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Chapter 142.2

In early May, the first trailer for [Yun Yun] finally came out.

Movies that had actors with a high online popularity in it always attracted attention before their release, not to mention this movie that had two of the hottest online stars. As soon as the official trailer of [Yun Yun] was released, various forums were swamped with reposts.

The trailer wasn’t long, starting with three solo scenes featuring the carefree Gu Shuyu, the resilient Jing Huan and the sunny Sun Xinxin. These three characters kicked off the story and were intertwined in each other’s lives, with each of them being the protagonist in their own worlds. Gu Shuyu was sleeping on a bed bathed in moonlight, Jing Huan was standing in a night filled with shadows and Sun Xinxin embraced herself in the city as the lights began to glow.

There was no dialogue in the trailer, only smooth music and lively characters. Director Zhang’s filming technique was superb and each frame in the trailer was breathtakingly beautiful, especially the three main characters who were almost too beautiful to be true.

“Wow, as expected of Director Zhang, this movie is so beautiful. I was initially worried that Lin An Lan wasn’t suitable for the big screen, but his face is just too good-looking.”

“Ah ah ah ah, that shot, that shot of Lin An Lan in the light and Cheng Yu in the dark, what kind of story is that? The composition is just too good to look at!”

“Taking screenshots crazily, licking the faces crazily. This movie’s visual appeal is just too high. I haven’t seen a movie with such strong value appeal in a long time.”

“I ship them, I ship them too much! Why isn’t the movie premiering tomorrow? I want to watch it now!”

“However, nevertheless, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu are really too great a match. When they stand together, I can’t control my excited heart. I love the scene where they look at each other and smile.”

“Me too!!! Just sharing a glance and they look so sweet. Woo woo, my ship is indeed the sweetest!”

After a while, the trailers of [Yun Yun] and [Lin An Lan Cheng Yu] went on the hot search.

The Yu Lan fans were screaming crazily in their group, “Did you see that?! Did you see that?! An An and Yu Yu have a scene together and it’s very sweet!”

“I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it! My goodness, so much candy, I’m so satisfied.”

“I have saved enough money for the movie tickets, I just have to wait for the movie to be released!”

“They are really so handsome ah ah ah ah ah. My god, they are handsome in every scene. How can my Yu Lan be so good looking!”

“I have a feeling that An An and Cheng Ge will gain more fans this time. You can do it, you can do it, my babies are the best!”

As everyone was in heated discussion, Lin An Lan was about to share the trailer on Weibo when he suddenly received a message from an unknown number— [Jiang Ge was in a car accident, Lin Ge, come and see him].

Even as Lin An Lan was stunned, his phone rang.

He answered and Wang Qi, Jiang Xu’s assistant, went straight to the point, “Lin Ge, do you remember me? I am Wang Qi, Jiang Ge’s assistant. Jiang Ge was in a car accident and has been unconscious since last night until now. Can you come and see him? He has been thinking of you these past six months and even before the accident, he was thinking about you. Maybe if you come to see him, he will wake up.”

“How did he end up in a car accident?” Lin An Lan thought of the last question Jiang Xu had asked him during their conversation, ‘What’s the point of me living then?’

He wasn’t sure if the car accident was an accident or if Jiang Xu had done it intentionally.

“Someone was driving under the influence and ran a red light. Jiang Ge couldn’t react in time and didn’t dodge, so there was a collision.”

Lin An Lan didn’t say anything. The only thing in his mind was Jiang Xu’s, ‘So, it doesn’t matter if I die then?’

It wasn’t that Jiang Xu couldn’t react or wasn’t able to dodge; he originally didn’t even want to dodge at all.

Lin An Lan was at a loss for words. He felt that he couldn’t understand what Jiang Xu was thinking. When he had thought of Jiang Xu as a friend, Jiang Xu had wanted Cheng Feng’s fatherly love. But when he no longer thought of him as a friend, Jiang Xu acted as if he couldn’t live without him.

In reality, Jiang Xu just wanted Lin An Lan to come back, so he used his life as a bet. If he died, Lin An Lan would feel guilty, but if he lived, their friendship would still have a chance.

“Which hospital?” he asked.

Surprised, Wang Qi gave him the name of the hospital happily and as if that wasn’t clear enough, sent the name of the hospital again as well as the room number, thanking him non-stop.

Lin An Lan replied: [There is no need to thank me.]

Of course, he would go see Jiang Xu. After all, they had known each other for more than a decade and Jiang Xu had no one else close to him besides him. If he died, he would have to handle everything.

Lin An Lan lowered his head, his heart racing with fear and panic.

No matter how much he hated Jiang Xu and was angry about what he had done, it was true that they had known each other for more than a decade and had accompanied each other for more than a decade, so now that Jiang Xu was in this situation, with his life hanging by a thread, Lin An Lan couldn’t help but worry.

However, the more he worried, the angrier he became. He hated threats, and Jiang Xu was now threatening him with his life.

Jiang Xu didn’t understand him at all and didn’t care about him.

Lin An Lan flipped through his script angrily, his initial panic and worry fading as anger built up gradually.

Cheng Yu received the news of Jiang Xu’s accident ten minutes later.

“He probably did it on purpose.” Pei Qiu said, “From what I’ve found, he had time to dodge but completely failed to do so and in the end, it was the drunk driver who suddenly slammed on the brakes that made him just unconscious instead of dying on the spot.”

As he spoke, he looked at Lin An Lan and saw that Lin An Lan’s expression was tense with his fists clenched tightly.

Hanging up, Pei Qiu asked him cautiously, “Are you worried?”

“I’m angry.” Lin An Lan said in reply.

“Angry that he chose not to dodge when he could have done so?”


“That is indeed something worth getting angry about.”

Pei Qiu also couldn’t understand why someone would choose to die when they could live.

What was so appealing about su*cide?

Only by living could a person get what they wanted and only by living could they have other hopes.

He looked at the scars on his hands. He had had countless opportunities to die, but he’d held on and lived. He wanted to live; he hadn’t yet felt the kindness of the world towards him, so how could he die?

So he lived with his scars and finally saw the kindness of the world.

But Jiang Xu wanted to die. He already had so much kindness from the world but still didn’t want to embrace it.

“Sure enough, Jiang Xu is still too lucky.” Pei Qiu sighed.

Lin An Lan agreed with him, because anything that was obtained too easily wasn’t cherished. Jiang Xu was still too lucky, that was why he dared to gamble with his life.

This was a gamble that Lin An Lan would never make with his life. He’d had a difficult childhood and had seen sick children abandoned in the welfare homes. They either laid there silently or cried loudly, but none of them lived to adulthood.

“So we’re lucky, aren’t we?” The young Xiao Qiao had told him as she held his hand, “At least we’re healthy and we don’t have any illnesses.”

“But I’m healthy and my mummy doesn’t want me.” The young Lin An Lan felt even more upset.

“If they weren’t sick, their mothers might not have abandoned them.”

“But being alive is always good.” Xiao Qiao whispered, “Because by being alive, we might get a new mom and dad.”

“But they, they wouldn’t be able to wait for a new mom and dad.”

Only by being alive could one see hope and only by being alive could one experience joys and sorrows.

Jiang Xu wanted to die. Of course, this was easy, but if he wanted him to feel guilty for wanting to die, then he was bound to wait in vain.

He hadn’t wronged him, so why should he feel guilty?!

Was it because he had fallen in love with Cheng Yu? Or was it because of the previous relationship between them?

Lin An Lan refused to accept this. His love didn’t require anyone else to pay the price but at the same time, he wouldn’t pay the price for anyone else either.

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