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Chapter 59.1

Lin An Lan shook his head. Looking at Cheng Yu, he wanted to ask him, ‘Are you planning on giving me a birthday present?’

But he didn’t ask in the end.

It should be that Cheng Yu wanted to surprise him, that was why he hadn’t mentioned his birthday.

So he didn’t have to bring it up at this time, as he wanted to see Cheng Yu’s surprise.

This was their first birthday together and Lin An Lan was looking forward to it, so he didn’t want to spoil the anticipation.

But he was curious to see what Cheng Yu would get him.

However, he would be happy with whatever Cheng Yu would give him.

Because he would be the one giving him the gift.

Lin An Lan waited patiently for his birthday, however, before it could arrive, he received a phone call first.

The caller ID read Sis Xiao Qiao.

Lin An Lan remembered the name, or rather he had just gotten an impression of it. He remembered that he had thought of it as a young child in the dream the other day– she must have been in the same orphanage as him before.

“Hello 1Explanation: hello in Chinese is 你好 – and the literal translation is ‘are you well? Hence the response in the next sentence’.”

“Of course I’m well,” Xiao Qiao laughed, “what about you, how have you been?”

” Pretty good.”

“That’s good, then let’s visit the orphanage on the 21st again this year.”

Lin An Lan was a bit surprised, “Visit the orphanage?”

“That’s right. Why, do you have something to do this year? If you do, you can go ahead and work on it. It’s okay to move it back a few days.”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “No, it’s fine.”

“Then I’ll see you at the orphanage as usual.”


As Lin An Lan hung up, he felt puzzled in his heart. Why were they going to the orphanage? To visit the less privileged?

Unable to guess the reason why, he went to Cheng Yu.

“Something like that.” Cheng Yu said.

“What do you mean, something like that?”

Cheng Yu looked at him then explained hesitantly, “I’m not really sure, you didn’t tell me before, but I did notice that every year since you graduated, you would go to the orphanage with a girl on a fixed day to give something to the kids there and play with them, so I guess it should be to give them items.”

Lin An Lan nodded his head, guessing that this girl should be Xiao Qiao.

“Then do you want to come with me this year, on the 21st?”

Cheng Yu was surprised, “Can I? You seem to have gone by yourself in the previous years. You didn’t take your agent, or Jiang Xu, just you and that girl.”

“Of course you can.” Lin An Lan laughed, “You’re my boyfriend, and…”

He smiled as he spoke, his voice soft and sweet, “I feel as if the girl you’re talking about is a friend of mine. I’ve met your friends and your brother, you can meet my friend too.”

Jiang Xu didn’t count. His malice towards Cheng Yu was too great.

Yu Heng and Hua Rong, two of Cheng Yu’s close friends and family, had given them their blessings and support, so Lin An Lan felt he should have one on his side too.

Jiang Xu was definitely out of the question, so he thought Xiao Qiao should make do.

“But I’m not sure exactly what kind of person Xiao Qiao is yet, so I’ll have to wrong you by asking you to pretend to be my friend for a while, although I feel like she should be a good person.”

Cheng Yu didn’t feel aggrieved at all, he even felt excited.

Even Jiang Xu had never been involved in this matter, but he was actually allowed to be involved by Lin An Lan, which was probably the first distinction he had that Jiang Xu didn’t have.

He nodded excitedly, “Ok.”

“Then it’s a deal, but do I have to buy something?”

Thinking this way, he scrolled through his WeChat and found Xiao Qiao’s name.

Lin An Lan looked at how her name had been saved. It was still Sis Xiao Qiao.

Sis Xiao Qiao. It was different from Sister Xiao Qiao, different from Sister Qiao, and different from just Sister, especially at this age when he was no longer a child.

So, Lin An Lan guessed that he should be on good terms with her.

That was why he had kept this name from his childhood that even after he had grown up, he was still willing to save her name with these exact words on his WeChat and phone.

But Xiao Qiao hadn’t contacted him since he had lost his memory, so from that point of view, their relationship shouldn’t be that close either.

Then what kind of relationship did he have with this person? Friends who were okay but not in frequent contact?

“Have you seen the girl I visit the orphanage with before? What was our relationship like?” He asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu shook his head.

He had actually checked Xiao Qiao out.

At that time, they had just graduated and in the middle to late November, Lin An Lan had gone to the orphanage with her.

It was rare for Lin An Lan to be so close to a girl, even talking and laughing, so Cheng Yu thought it was his girlfriend, hence he had asked for it to be checked out.

But he was too embarrassed to really invade someone’s privacy blatantly, so he just requested that they ask her to answer his questions. Were she and Lin An Lan in a romantic relationship? Did she have any bad intentions towards Lin An Lan?

Her answer had been no.

“The two of them are from the same orphanage, but they aren’t too close in private, and they aren’t a couple. From the moral stand, she looks to be someone with a good personality.” That had been the answer to his investigation.

When Cheng Yu found out that she seemed to be someone with a good personality and that the two weren’t a couple, he didn’t concern himself with that anymore.

The only thing he wanted was that Lin An Lan would be fine and that he was still single.

As long as Lin An Lan was still single, then he might still have a chance.

“Friends, I guess.” Cheng Yu guessed, “Anyway, you’re not a couple.”

“What are you thinking?” Lin An Lan pushed him, “We’re definitely not, if we are a couple with her, then what am I doing with you?”

“Besides, she’s my sister, not my girlfriend.”

Cheng Yu smiled and wrapped his arms around him, “It’s good that you’re not a couple.”

Lin An Lan pinched his face, “The real couple pairing is here.”

“That’s right.”

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