I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 152.2

Cheng Yu continued replying happily on his phone until he heard the constant notifications from WeChat. Afraid that it might disturb Lin An Lan’s sleep, he muted his phone then exited his circle of friends to check his messages.

Xu Sheng: [!!!! You proposed to Lin An Lan? So soon!]

Xu Sheng: [D*mn, are you going to be the first of us to get married? I always thought you would be the last one!]

Hua Rong was also surprised: [So, you proposed after we left last night?]

Hua Rong: [D*mn, that’s not cool at all. You actually didn’t even let us witness such a moment.]

Even Yu Heng was surprised: [The ring looks great, but Xiao Yu, you hid this well. I didn’t see it coming at all.]

With honey bubbles bubbling non stop in his heart, Cheng Yu replied to Yu Heng: [It wasn’t me, it was An An. He had the ring custom made then proposed after taking me home last night.]

Cheng Yu: [I was really surprised. I had been thinking of waiting for him to establish himself in the film industry before proposing.]

Yu Heng’s initial surprise turned into utter shock after reading the reply: [Lin An Lan?]

Yu Heng: [He proposed to you?]

Cheng Yu could barely contain his happiness: [Yes, yes, isn’t it unexpected? Big brother, do you know, I’m so thrilled. Last night, I almost thought I was dreaming. No, I never even dared to dream of this. In my dreams, I will propose and he will agree. I never thought he’d be the one to propose!]

Even now, thinking about last night’s scene made Cheng Yu excited. His An An had actually proposed to him!

He had always been the kind of person who disliked taking the initiative, even when making friends. But he had proposed to him, saying, “Little flower, let’s get married.”

Despite having experienced Jiang Xu’s betrayal, he now placed his full trust and love in Cheng Yu’s hands, telling him, ‘Then you must love me well and never break up with me, let alone stop loving me.’

Of course, he wouldn’t break up with him. How could he bear it?

How could he not love him?

If there were a next life, Cheng Yu thought to himself, he would definitely meet Lin An Lan again and fall in love with him once more even if Lin An Lan still ignored him at first. He would seriously and patiently love him, waiting for their love to come to fruition.

He had never hesitated or regretted loving Lin An Lan. All he felt was gratitude— gratitude that although he met him neither early nor late, he had always loved him and was now fortunate enough to have him.

Now that he had him, the past had become the brilliant colors of a dazzling galaxy, filled with the youthful throbbing of his heart, shimmering with splendor.

Looking down at the person beside him, Cheng Yu caressed his cheeks gently.

When Hua Rong and Xu Sheng learned that Lin An Lan had been the one to propose, both of them were stunned, staring at the message on their phones in disbelief.

And for the first time, Hua Rong genuinely felt jealousy. They both liked guys, yet his story and Cheng Yu’s were going in such different directions!

He would admit that he couldn’t match Cheng Yu’s deep affection nor did he have his unwavering persistence, however he also really loved his partner. He didn’t ask for him to propose, he just hoped that he would treat his sincere feelings well. Was that too much to ask?

Jealousy caused him to grind his teeth as he said in the group chat: [Hateful!]

Cheng Yu: [Are you jealous?]

Hua Rong: [I’m so angry!!!! We’re both curved, yet we have different lots!!!!]

Cheng Yu almost burst out laughing. If it weren’t for the fact that Lin An Lan was sleeping beside him, he would have immediately sent Hua Rong a voice message to express his delight.

Cheng Yu: [Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.]

Hua Rong: [You’re laughing too loudly!]

Cheng Yu: [I’m happy. I’m engaged to my boyfriend, shouldn’t I be happy? Can’t I laugh when I’m happy?]

Hua Rong was so angry he had internal injuries.

Although he had already noticed Lin An Lan’s uniqueness that separated him from others during dinner, he had never expected that it was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was already rare for Lin An Lan to stand firm against the Cheng family’s persecution and insist on being with Cheng Yu without giving him any pressure. And now, he had even taken the initiative to propose to Cheng Yu!

He really knew what Cheng Yu wanted and was willing to give it all to him.

He genuinely loved Cheng Yu. When he didn’t love Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu was the most miserable person in the world, but when he fell in love with Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu became the happiest person.

Hua Rong once again felt that his best friend’s judgment of people was much better than his. He hadn’t seen the tenderness beneath Lin An Lan’s aloofness or his true character.

However, even if he had seen it, he probably wouldn’t have been able to persist day after day, without complaints or regrets like Cheng Yu had.

So, there was only one Cheng Yu in the world and only one Lin An Lan, who was a perfect match for him.

Hua Rong sighed, feeling that his best friend was genuinely happy and also really enviable.

Xu Sheng was also envious. His love life had started earlier than Cheng Yu’s, but it hadn’t stabilized yet. Cheng Yu was already engaged, and it was even his partner who had proposed. Such blissfulness.

Xu Sheng sent a bunch of lemon emojis: [Me under the lemon tree.]

Cheng Yu laughed: [Don’t worry. I’ll go first, you guys can follow.]

Xu Sheng: [I’m afraid I can’t catch up [crying]]

Cheng Yu: [Patting the dog’s head.]

As he was typing, he heard a soft chuckle from beside him.

Turning his head, he saw that Lin An Lan had woken up at some point and was secretly watching him chat.

Cheng Yu felt an inexplicable guilt, as if he had been caught in the act, “I’m just showing off so they can be envious.”

Lin An Lan leaned on his arm, allowing him to hold him close.

“Go ahead and say it.” Lin An Lan told him. “You might as well make it clear that you have an owner since you’re a flower with a home.”

Cheng Yu: !!!

Cheng Yu’s mood soared immediately “Then, I’m saying a few more words?”

Lin An Lan nodded. “Let them congratulate us wholeheartedly. Didn’t they use to think that we wouldn’t end up together? Now we’re engaged, they should congratulate us properly.”

Cheng Yu: “Yes!”

Cheng Yu immediately posted in the group chat: [You all used to put me down, but now we’re engaged! Hurry up and congratulate us!]

Xu Sheng: [….. Salt in the wounds]

Hua Rong: [….. Pouring oil onto the fire]

Cheng Yu: [This is called sharing happiness.]

As he typed this, he went to his circle of friends profile and added five words beneath his profile picture: [This flower has an owner.]

Everyone: ??? Where did this flower come from? Wasn’t he their school’s heartthrob? Male god, you made a typo.

Lin An Lan laughed silently as he watched Cheng Yu’s actions, caressing his head. He was his little flower, his private treasure.

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