chen Yingjie didn’t understand, “If I could be a match for you back then, I can still do it now. I want to work with you.”

“But I don’t want to.” Cheng Yu told him, “And there’s no need.”

“What happened back then, if it was anyone else, I would have helped just as much. It wouldn’t have been you, much less just you, so you don’t need to take it to heart, much less approach me actively now. I don’t like it.”

“Do I annoy you that much? Am I not even worthy of being a match for you?”

Cheng Yu looked at the grievance in his eyes and for some reason, actually thought of himself.

For a long time, he had also been a passing guest in Lin An Lan’s life, a supporting character who, though he had a name, didn’t need to be heavily colored.

That was why as Lin An Lan walked forward proudly, he chased after him stubbornly.

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