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Chapter 128.2

When Lin An Lan finished speaking, he hung up.

Looking at his cell phone, Jiang Xu’s heart was filled with sadness. What exactly should he do?

What should he do for Lin An Lan to forgive him and for them to become good friends again?

He really missed him, he really missed those days with Lin An Lan.

He clicked on WeChat then replied to him word for word: I know, I won’t go, I’ll listen to you.

He thought about it then added sadly: Xiao Lan, I just want to see you. We haven’t seen each other for too long, I really just want to see you.

Resting his head against the steering wheel, Jiang Xu let out a long sigh.

Yang Wang didn’t come back until lunchtime, causing Zhuo Siya to look at him in discontent, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in over an hour.”

Yang Wang could only tell him about what had occurred between Zhou Yan and Lin An Lan while he was away in the morning. Zhuo Siya frowned, “So did you find out anything?”

“A little.” Yang Wang gestured, “Zhou Yan seems to be quite angry and so wants to teach Lin Ge a good lesson during the afternoon shoot so that Lin Ge will know the difference between them.”

Zhuo Siya felt helpless. This was actually the same as saying nothing. When two people completed a set of papers at the same time, there would inevitably be one who scored higher or lower than the other.

That, was comparison.

Where there were people, there would be comparisons, and the same went for rivalry acting.

There were very few equal actors, and most of the time, one was lower and the other was higher, or one was slightly lower and the other was slightly higher.

Lin An Lan’s acting skills were actually quite good, and more so after Director Zhang’s coaching the last time. He had become more comfortable with his emotions and more delicate with many psychological activities, but Zhou Yan had won an award after all. If he got serious, Zhuo Siya was worried that it was still Zhou Yan who was better.

He walked over to Lin An Lan’s table with Yang Wang, sat down and ate while talking to him about it.

Lin An Lan still had that calm and collected expression, “Oh.”

“Aren’t you worried?”

“Does it help if I worry?”

Zhuo Siya: …… It really doesn’t help.

“So, you think you can act better?”

Lin An Lan laughed a little, “Why should I act better?”

He ate the lettuce on his plate, “I’m an actor, not an athlete. I just need to portray the emotions that the character in the scene should have and convey his mood to everyone. As for acting better, it’s not as if this is the Olympics. Do I need the athleticism of going higher, faster and further?”

“It’s the right fit that counts.”

Zhuo Siya: ……

It seemed, to make sense.

Holding his head up with his hand, Zhuo Siya felt that he had never seen the emotions panic, anxiety or trepidation in Lin An Lan before.

He always had his own reasoning, wasn’t disturbed by the outside world and just moved at his own pace.

The only person who had ever made him go off track and turn his steps around was probably Cheng Yu.

In that case, Cheng Yu was really something.

At least, in Lin An Lan’s life, he was absolutely unique.

And Cheng Yu, who Zhuo Siya considered to be absolutely unique, was having dinner with Yu Heng at that moment.

“Have you played enough?” Yu Heng asked him.

“Not yet, but it’s time to do something.” Cheng Yu smiled.

Yu Heng smiled back. He had always liked Cheng Yu’s self-control. People were lazy and they had desires, so they needed self-control, but Cheng Yu was one of the few people who had a lot of self-control and a lot of proportion.

He had a very precise grasp about the degree of many things, so even when he didn’t enter the Cheng Group halfway through as Yu Heng had asked, Yu Heng didn’t get too angry. Instead, he pointed out another way for him to go.

But it was clear that now Cheng Yu had come back from the small path and was back on the main path that he had planned.

“Do you want to go back to the Cheng Group or to my company?”

“Your company.” Cheng Yu continued, “I don’t really want to expose too much at this point, so I’ll come to your side. It’s better for cover.”

Yu Heng felt the same way.

He had set up a small company outside of the Yu family’s group of companies a long time ago, a small company that didn’t belong to the Yu family, only to him.

He had just introduced Cheng Yu into the business world at that time and had wanted to train him, so he gave Cheng Yu the right to decide on the first batch of cooperation projects and had asked Cheng Yu to evaluate the various companies seeking cooperation so that he could choose the ones he wanted to work with and sign contracts according to his own ideas.

At that time Cheng Yu hadn’t dared to take over, but Yu Heng had just laughed, “What are you afraid of? I’ll cover for you if you lose money.”

Thinking about the assets in his name, Cheng Yu felt that there was really nothing to be afraid of.

So according to his own judgment, he chose three partner companies.

And signed Yu Heng’s name off on the documents, not revealing himself, yet surprisingly, all three of those partnerships were successful and elevated the company’s reputation at once.

It was at this point that Yu Heng discovered his business acumen and grew to admire him.

So Yu Heng wasn’t in the least bit surprised that Cheng Yu was returning to the company. If Cheng Yu returned to the Cheng Group at this time, he would only inadvertently alert an enemy. Not to mention that even if he wanted to return now, Cheng Feng wouldn’t necessarily let him.

—After all, Cheng Yu had just said at home a few days ago that Cheng Feng could pass on the property to his uncle’s children, and that was too much for Cheng Feng to handle.

“Let’s eat first.” Yu Heng laughed, “After eating, I’ll take you back to the office where you can recount everything in detail.”

“Okay, but I might not be able to come to your house tonight.”

“Why? Didn’t we agree on that before?” Yu Heng was confused, “Is something wrong?”

It was rare that Cheng Yu felt a little embarrassed. He and Yu Heng were cousins, but they were close like blood brothers. At this moment, abandoning his brother, who he had made an agreement with long ago to meet his boyfriend, Cheng Yu felt that this was probably the legendary lovers before bros, “I want to go see An An.”

Yu Heng: ……

Yu Heng felt that he should have guessed it. The only one who could make Cheng Yu change his decision, especially one that was related to him, could only be Lin An Lan.

“Big brother I’ll be back very soon, and when I do I’ll come to your house to see you and talk to you until we burn the midnight candle!”

“Very soon?” Yu Heng was skeptical.

“The general meaning of soon.” Cheng Yu revised the wording.

Yu Heng: ……

Yu Heng shook his head helplessly, “Fine, who asked me to have a little brother whose rainbow comes after the storm.”

“I promise, I’ll see you when I get back.”

Yu Heng nodded, “I hope so oh~”

“It’s mostly because An An misses me.” Cheng Yu couldn’t help but share his joy with him, “He’s said that, so I can’t go without doing something, right? It would be too inappropriate!”

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